CR Offering Workplace Readiness Course May 23-June 6

From College of the Redwoods:



  • Impressive! I hope the classes will be full. Things are looking up.

  • After they take the class I hope mommy tells them to take the bolts and assorted other hardware out of their head, maybe even smear some cover up over the 707 tattoo across the forehead and neck. Believe me ,it goes a long way when looking for a job ( outside of the drug dealing business).

  • You can buy a lot of smokes with $69.

  • Groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Yay! Go to school, get a job. It’s okay to participate, and it’s not hard.

    You can do anything if you work for it!

    Growing and selling weed is a dead end, and Humboldt IS a fucking trap!

    Get out there and be someone!

    Love, Groba

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