One Local Farmerwoker Detained by ICE, Says Activist Group

true north immigrationPress release from the True North Organizing Network:

At approximately 12:00 pm on Wednesday, April 18, the Humboldt County Rapid Response Hotline received a call from the United Farm Workers of America that someone had been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Bayside at 7:30 am. The dispatcher was told that the spouse of the detainee had called them and that he was already in transport to a detention facility in San Francisco. The United Farm Workers also advised the Rapid Response Network to be on alert for other potential ICE enforcement activity. The network is still seeking further information and is ready to respond in the event of further actions. We encourage our community to call (707) 282-5226 to receive immediate support if confronted by ICE in your home, at your workplace, on the street, etc.

“The Rapid Response Network is a community based effort that works to bring awareness to the grotesque tactics and enforcement actions used by ICE. We work to train community members in being legal observers if and when ICE comes into Humboldt County. We also work on being able to provide legal resources and support to those affected by ICE.” – Emely Velez, Fellow with ACLU of Northern California.

Since May of 2017, leaders of True North Organizing Network in partnership with ACLU of Northern California have been building a Rapid Response Network in Humboldt County to address our immigrant communities’ fears of separation from their families and the human rights violations that have occured at the hands of ICE officers. As part of the Rapid Response Network, 80 volunteers from Mckinleyville to Loleta have been trained in Know Your Rights and how to observe an ICE raid. When the network is activated, volunteers who live near the reported site of ICE activity are dispatched to observe and document so as to protect constitutional and human rights of our community members. The network is also providing support to families after the fact, when affected by an immigration enforcement action.

True North Organizing Network believes in standing up for the human dignity and rights of all people. Please visit to find out how to join the Humboldt County Rapid Response Network. #No1StandsAlone



  • These people are economic refugees. The real criminals are those who take advantage of their status (sun valley) and degrade working conditions for citizens while doing so.

    • Excuse me, but Sun Valley follows the law by using e-verify since the huge raid a few years ago. If someone’s using a valid ID, but not theirs… oh well.

      • It is great that they are using e verify. Let’s be honest, they know what they are doing. They are offering poor working conditions and horrible pay to maximize profit, because they can. Ive worked at Sun Valley as an outside contractor and I have seen what’s going on there.

        My wifes identity was stolen twice, which is a crime btw, causing us a lot of strife. The seconds time, she was told that her ss# had been used by an illegal immigrant.

        Btw what was the result of that raid? No illegal immigrants right?

        I support easy paths to citizenship for economic refugees, and despise the erosion of working conditions/compensation facilitated by the labor of illegal immigrants.

    • Don’t worry…. a hundred more economic refugees will take his place. So….are we(USA) not in a economic crisis? Look around you!!!!

  • Thank you to all the volunteers who observe to protect the human rights of undocumented immigrants. No human is illegal.
    For those of you who are ignorant to these issues, please read about the terrible detention centers, how long they hold children and pregnant women…these are for profit prisons. These people are mostly NOT criminals. They work and pay taxes for benefits they will never recieve, for YOUR benefit. Many came when they were children and have no ties to their country of origin or even speak the language. Our system then does not allow a way for them to become documented so they live their life in limbo. I’m so tired of seeing ignorant comments in our community when these stories come out, so this is my attempt to preempt them. Please remember how privileged you are to be born in this country.

    • Anonymous Humboldtian

      I feel bad for the kids who get separated from their families, but it was their families choice. They knew the law, they knew the risks and they got dealt the consequences. Come in through the legal immigration process and you don’t have to worry about ICE. And on a side note. Why cant Mexico be great? If people didn’t flee the country in droves and actually stayed and tried to make it better, maybe things would change. By coming over the border and breaking the law, you knew the risks. Don’t cry victim and call people racist for enforcing the law.

      • Because Mexico is overrun by cartels and shady politicians. Keeping people in poverty = control. Pretty easy to judge from your armchair with your house that has electricity and running water.

        We stole the southwest and CA from them, they weren’t so impoverished then. Our country helped turn what’s left of mexico into a country to supply us with cheap labor and goods.

        Personally im not worried about a farmworker, waste of tax money! Too bad the feds refuse over and over to assist on meth lab busts and clean up here. I guess the military must still be producing it or using the labs to try new formulas. They use it in attempt to keep fighter pilots up but still able to do their jobs. The article in time magazine said they were able to keep them up 36 hours straight.

        And ps everyone this immigration round up crap is heavily biased. Mexican folks are not the only illegal people they are just easy targets and hard workers so their prison labor is valued. In case you dont know people arrested by ICE aren’t sent back. They go to detention centers that we pay for that are usually run by corporate entities, people stay in those facilities for years and theyre awful. Kids die in there frequently as theres no healthcare for them.

        In LA there are literally millions of illegal chinese people, with tons of birthing houses chinese women pay 30-40,000 to come havr baby for us citizenship. Difference is they have $. And the reason ms-13 does so well is we gave the first batch of them citizenship after training them at the school of the americas and having them do covert military stuff in places like Nicaragua. Theyre doing what they were taught and what was done to them, grab kids who come across border alone and train them from a young age to kill.

        • Ha. The Spanish stolen from the natives (it is not recorder who they stole it from) , the Americans stole it from the Spanish with lots of help from the local Spanish who thought living under US law would be better than under Spanish. Of course while Americans were pretty busy with their own Civil War, the French tried to take Mexico again. Complicated isn’t it…

          But the Chinese are harder to deport because of the lack of cooperation between the US and China. But it is done continuously. They just don’t seem want the publicity.

          Oh and I have running water and electricity because I built the systems to have it.

        • People who run away from bad guys trying to murder them, usually have a tendency to not only run into a shelter, but to slam, lock and bar the door behind them.
          It would be easier to find safety from those bad guys trying to murder them, at the borders where the military are there to sort the bad apples from the good.
          Calling all the runaways one certain nationality is racist.
          Forbidding all the runaways a neutral safe zone at the border crossing is what is murderous.
          Forcing people to tolerate/accept only one way of thinking is … negative.
          Accepting/tolerating that every individual has their own insights and beliefs, is outright heavenly.

        • The southwest natives have always been impoverished and the land wasn’t was won in battle against Spain and later Mexico. And don’t think the natives didn’t fight each other. They were brutal,too. War and conquest characterize all races.

      • People cannot be illegitimate, nor can they be illegal. Natural law says we are each and every one born free and equal. By the nature of that, place of birth cannot condemn anyone to poverty. Ergo, we cannot be contained by borders drawn on maps.
        Free your mind and your ass will follow.
        Theunited states economy is on the precipice of hell that will make the 1930’s look fun. You better stop talking trash before no one let’s you come to their country when you need a job. That day will be here within the decade.

    • Balderdash. The minute the next amnesty rolls around they will get the same benefits as anyone else, if they choose it. Even if they never paid the taxes.

      But you’re right that tolerance of illegal immigration has awful consequences to children brought in. Which of course can be avoided by not bringing them in. Strangely simple. It’s violating the law that makes it complex and inhumane.

      And as for criminality- check the immigration status of Federal prisons. Lots of violent criminals are illegal. They were criminals in their home country and it doesn’t change because they cross the border. To be fair, it works equally badly with criminals illegally crossing the other way too. It’s just that no one in other countries objects so loudly to their country enforcing their laws as they do in the US.

      • Dont be a racist idiot

        You should end your statement by saying “as i heard it on fox news”

        • Don’t have to. Unlike you, I have first hand experience. You’re right that Fox News has an agenda and can be highly partisan in reporting. But then so are most all national media. Apparently you are happily sucking down the bias that you like best without questioning. That’s pretty foolish.

          • Guest, first hand…. Lots of immigrants are criminals. Ok. Far far more citizens are criminals. So, what’s your point?

            What does it hurt any of us for others to come here? I mean they aren’t scalping us, putting us out or giving us small pox, right.

            Some are drug runners, but it’s our kids that want the drugs. What’s up with that?
            I guess blame is easier than self reflection.

            Most immigrants work circles around us. They don’t take our jobs, they by God earn them.

            All this crap is crap and it’s born in jingoistic racism. And it sucks!!

        • Actually fox is much more factual than the other networks and regularly invites liberal guests to participate as well as employs liberal commentators

    • Propaganda for the Trump Administration make America hate again as if we don’t hate enough as it is kill the Jewish’s they took the money kill the Mexican Farm Workers they took the jobs kill the Muslims they took your oil kill the Chinese they took your Manufacturing and kill the Africans just because we can God bless us all down with big government the biggest hate group brought to you by big money sponsors of global terrorism

    • They don’t pay the same as an American citizen. They are undocumented! Explain to me how they pay income taxes with fraudulent paperwork. Explain why I get passed over for employment because I only speak the native language of my country. Explain to me why my financial issues as an American are different than a “financial refugee.” Explain to me if one comes to this country illegally and/or are undocumented there is no consequence; wherein if I go to another country and are simarily situated AND protest about it I would suffer deportation at the least.

  • “Illegal immigrant detained in routine immigration law enforcement effort as activists object to enforcing existing law”. There, fixed the headline.

    Cezar Chavez was against illegal immigration, btw.

    • Sgt …the Nuremberg convention…have you heard of that? Following the law is no excuse for cruelty.. that’s the jist of it.

  • Do what majority want

    UC Berkeley poll: 59% of Californians favor INCREASED deportations of illegal immigrants.

  • Bottom line if you don’t have your papers you don’t belong here go back to Mexico,and take all your meth ,and heroin with you.

  • Bleeding hearts are us, huh? Pure BS. Illegal immigration is destroying America. Send them packing. DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT. And their whining, entitled anchor babies too. ICE should raid HSU. All the gardeners and hundreds of students GONE. That would be awesome.

    True North is a terrorist group. They need to be investigated by Homeland Security (not the corrupt, liberal f-ups at the FBI).

    • I think you must be a left wing troll trying to create dissension. Those are so many stereotypes crammed into one post that it has to be a diabolical plot.

    • Are they a foreign entity, interfering with policies and ballots across the nation, promoting the UN instead of the USA constitution?
      How do we hashtag or @ the powers that be in forums?
      #HomelandSecurity. Please see post above by Johnny Reb about a possible terrorist group that is interfering in USA laws and ballots.

  • Cry me a river. I remember when the War on Drugs was on. Reagan was sending military aid to Central America to shoot down peasants who wanted to grow food for their own families instead of the US-based ag-corps. I refused to help fund that and so did many others. We had a strong anti-war tax movement. I headed for the hills and grew guerrilla weed for the resistance. I was constantly and for many years a criminal at every waking moment. I had made that choice. Did I cry? No. Sure- complained a little. But I did not expect everybody to take part in the decision that I had personally made! So when these illegal immigrant supporters try to make me feel racist or whatever for not joining their cause…and when they misrepresent or slant the narrative….tell a story about one extreme case and imply that it’s all like that…I don’t buy it. I hope ICE is targeting real and violent or meth and heroin-running criminals- we sure do have enough of those. But all this malarkey about it all being unfair? You made your decision to come here illegally. Now you are illegally here. What don’t you understand about that? Are they skinning you alive? Are they forcing you to eat poop and then shooting you? No. They are just enforcing a law that has been on the books. Why should having children in a country you illegally entered make you a hero? Yeah it sucks they got you but… I see a lot of misplaced sympathy. Just take your lumps and sneak back in.
    Disclaimer- this is in no way an approval of ICE or their policies or actions

  • Ice Ice Baby….

  • Deport, deport, deport.

  • Law abiding citizens have rights, criminals don’t. It’s up to each individual in America to decide which label best suits them.

  • unbridled philistine

    Ya know most of us are law abiding American citizens and live our lives obeying the all the laws of our great country. How can we allow these criminals from other countries to come here and bring our culture down so far we question enforcement? Why do I obey all laws? When people choose for them selves what laws are acceptable for outlaw immigration. You want these people here? Change the laws or shut it man!

  • “In the time it takes for some of you to search for an elevator, I’ll have reached the top of the stairs. Stop looking for a shortcut that doesn’t exist to a life that is created not discovered.”
    by Brenden Dilley (my favorite life coach).

  • If they’re illegal, they should be deported. Full stop end of story.

  • I read today that 80+ politicians were recently murdered ahead of an upcoming election. Can’t we groom a force of idealistic young undocumented immigrants to go forth and Make Mexico Better (or whatever makes for a good acronym in Spanish)? Maybe the dreamers could go down there and implement some of the lessons they’ve learned about our systems here in America?
    I saw a tv show once that claimed that the endless chain of dictators and corrupt leaders in Latin America is due to language – that speaking Spanish makes people passive. The example used was that they can’t even take responsibility to admit, “I dropped it.” The literal translation (someone can check this for me) is “It fell from me”. Maybe if they learned to speak English they could take back their power and their country?
    Then maybe more of them might be willing to live there?

  • then they end up with ‘our rights, obtaining Federal/State aid, medical care, education’ ~ and for God’s sake, don’t let them vote!
    That is an American right.

  • Re Fox News: in 1934 the US had a law forbidding foreigners from owning US major media. 1996 Congress overturned that law, signed by Bill Clinton. The immediate (that word is literal here) beneficiary was Rupert Murdoch. A publisher of one of his London papers described him as a fascist, again, literally.
    I walked door to door for Bill Clinton bec I didn’t want an ex CIA chief to be our Prez. It turned out, I could have saved shoe leather. Both the left & rt have been played for fools. I include myself as one of those.
    We need to stop going at each other’s throats & address the oligarchs’ seizing of US assets & force our reps to create federal job retraining & vocational training.

    • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

      That Clinton legislation also removed all of the anti-trust media ownership restrictions, allowing monopolies to buy up and consolidate every newspaper, radio and tv station. It used to be a network couldn’t own more than 7 TV stations nationwide. A newspaper owner couldn’t buy up his competition (so San Francisco, for example, had both the Chronicle AND The Examiner). A radio station owner couldn’t own more than one station in the same market.

      Reagan could only dream of this level of deregulation. He knew he couldn’t get it passed. But Bill Clinton was able to do the Republican’s work for them. And not just Communications, but banking too (Glass-Steagal Act, anyone?)

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