Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Will Introduce Legislation to ‘Decriminalize Marijuana From One End of the Country to the Other’

Lately, all the world’s a cannabis fan. John A. Boehner, former Republican speaker of the House announced that his “thinking on cannabis has evolved” and he’s joining the board of a cannabis corporation.

Now, Senator Chuck Schumer, the minority leader of the Senate announced yesterday that he’ll be “introducing legislation to decriminalize marijuana from one end of the country to the other…Ultimately, it is the right thing to do.”

According to Vice Magazine,

The legislation, which Schumer’s office expects will be released within the next week, has six main points. First, it would remove marijuana from Drug Enforcement Administration’s list of controlled substances, which would end federal prohibition and leave it up to states to decide how to regulate the drug. Schumer stopped short of calling it legalization, but de-scheduling would essentially make marijuana legal at the federal level.

See the interview below.



  • Schumer is one of the great enemies of the people, a traitor and shill for Israel. No doubt he gets stoned every night, as only that would explain his insanity.

    • Trump is pretty cozy with Israel, too. And speaking of enemies of the people, he’s pretty cozy with Putin as well.

      None of which has anything to do with marijuana.

      The point is, illegal marijuana is crazy. Just as illegal booze was.

  • The horse is long out the barn. At least legalization- which is not the same as decriminalization- will allow sensible and open research on the good and bad effects. But of course it also means the last thread of big money pot growers here were frantically grasping will be severed if it happens.

    Lord I do despair of the Democrat Party. A bit more than I do of the Republican Party anyway.

    • Big money? Try any money. It is the death knell of our local economy. Dressed up as “freedom” for the idiots it is actually a move to allow interstate commerce between the HUGE corporate weed grows of OR and CA to the markets in the rest of the country. Not only will it crush all grows here that never had the geographic location or large funds to get permits but it will also crush all small producers in states back east and elsewhere. It is a complete corporate takeover of the traditional underground economy. idiots and morons will celebrate this just as they did our corporate “legalization” model here in CA. Don’t fool yourselves- this is the end for hundreds of small growers in Humboldt, people who don’t make “big” money but are only getting by in proud and humble rural-working lifestyles. Why do we only get the one side of the issue in all our media? Because the fix is in. It’s sad how gullible and submissive the American public has become in this generation…

      • Well said and spot on

      • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

        What is of paramount importance is that legislation be drafted to maximize political contributions. Maybe ‘mom & pop’ operators could get some love if they banded together to form a PAC (Political Action Committee) to bundle their contributions.

        • It would be peanuts in comparison to what the well-funded corporate organizations are already doing. Watch these legislators like Shumer- who built careers out of imprisoning weed people during the War On Drugs now act like our “saviors of freedom” so their rich owners can take it all. It is both Dems and Repubs. It is disgusting. I would appreciate just one story from any media (Rolling Stone? Mother Jones? Anybody?!) that addresses what we little people know to be happening…..but no. Total and complete silence. Propaganda- Just like during Prop 64 campaign….”unpermitted and unregulated growers and dealers are black-market thugs destroying the environment and violently killing people” and “we here at the government will save you from them!”- That is their sick and demented talking point…

          • Shumer is not descheduling this “for the people” but “for the corporations.”

            I’m pro-pot but against Marlboro owning the industry. To me, this is a wash but Shumer is a corporate shill; not a real liberal at all. Dems are now pro war with Russia war mongers and deep state operatives.

            I’m a real democrat. I’m for the people! Against the institutions and against WAR… What has happened to my party? Wall Street $$$ that’s what.

            Liberals are suppossed to be anti-war, anti-big business, and pro freedom. Instead, we get corporate big spending corrupt fascists… Notice how hitlery got all of the global corporate lobbying dollars for her failed campaign.

            They are so pissed they lost that they are suing Russia! What a joke.

            A pox on both their houses, but the local yocal Boss Hog Sheriff’s around here need to stop busting the mom and pops and should focus on real criminals — like Haliburton who is now growing dope in Humco

      • Grow tomatoes for the Farmer’s Market

      • To all the tax evading, POS dirtbag growers: good riddance. As if the rest of us should cry for you, or continue to watch innocent people being forced to break the law to have access to recreational pot.

        To be honest some of the corporate dominated areas of this country are 100x nicer than the drug riddled slums that much of Humboldt has become. No one is greedier than the growers we are supposed to be crying for. Lol.

      • You got that right! Well said. Now how about that one sided media you referred too?

  • Egads even the [edit] senators favor more instead of less drugs

  • hahaha, somebody needs some fans really really bad.
    I’ll never be a fan. But I will congratulate him for finally admitting that it should be decriminalized.

    • Decriminalization is beautiful. It’s already decriminalized at the federal level. Up to an ounce for personal use is not a crime- just a small ticket if you are careless enough to get caught. That is good. But this scam of giving the entire industry to corporate masters and calling that freedom is not to be confused with being free or kind.

  • I’ll be happy when we can again enjoy Northern California’s mountainous beauty like it was 10 years ago before the criminal invasion.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    It’s a beautiful thing. So long overdue. I can’t wait for a pound of pot to cost as much as a pound of potatoes. Bring it! So long criminals!

    • Big corporations will make sure it stays $50 an eighth. What part of that do you not understand?

      • Then the small growers will thrive on tax evasion.

        • The government may tolerate violations of criminal law as a matter of convenience but tax evasion? If nothing else, they find “good examples” to make miserable and brother, they have the laws to make you miserable.

  • I am not a fan of Mr. Schumer; however, when someone is right, it is only fair to admit it. Legalizing Marijuana is the only real solution to this whole ordeal. Everyone recognizes it, but, too many government entities are looking for funds!

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    Like hell we will……

    The nation is awakening to the sheer amount of nonsense from potheads and will over turn this legal dope scam.

    If I had a time machine I’d break into Hank Williams’ hotel room and flush those pills, right before having the jet carrying The Beatles turned back by the USAF. Then I’d use a dozer to knock down the stage at Woodstock, build berms, block roads, anything to stop Woodstock.

    Dope has wrecked the country and a redneck in a time machine most certainly can correct everything.

  • All the hard working farmers that started this industry are the losers in this political bullshit game. I just don’t know what to say. Schumer probably works for nra or Marlboro.

    • Chuck Schumer and all his cohorts including the Republicans running this country are the original 60’s hippies from the Woodstock era, just wait until they are replaced by today’s safe space snowflakes, I predict that will end everything!

  • Marijuana Sector Professional

    Here’s the deal. You guys are fucked! The game is already over. This is only going to get worse. Expect prices to decline further as farmers plant more to compensate for the declining price per pound. Outdoor Marijuana is now just Biomass. It will only be used to make oil on the future. There will be no market for outdoor grown weed except at $1 a gram. That’s what it sells for retail in Washington. There is NO way Humboldt farmers can compete in the quantity game. Even people like Alex from Honeydaew farms won’t be able to compete. The competition is planting weed by the MILLION Square foot. That is NOT a typo. Look at Canopy Growth, Medrelief & Aurora Cannabis. They are the Marijuana sector leaders. They are now world wide selling & growing Cannabis all over the world in multiple countries. Canada Not the U.S. is the world leader in Cannabis production. They vote for federal legalization in July. Marijuana will be 100% legal in Canada on the federal level by October. There is simply no way to dethrone the Canadian 👑. Humboldt farmers will become a footnote like the Kentucky bootleggers. Even True Humboldt & Northern Emeralds will not be able to compete unless they concentrate on A plus quality. Northern Emeralds has a chance since they are focused on indoor & good quality. True Humboldt has gone the swag/B grade weed route & outdoor. I don’t think that business model will work out unless they concentrate 💯 on making oils. Emerald Family Farms could turn out to be the local big winner in the end. They started Track & Trace and seem to be one step ahead of the competition. I wish all the local Marijuana businesses the best of luck. I think they have to focus on A+ quality, unique strains & concentrates. You could do well locally supplying seeds, clones & starts. Bottom Line: the marijuana landscape has changed. Out of the 10,000+ grows in Humboldt only a few will survive in the end. The question for the farmers is what changes are you going to make yo stay in the game? If you continue doing what you have been doing for 20+ years you will not survive. Good luck this season. Keep in mind there will be more marijuana planted this year on the planet than anytime in history. The big flood is coming once again. The race to the bottom continues.

    • Marijuana Sector Professional

      If Marijuana was a tradeable commodity I would short it. It’s only going g to decline in value. The next thing to look for is a decline in concentrate prices. I think it peaked last year. Now everyone is making live resin. It’s not as valuable of a commodity when it becomes mainstream. $50 grams will soon be $20 for live resin & shatter will drop to $10 a gram for RETAIL prices. Everyone will keep realizing they can’t sell their thousands of outdoor pounds& will turn it all into various forms of concentrates. Watch as the most profitable part of the marjuana business declines in value due to market saturation. Basic laws of supply & demand. There will be more gallons on concentrates produced this year than any other time in history. GW Pharmaceuticals just got the 1st FDA approved Cannabis drug. they are setting up to monopolize the CBD market. They are a United Kingdom company & produce more weed than anyone currently in Europe. They have 8 hecters of greenhouse marijuana planted right now.

    • Timothy McVeigh's ghost

      The price drop has only begun, we intend to make it $0.10 per/lb
      De-monitze is the only answer at this point.
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market
      Flood the market

  • As a cancer survivor and an individual who cannot tolerate pharmaceutical drugs I am glad to see marijuana decriminalized. I have used cbd’s with good results. I can grow my own and include it in my herbal apothecary. It shouldn’t be a schedule one drug. I find alcohol is a much greater evil to society. I’m also tired of seeing invasive growers destroying the environment and poisoning wildlife.

    • Can’t hate on that as i see it… can’t hate on that… So, Peter Tosh gonna advertise it… sun is still going to rise again

  • “Hmmm … should I write a bill about medicare for all… or… no more foreign wars and dead american soldiers… or … decriminalizing cannabis. Who cares? None of ’em will pass anyway so why ruffle the feathers of the 1%.. gimme the weed!”

  • Sorry, but Schumer is all pot smoke and mirrors…tRump and the [edit: Republicans] will in NO WAY permit legal weed nationwide, the illegal markets will continue and the black/gray market will continue, The biggest difference is that now people in 8 states can grow 6 or more plants at home, some will double or triple crop. Taxes and production costs will keep retail weed at the 50~100 oz for many years to come I predict.
    Having said that, if tRump had the smarts to embrace legal weed nationwide it would be a tremendous boost to his chances in 2020! Hillery blew off the Millennials with her ‘more research, put it in schedule II’ bullcrap!

  • If he was real he would introduce a bill that decrims draconian state laws against weed and impose a maximum sentence for weed (say a year in the pokey)… These crazy IDaho sentencing guidelines are insane. In new mexico the governor changed the law so that you get 9 years in jail (it used to be 2 yrs) for growing one pot plant… manditory minimum… That should be outlawed by this bill.

    The big issue is that some states treat weed like its crack. If you are descheduling, then also create a framework that prevents a kid from spending 10 years in jail for driving around with a couple of pounds in the trunk!

    THAT is both LIBERTARIAN, LIBERAL, and plain SMART!

    The current rescheduling and fed Decrim is just so Marlboro can destroy Norcal is lame. They met Shumer on a golf course with a briefcase full of cash no doubt.

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