Burglar Steals Cash Drawer From Local Restaurant

Surveillance videoPress release from the Fortuna Police:

On April 20th at approximately 9:34 AM, Officers with the Fortuna Police Department responded to restaurant located in the 700 block of South Fortuna Boulevard for the report of a Burglary.

Officers arrived on scene and learned that a male subject wearing a hoodie and jeans entered the business in the early morning hours of 4/20/2018. The subject left with the front cash box with an undisclosed amount of cash inside.

The Fortuna Police Department is asking for assistance in identifying the suspect. The following photographs were taken from the business security camera footage.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Fortuna Police Department at 707-725-7550, or call our anonymous crime reporting line at 1-800-78-CRIME or submit a tip online at www.wetip.com.



  • A cash register is not a safe. You do not leave cash in the register at night. All registers have a way to open the drawer if the power fails, most of the time without a key.

    • Agreed. Every business I’ve ever worked at never left money in the drawers overnight. Closing shifts responsibility was to deposit everything into the bank after closing. Still this sucks for them. Damn theifs!! 😡

    • I’ve worked service for a hanfull of businesses locally. Was directed to leave $200 in small bills and coins at the end of each shift including closing.

      Personally, theft is a very low crime. Very bad karma.

      • Why would a business choise to do that?

        • Change for the following shift. We referred to it as the drawer being even. So much prep has to be done already. Servers rarely have a lot of time before they see a customer. One thing less to scramble to do.

  • Black guy in Fortuna. That has a job. Inside job I don’t think so too easy to pick him out.

  • Mongo need money for drugs. Mongo take cash drawer then buy drugs. Mongo happy.

  • To my knowledge there was never any indication that the money stolen was not previously locked in a safe before opening. In my 50 years of managing tills it was always protocol to count out the selected ongoing cash count and deposit the rest at closing. That deposit could be deposited in a depository after closing or put into the store safe and hand carried to the bank the next day. The point being that there has been nothing reported to those details.
    With that being said, that type of robbery is typically performed at a business when opening or closing with opening leading the list. $200.00 to $250.00 as an opening till is not unreasonable. Therefore it could be considered petty theft, however whenever there is a robbery there are many more concerns the most severe being harm coming to the employees or possible customers.
    As far as an inside job? Hard to imagine for that kind of money but possible. Again without the details.

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