Photos and Flowers Placed at Site of Friday’s Fatal Crash

Emely Selina Carreno-Arenas age 20 Michelle Segundo age 19

A memorial erected near the site of Friday’s fatal crash. [Photo by Thomas Norris]

Flowers heap beneath photos of smiling young women attached to slender white crosses near the site of a fatal crash on Friday, April 13 off Hwy 101 on Maple Hills Road. Emely Selina Carreno-Arenas, age 20 of Eureka and Michelle Segundo, age 19 also of Eureka both lost their lives when the vehicle they were in crossed into the northbound lanes and crashed into a van driven by another woman. The other woman, Marsha Adams, was medevacked to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital.

Salmon Creek Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Norris is asking the community to treat the little site with honor. “There is a little memorial at the bottom of the hill, I’d appreciate it if we could respect it,” he wrote.

Earlier Stories on the fatal accident Friday, April 13:



  • RIP, so young.

    No disrespect intended but gotta say please use this as an example for us all to take it easy on the hwy. Remind the young people in your life to not drive recklessly & wait for a safe way to get around someone in front of you.
    A little patience would have saved these two and saved the poor woman in the van some serious injuries for just being in wrong place at wrong time.

    So many fatal accidents due to over correcting, theres just no room for it on the 101. Im glad the car next to these girls didnt end up off the road entirely, the over correction from the girls car almost sideswiping the car next to them while tailgating the car in front of them is what caused this awful incident. If you need to drive that fast and have no patience to let a car get to a place it can safely get out of your way, the 101 is not a good one for you to drive.
    Again no disrespect to their memories, its the reality of the situation, & I write these things in the hope it helps folks remember to drive safely to avoid other tragedies.

    • Sounds like you have details about what caused the accident. Can you fill us all in completely, I have been wondering how this could have happened?

      Thank you!

    • Let’s hope the car in the slow lane didn’t actually contribute to this horrific accident. I find it to be odd that the car passed the car in the slow lane and then tried to merge into the slow lane in front of them but, then the car in the slow lane they just passed magically appeared right next to them at the same speed. It seems probable, and I’ve experienced it many times over the years that you pass a car in the slow lane and then when you try to merge in front of them in the slow lane, they speed up and you are once again, side by side. Also, if you are in the fast lane going below the speed limit, you do not belong in the fast lane. You belong in the slow lane. It seems like the car in the slow lane was mad that they were being passed by the girls and sped up. The car in front of the girls in the fast lane should not have been at equal speeds as the car in the slow lane that they just passed (and then they magically immediately reappeared side by side). Of course we can never get the girls side of events on how this happened and there are a lot of unknowns.

  • My thoughts are with Marsha Adams. This must be awful for her. I hope she is ok and able to fully recover.

    • Yes but it’s too bad that her situation has barely been mentioned.

      • A patient’s privacy rights mean that reporters can’t gather information on them. In this case, she is also a victim which makes it even harder. The only way to get information is for family members share it with a reporter.

        • Not a little memorial. Know he said that but don’t look small to me. The fact they have to ask for respect is disturbing. Hope all younger driving new lady’s drive more carefully. Especially my daughter and her friends. More flowers for these sites. So sorry they’re gone.

          • As if people are trashing roadside memorials & we need a fireman to tell us? The request for respect I didn’t find disturbing but something else.
            I’m glad that at least they removed (covered?) the car shard (hood?) that the initial memorial had been created on, I’m surprised the tow crew/CHP didn’t grab all the pieces.


          If you can repost this it would help a lot thanks 🙏🏽

  • It is a strange fixation to keep at this as there are hundreds of such memorials getting no attention at all. Especially since the cause of this accident is not resolved.

    • The only strange fixation I see about covering a fatal accident that I pass literally every time I go to town is the one where you frequently complain about what I choose to write about and how I do it but yet you keep reading. For criminy sake, if you hate it so badly why are you here torturing me when I am short on sleep. There are a number of other news sites, also for free, where you can avoid my terrible choices in writing.

      • Most of us really appreciate what you do Kym,


      • There is a nutshell is it. I don’t hate your site. Criticism is not hate and I have thanked you in comments for stories too. It in fact is the only place to get stories that used to be the sort of things covered but local papers when they had local reporters. But a serious defect in reporting overall has pretty much taken over where what is considered news is determined by the politics of the writers. It’s like it’s choosing up sides. What runs against the agenda is ignored as if it never existed. This has lead me to reading different sites, each with it’s biased selection of what is reported in the hopes of learning what is going on. This is a pretty poor way- reading opposing biased reports in hopes of getting information they individually choose to leave out.

        I was pretty resigned to this until President Trump got elected. That a large segment of the population was so overlooked for so long that politicians lost sight of anything that was not extreme, no longer even thinking of it as extreme, even not yet believing it was their problem and, in order to be heard, the electorate chose an inexperienced, untested person mostly because he was the only one that came close to listening. You mentioned that polls almost all got it wrong but that’s not all that can be understood from that fact. Also to be noticed is that journalists did not alert anyone that they were missing something because they too did not ask the questions of people who did not suit them.

        I pick on you because you are the only one to be available. Mostly journalist do not permit criticism at all. And they bloody well need it. I want better than what is going on. In this case, you report on the memorial- I believe because you identify with the issue of Lawson and his mother. It’s personal. It is far from the only one needing attention. So yes, for a professional writer, it is too much of the same story. Impaired driving? Was it or not? Is drug use a massive factor at HSU? The accusations of race being the reason the case keeps grinding on? Is race the reason for the delay or are the accusations what keep it from being solved? Many things never to be reported unless it shows up in comments.

        • Sounds like you should start a news service.

        • You are off in the weeds, searching for which rabbit hole to go down. This article has no mention of Lawson. You make many assumptions about the intentions or motives of the writer but, yours are pretty glaring. You also make assumptions about the cause of the double fatality. You declare that there are two sides in a small article about the memorial cross of two teenage girls as if, anyone besides YOU aposes the crosses. I think you are alone in your rational. You go down another trail to justify yourself by talking about reporting of the 2016 presidential election. It sounds like you are angry about a lot of things and searching for an outlet to direct that anger at but, you’ve channeled it in the wrong direction, about a non issue, and to the wrong person.

        • Wow! You got a Lot of questions.why don’t you do some research online and start a blog?
          Kym rocks. Think she quit loco cause of trolls. Don’t take advantage of her guidelines, Kym Rocks- trolls suck.

    • I find it strange that you actually need the “cause of the double fatality” before you see it fitting for family or friends to place a small white memorial cross near the location where these teenage girls tragically died. You do not get to decide who is allowed to memorialize their child. No one needs your permission and no one is asking for it.

  • I saw a comment on one of the other articles from someone that was one of the victims brother. It said that law enforcement told him that the steering wheel on the Honda locked up. I would love to know more about this, and I appreciate your stories regarding this terrible tragedy. You are amazing Kym.

  • Kim, I really want to thank you for maintaining the warm-hearted and professional and sincere Redheaded Blackbelt. I, for one, look at it daily. People are out sitting in the woods, bored, frustrated and wanting to be heard on practically any topic they can lay their hands on. You know this. But, still, it must be hard to ignore. I used to sell beautiful, homegrown strawberries by the side of the road. Some people would come along and practically pitch out all the strawberries from each basket trying to find a rotten one. They couldn’t believe there were none. They were handpicked, by us, that morning. Some people are always looking for the rotten strawberry. And, it’s hard not to come home and focus on those people instead of the 99% of the people who were nice and friendly and grateful.

    Thank you for doing your multi-faceted reporting. It looks like a cool job, but I don’t know how you sift out all the flack.

  • If your gonna drive and survive ,you better be a very defensive driver, the younger generation doesn’t have enough seat time and other drivers in a hurry or impaired or on the phone ,etc will take you out, very sorry for these two young kids, way to young to die, be safe on the road everyone, give a little, someone’s parent will thank you

  • My daughter and I drove past this beautiful memorial today and noticed that one of the pictures had come off of the cross and was laying in front of it. We had nothing on us to re-fastened it 😔

  • Came back from Santa Rosa today… the entire speed limit on 101 has changed.

    45 is now 55
    55 is now 65
    65 is now 75
    75 is now 85

  • slow down everyone!

    so young! this is very sad! RIP!

  • Brbrgurl,
    I reattached the pic, I couldn’t bare to see her sweet face on that pic, just lay on the ground or get blown away. I also put a tac on the other pic as well so it won’t come loose. I think they just were glued or taped.

  • People underestimate the wind. Glad you did that. Hope it holds.

  • What do you all think about roadside memorials in general? I think I understand the loss of love ones, but I don’t know if I’d appreciate seeing a memorial everyday. There is one in particular that I see often, put up where a teenager was killed on a motorcycle. It’s very very close to where the family lives. It’s been up for years and I often wonder how the family feels about it. On the same subject, the stickers people put on their cars that say “in memory of……” How long do you leave the sticker on the car? Should you let the sticker affect your decisions on keeping a car or trading it in? It feels wrong to peel the sticker off, but at some point it has got to be done.

  • It is my understanding that road workers remove memorials from roadsides. Something about not wanting a distraction to drivers and not wanting people parking on the highway shoulder to view the memorial.

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