Two Children Placed in Protective Custody; Two Adults Arrested After Heroin Found to Be Accessible by the Kids

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Justin McCovey,On April 19, 2018, at about 11:30 a.m., Humboldt County sheriff’s deputies, Child Welfare Services, and Hoopa Tribal Police officers responded to the Tsewenaldin Inn in Hoopa to conduct a welfare check on two children believed to be inside a motel room.

Upon arrival to the room, deputies observed suspected heroin and hypodermic syringes in plain view, accessible by the children. Deputies detained two adults on scene and obtained a search warrant.

During a search of the motel room, deputies located approximately 8 grams of heroin packaged for sales, over 100 hypodermic syringes, numerous drug paraphernalia items and handgun ammunition. Deputies also located parts for an AR-15 firearm.

The two children were placed into protective custody.

Justin McCovey, 33, of Hoopa, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges: possession of a narcotic controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sales and child abuse/endangerment.

Heather Combs,Heather Combs, 29, of Eureka, was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on a felony warrant for vehicle theft, in addition to fresh charges of possession of a narcotic controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance for sales, child abuse/endangerment, providing false identification to a peace officer and revocation of probation.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • Is that a scar or a tatoo down his nose?

    • He was in a serious car accident about 7 years ago and had several reconstructive surgeries. That is from the pavement.

      • Guess they didn’t do reconstructive surgery on the brain ! Hope the higher power directs those children to a lovin safe home.

      • A lot of time addiction starts after hospitals and pharmacies shove “legal” opiates at you. A gnarley car accident and reconstructive surgery would have put him on pain pills for years then….. when they won’t give u anymore your already addicted and resort to herion. Cheap and easy to find. No excuse but opiates is the hardest drug to kick physically. His face says it all…..the come down in a jail setting is a real bitch. Enjoy

        • That’s exactly what happened. He was in hospital for a longtime . Had many surgeries. His face was almost ripped off. Not making excuses by any means..

        • I also have big bad scares not on my face but every were else,there are what they are ,I see a badge of honer,ya lived threw something most couldnt ,theres nothing wrong with his face to me,if it wasnt a mug shot ya could smile abit! Dude heres ur chance get ur self clean in there ,come out a better person sucks,its sad,its going to be hard,but ya gota getter done.

        • His face isn’t even that bad, it’s just too skinny and drawn tight around the skull. The thing that would help him would actually be to get off H so his face fills out. I look forward to a before and after pic when he gets clean and puts on healthy weight.

  • Wow!!! Can anyone believe we live in a society that will let them out of custody at some point!!
    we are actually a lot nicer to people that abuse children than we are to so called transients/herion addicts! Now they have free health care, free TV, free clothes, free place to live, free utility’s (all)
    new group of like minded friends, get a free degree from con college, should I keep telling of how great they have life now that they have abused children so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take people like that and ?????
    you get the point!!!

    • The sad thing is that shit ain’t free, it’s costing the working taxpayers over 65,000 a year to provide such amenities to these parasites. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? shouldn’t it be when you get in trouble with the law that you should have to at least pay your own way, if not maybe provide something to make up for all the costs and time that you’re taking away from our local government. And the expenses that you’re costing the local taxpayers.

      • I agree, but this solution leads back to “Debtors Prisons” and that’s an endless cycle. Can’t get blood from a turnip.

      • What if there was a choice to do good work while in prison? If you are in for life the money goes to your children, society, etc, Not to the private prison industry. People work in cell like offices anyway… play video games in dens…computer work doesn’t take up much space. Not just sit down work but sustainable labor for the good of the individual and group.

  • Turning into Gollum…..

  • Did Golum give the hicky or was it just an eel?

    We can only hope the children grow up with enough health and brainpower to escape this lifestyle. I could care less if these 2 decomposed, it’s the children we should care about.

  • The poor kids should never have to go back to them. Otherwise, their lives are doomed from that day. That name ‘McCovey’ seems to be in the news quite often. A little time in prison is in order.

  • When will we begin executing such wastes ? Too many people so let’s open up the death penalty and clean up some room!

  • Mongo like heroin. It make Mongo feel good.

  • Not to condone heroin, but that same “Protective Custody” agency will force the children to be injected with mercury, aluminum, and other toxins, under the pretense of “vaccines”.

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

    And children, trained since infancy to see needles and drugs as a normal and natural part of life, grow up to be adults, with predictable results as a result of their programming…

    • Thank goodness for me that the government was in the forcing vaccinations on us when I was a child and I did not suffer the fate of two of my classmates who contracted polio.

    • And who passes out the tinfoil hats?

    • Vaccines don’t cause shit… Maybe get better educated instead of believing conspiracy crap! Talk about nutcase!

      • Not the vaccines themselves, but all crap that goes along with them. They do make vaccines without the bad stuff in them, just not as easy to get. Look up dr sherry tenpenny. She’s a great source of information.

      • LOL! Read the labels. If you don’t, you might conclude that “Paint Thinner” is a diet aid. Which, sadly, might explain the above comments…excepting the one about Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, who indeed is a great source of accurate information.

        • Patriot in Willits

          Thiomersal-free vaccines are available, if that is a concern. If you are concerned about aluminum, get over it: there are far more prevalent sources of exposure than innoculation. Having your child protected from smallpox, measles, the plague etc., far outweighs the risks.

    • Lake County Not So Bad

      Good grief! I’ve had every legal injection you can think of and to this day I hate needles. I’m also quite grateful I never got polio.

  • I don’t know what to say. Seriously, has it gotten this bad that these types are actually raising kids!!!! And when I say raising, that is not what is actually happening, they are just existing with this type of trash as parents.

    So sad. Put an end to the revolving doors, get the kids serious help and fast. Get Child Protective Services more teeth [edit]

    But in the liberal world this will never, NEVER, happen.

    • Let’s see… neutering could happen in a nazi world. Hmmmmm!

      • Your right, just stick your head in the sand and it will all be better. Or do something, yes neutering is a long shot, and just an idea. We cant continue to ignore this, that is the bottom line.

        • We have been ignoring this for 66 years at least. Why become responsible now? Heroin addiction has been around for a long time. We continue to judge and do nothing.

  • How is that war on drugs working for you? Past time for a new approach- education not incarceration-

    • Steve,
      You must be kidding, the education campaign has been flying long and hard at schools, County programs, State assistance, Federal campaigns, huge amounts of money on different support programs funded by taxpayers, on and on!!

      I would much rather spend my tax dollars on more jails, prisons and lock these dip shits up so they can not get out on a revolving door (various program sponsored release process) and allowed to continue to burglarize, murder, harm, rape, etc. those folks who are trying to make a decent living, raising a family, and making the right decisions.

      People like you that think more education is going to keep dip shits from making poor decisions over and over and over again, is the reason we find ourselves with criminals running rampant day and night.

  • Bill is the “Man”!!!

    • Ain’t it “The Man” ? Ha

      To add the education rant, id like to add my personal experience. In high school they show you the D.A.R.E. videos and have you try on the drunk goggles, well that led me to waiting till I was of age (well 20) to finally party with alcohol. And for years I was 100% against drinking and driving – didn’t do it, didn’t let my friends do it. Now years later I’m facing 2 dui charges. My H.A.R.T. group is doing a great job getting my mind strait again. I feel like if we’re periodically reminded of the consequences (education) of drunk driving maybe, just maybe, it will happen less. Its freaking scary and dangerous.

  • Nike hoodie says it all. Polluting his own people with bad style and catering to the parasite of addiction culture

  • You know in his defense Jiggs has been through a very shitty ordeal over the years. I’m not justifying what he was doing at all or his choices and it’s absolutely never ok to have that kinda shit around kids or young adults,AT ALL, NOT COOL. But I grew up with G I saw the person he was before his accident he was one of my best friends thru high school and I think a big part of the problem in general is we feel disgust for people like this in these situations. But can you imagine how it feels getting up every day with the everlasting reminder of the horrific car crash he was in. I’ve seen the way people look at my friend, I’ve seen the way he looked when people especially kids literally cringed away from seeing his face or kids literally ran away crying cause they thought he was a monster. Could you imagine what that would do to your self esteem or worth let alone psyche. You know how long it took for his own children to be comfortable around him again. Again I’m not saying what he did was right in anyway and he deserves the punishment he’ll receive but I just think that if people had more compassion and understanding then we could begin to breakthrough to people and help them get started down the right path to recovery and being a contributing member of our society. You see a monster that should be locked away forever, I see another one of my close friends ruin their lives and hurt their children and my heart breaks for him and his kids. You know we’ve lost more of our friends and classmates then all the graduating years since 2002(when we graduated high school) combined. He did wrong and that’s on him but here’s another list native that’ll end up spending the remainder of his life in prison and in and out of jail for parole violations all due to his addiction and really its heartbreaking. All of us that live in this valley have family members that are strong out, a lot of us are related to people who deal whether it pulls or dope or heroin. If we had check points on each end of the valley with Doug dogs that girl would’ve never been up here selling that shit, out local dealers would run out of supply and be forced outta business. We all k ow who sells what we need to stop up and let these people know it’s not ok and that their will be consequences to selling drugs here. Dont give them jobs or their spouses, dont let them be eligible for any tribal programs, stop electing council members with the main task of keeping family and friends from getting busted selling drugs to our people. Again I’m not defending what he did IT WAS WRONG PERIOD. But until we all are held accountable and we all are involved in fixing the problem, this issue is never going to get better. It takes a village as they saying goes. You know we’ve lived in this valley for 10 to 20 thousand years, you know how we survived???? TOGETHER! Working together, helping each other, living and respecting each other! It takes a village to raise a child right well it also takes a village to save a village. Just my thoughts on the issue.

    • Life is good OG

      I kinda have to agree with you. His facial injuries must have been incredibly painful. Don’t agree with shitty comments about his face. He did a shitty thing. Needs to be punished. Heather has always been a bad egg. Dont let the color of her skin fool you.

    • Well said Jordan. Jigs was such a good looking guy before his accident. I got to know him pretty well 3 yrs ago when he was in the hospital same time as my husband. It was hard to not stare in disbelief at what the accident did to his face. As a adult i was scared at first. I would go down n visit him everyday. He would cry cuz he missed his kids so much and just wanted to go home. I had many talks with him about getting clean. His addition definitely started with that horrific accident. Hopefully this ends up.

  • He Jordan,

    If they were my parents I would literally hate them!!!

    Think about that next time,Lol.

  • “ your my, brown eyed girl.”🎶
    Sorry that was a little mean.
    Get clean girl.

  • His children love him. He has tried to be a good parent. He has fallen short and made very wrong choices. And the children suffer for that. I hope his children are placed with a family that can address the children’s needs. And that he has good family and friends clean and sober who can help him on the path to healing and recovery. Fully restored in body, mind and soul.

  • Wow , what happened to love your neighbor!! It’s a sad day for this family, sad day for those kids , right or wrong those kids just lost their parents . Praying for those kids & the family 💞 Yes there are consequences to their choices & they are probably well aware of it !! Y’all need to get a heart . Stop judging & start loving !! Shoot out to Kym for keeping it real & having a heart ❤️

  • I’ve had teeth pulled, testicles crushed , fingers cut off in table saw malfunctions, but I never took pain meds for more than a day or 2 knowing I have an addictive attraction to such… after the first 2 days it’s nothing but discomforate

  • I have a chronic problem in my bones and mussels. I have a lot of pain. Been in pain most of my life and on medications for about 30 years. You’re not addicted to pills after so many days or months or even years. You become addicted from using more than you need. And the more you take, the more you will need. Most people, I feel, become addicted to pills because of being afraid of pain. You have to let it hurt to keep your bodies own pain killing hormones working. The pain meds are for giving you a break and keeping you from giving up. The more (drugs, meds) you use now, the less they (drugs, meds) work later. To many people use pain pills for depression and mental health problems instead of getting the help they really need. Pain pills are not a FIX ALL pill. It’s for pain. If you have a friend with a problem, be a friend. Talk to them. Talk to someone. Just keep talking until someone listens.

  • positive thoughts and understanding

    Drug addiction hurts everyone, it alters your mind, body and soul. I know, I have been there. I am lucky to be clean off heroin now and every other drug I was on. I now have my child back,(that was taken from me in the midst of my addiction), hold a full time job, pay my bills etc. It was one of the hardest things I ever did. Although at the time, my number one priority was solely my addiction, I thought of my daughter everyday, hoping and praying that I would see her again, knowing that wasn’t an option till I got off drugs. I know Heather, in fact she is family. She is not scum or a piece of shit, she has had horrible things happen to her in her life. Things that most anyone couldn’t understand. Her life as a young child was a horror film. She never asked for any of that. This isn’t an excuse, I know, but please understand that beneath that hard shell she is dying inside. Her and I have had long talks about life, and where we want to be, she is a beautiful human when you get to know her. We all make mistakes, and yes she will pay for them, but everyday she is alive is another chance she will have to hopefully decide today is the day I’m done doing drugs. I hope one day she she sees as much potential in herself as I see in her. If you do not know the struggle of addiction, you will never truely understand, I hope you never have to deal with the pain of watching yourself, a family member or even just someone close to you go through this. If you can make through the night there’s a brighter day! I hope everyone has a beautiful day.

    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

    • Yet, if a horror of what drugs do to a person’s life kept someone away from using drugs in the first place, would that not have been infinitely better? And how can that happen if a drug user is the focus of sympathy and is treated as an unfortunate victim of disease as if they never had a choice?

      Maybe the people as yet healthy are the ones where time and attention need to be spent. So that they know alternate methods of solving the miseries in their lives besides drugs.

  • Addiction is a medical and public health problem. When America starts to treat it as such progress will be made in reducing all of the negative consequences that addiction causes. Some countries actually have success in their “war on drugs” by treating the problem as such.

    • Who are you speaking of? The only places I know where that is done are places where public opinion about how a person is required to conduct themselves is strong and relentless. They are not diverse, have a strong work ethic and are wealthy from the sale of natural resources. Thus their problem is small to start with, rigidly enforced by public opinion, fond of personal responsibility and not subject to groups who oppose each other. They idealize a clean, safe and remarkably uniform society.

      Oh. And are freezing cold so that having shelter through the long cold winters is necessary for survival. Hmm…

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