[update May 3] Tree Dog Needs a Good Home

handsome happy dogHer rescuers called her Tree Dog for the first few days because she was found tied to a tree in front of the Garberville/Redway Veterinary clinic with a blanket and a little food. She had recently had a litter and was skittish. Heather Downing, who works there, explained, “We grew to love her and we knew she needed a real name. So now we call her Red since she was tied to a redwood tree.”

cDr. Roy rescuing tree dog back in MarchDr. Roy rescuing tree dog back in March.

Dr. Roy rescuing tree dog back in March.

Tree Dog, Aka Red, is a handsome healthy dog now. But when she was first found in March, she was terrified. Downing said, “At first, she was terrified of us. Now she is kissing us…”

Downing said that after no one claimed Red, Doctor Roy Smith, the veterinarian, spayed her and gave her vaccinations to make sure she was ready to adopt. “We tested her with children, with other dogs,” Downing said. “She is great with kids…She gets along with dogs and cats. She’ll make someone a really good dog.”

We estimate her age at about a year and know she has had a litter of puppies already,” Downing said. “If you’re interested in her, call or come by the office and meet her…She’ll make someone a really good dog.”

Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00. The Garberville Vet’s Office number is 707) 923-2023.

UPDATE May 3: Tree Dog has a good home! https://www.facebook.com/humboldtpawscause/photos/a.802323523210615.1073741832.358859894223649/1531275320315428/?type=3&theater




  • It must be hard to be a veterinarian or animal tech whose heart goes out to animals . You can have so many chances to have that heart tugged on. I hope she finds a good home soon.

  • She’s beautiful! Sad that she was abandoned but at least they did it where they knew she would be safe and cared for. Does anyone know what breed she is?

  • I think I have her brother, at least the same father was involved. I adopted him in the Willow Creek area last summer right before big foot days. Very smart, sweet and expressional. He prefers sleeping on top of me rather than next to me, at least his head laying on my leg at a minimum. If they are related, she will make someone’s home and family very happy. She deserves to win the doggy lottery like her brother.

  • We are so lucky to have all the caring people at Garberville vet, and Roy is the Best…He has been a life saver many times for my pets. Keep up the great work guys.

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