Fortuna Police Seek Public’s Help With Determining Where and When Deceased Serbian Woman Spent Her Last Hours

Dragana Solaja

Dragana Solaja [Photo of from the GoFundMe page for Dragana Solaja’s family]

Fortuna Police are trying to determine the last few hours of the 24-year-old Serbian woman, Dragana Solaja, who died April 11. Lt. Matt Eberhardt explained, “We’re trying to determine her whereabouts and activities from 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. on April 11.”

Eberhardt and Detective Ryan Richardson who is in charge of the case said that their department received a call from a Fortuna resident in the 900 block of Riverwalk Road about 6:50 a.m. According to Richardson, “The resident of the home said she had gotten herself onto the porch of the home.”

Fortuna Police say that the resident said Solaja was intoxicated. When Fortuna Police arrived, Eberhardt said Solaja was inside the residence but that the Bulgarian resident said she didn’t live there. “We don’t know if she got dropped off there and if she walked there,” he explained.

The young woman was taken to the hospital where she later died. She never regained consciousness enough to talk to anyone, say Fortuna Police.

Lt. Eberhardt said, “The autopsy has been performed. We are awaiting the toxicology results…We asked them to screen for everything they could.” The results, however, could take awhile he said.

Solaja, Detective Richardson said, was believed to have come to this area from Miami the weekend before her Wednesday death. He asks that friends or associates that are able to share her plans and activities reach out to law enforcement.

According to Serbian journalist, Milos Stanic,

Dragana is from a village of Cenej. It’s located next to the second largest city in Serbia, City of Novi Sad… She was attending Tourism and hotel studies at University of Novi Sad. It’s important to know that thing with schools are different here. State universities like the one in Novi Sad are good ones, and private schools are the ones that anyone can pay and get a degree easier with less studying, so she was in a good school. Friends mostly said, and from what we saw on social media, that she did not [use] drugs, and she was not a heavy drinker (like most of young people would drink when go out to a club or so).

She is the youngest of three sister, and she has a normal family. Her father owns some kind of shop in Cenej. One of the reasons why people started the fund raiser would be that transporting the body to Serbia can be very expensive and people here, even that they have enough money for living here, can’t afford it.

As much as we know this is her second trip to the States. She came to Miami in summer 2015 and she worked there during the summer. After that, she came back to Serbia, because program for students visa only allows students to stay up to five months (It called J1 visa and the program is called Work and Travel). She enrolled in program in summer 2016 but she did not came back, probably overstayed her visa, which is not a big problem for American authority if you pay taxes and don’t cause trouble. Dragana stayed in Miami again, and as much as we’ve hear was working for a trucking company as a dispatcher. Nobody yet knows how she came to Fortuna, when she was living and working in Miami…

If anyone has information on Dragana Solaja’s whereabouts on April 11 or even on her activities since she arrived in Fortuna, please contact the Fortuna Police at (707) 725-7550 and ask for Detective Ryan Richardson. She was wearing jeans and a black jacket when she was found.

Our policy is to not take photos from someone’s personal Facebook page. However, because we hope that photos might help people realize whether they saw her or not, we are linking to her Facebook page here.

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  • Wow, that is shady. Interesting area to end up drugged and dead in

  • whatdoesherfamilysay?

    The report from Milos Stanic has more holes than Swiss cheese. This smacks of human trafficking. Why does no one know where she was working in Miami? What does her family say where she worked. If she paid taxes LE would be able to find this out. Did she really just arrive from Miami. Is there airline verification of someone with her name traveling? I’ll bet there are no answers to that question. Has the person who “found” her intoxicated in the street and subsequently brought her inside have any knowledge of who she was with. And why does Rebecca Bender offer her books in both English and Bulgarian?

  • Yeah, it sounds very suspicious! It’s very sad!! I hope the investigators get answers because the family deserves answers but we as a community need answers as well!! We need to know if there is a murderer or crazy person drugging people. I pray this gets solved.

  • So sad. Sounds like she was drugged. Dispatch for a trucking company in Miami only a week before? Somebody did something to her and killed her. Bulgarians and Serbians- is this coincidental? Bulgarian grows and Bulgarian trafficking…please connect the dots! I’m imagining this smart young woman escaped a bad situation and though drugged was able to walk away from the hotel room or house or truck where she was being held, dragging herself up onto a random porch for safety.

  • Have any articles been printed about tbis in miami where she was staying? Might help. Definitely suspicious.

  • What are the odds?

    A Serbian randomly ends up dead on a Bulgarian’s front porch?

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Very sad. We’ll see what the tox report says, I assume. My grandmother, naturally, hated Serbs and told my cousin she would be ostracized and disavowed if she married a Serb. Dealing with Serbs was one inspiration for the outstanding XD handguns made in Croatia, 1,000 years of nasty slavic history. My feeling is we left the old country to bring our best to The New World and leave the hate behind. Obviously, the Trump phenomenon is heart-breaking to this grandson and great-grandson of hopeful immigrants. Full disclosure: Croats can be pricks, too. That’s a surprise, I know.

  • She ends up on A Bulgarian residents porch. They don’t know her? Bullshit. This all stinks of eastern European human trafficking and connected Bulgarian grows…

  • Just like the cops around here do nothing about the Bulgarian grows think they’re actually going to do anything about this Bulgarian girl there’s going to forget all about it it’s not worth their time sorry to say

    • i am sorry to agree. It’s disgusting the way they turn a blind eye to all the eastern European grows. There must be some order from higher up? Or a major payoff? In either case it is sad how our own sheriff’s department has allowed our community to be sold out to Bulgarian and other eastern European gangsters. They should be ashamed. And now this- a young woman is drugged to death. Does the FBI ever investigate? This should be their place to step in to an interstate criminal enterprise that the local authorities will not touch.

  • If she went out in a jacket and jeans, it was cold or early morning?
    Why was she without a handbag?

    Where’s her phone? Do you have base stations? Cameras?

    The person who last saw Dragana?

    Dragana was a good person. Her family was proud of her.
    Do you know how many people are crying for Dragana?
    Please find the perpetrator of this crime.

    • We’re feeling with you, Mirjana, but don’t expect the Keystone Cops at FPD to find ANY answers. Sorry, but a DUI is about the best they can do.

    • Mirjana, i am glad you are concerned about your friend and her reputation. However, you should remember that in Humboldt, it’s not necessarily saying anything “bad” about someone to suggest they might be mixed up with some growers or shady characters. The woods are full of them. Most people wouldn’t think it meant she was bad or a low-life if she associated with growers. However, people are concerned that a young woman, seemingly alone, who came to a bad end may have been taken advantage of. I don’t think everyone is blaming the victim when they suggest shady people or mysterious connections with big growers, traffickers, Bulgarians, etc. Any innocent person could be used or abused by hard, cruel, greedy people.
      I am so sorry for your loss.

    • I’m sure she was a good person. But if you find a Bulgarian in Humboldt County they are here for one reason. 100% .. if you don’t know you should ask around. Doesn’t mean she wasn’t a wonderful lady.

    • She was there trimming weed! She had a Bulgarian boyfriend as well…….FACT! She partied hard! I know her

  • Treat this like the Arcata Lawson show, start demanding things, march all over town,stop traffic on 101,graffiti her name all over, claim its hate crime, race motivated, get fbi to come help,demand,demand,demand,shout out racist remarks, get tv stations to air every antic you do, come on this is no different then lawson, I.E. theres a murderer running around your neighborhood, get folks to speak for you,and how it saddens you,demand action from the po po, get mothers to march for you, crap watch tv you can get lots of ideas, now ALL THOSE FOLKS IN ARCATA TO BE NON RACIAL SHOULD BE IN YOUR FORTUNA TOWN DOING THE SAME THING FOR THIS GIRL,and if they dont shame on them, then you will know their not serious,COME ON THIS IS NO DIFFERENT THEN ARCATA, a killer is a killer, has the local tv stations came to your town?FortunaPD has investigators, undercover guys they have gotten awards for being great now make them earn it, they work for you folks they make great money, make them earn it,its their jobs,god bless living in the mtns.Sorry for your town drama.

  • The comment, “Keystone Cops at FPD”, is beyond stupid. The Fortuna Police Department is one of the finest police agencies in the nation.

    • Did FPD keystone cops solve the murders of the two girls that went missing a couple of years ago? The killer lived in their community and we all knew his address off Kenmar but they did nothing.

  • From Miami to Fortuna. What a let down. Sad, she looked like a nice girl. Is it just a coincidence she ended up at a fellow Eastern European’s house? Somebody knows what’s up but they scared to say

  • Dragana was found on a Bulgarian porch?
    What a freakin coincidence!
    If Dragana found herself at the mercy of a pack of Bulgarians, then I am not shocked by the tragic outcome.
    For too long, Humboldt County locals have spat out the name, ”BULGARIAN” as an epithet. Myself included.
    No one has ever had one single positive thing to say about these folks. Ever.
    They make the worst neighbors.
    You don’t want to meet them on the backroads.
    They have the social manners of a…pig? Actually, I rate pigs as higher on the scale of enlightened beings.
    Bottomline, all of the Bulgarians that I’ve encountered, or heard about, could be classified as common thugs, no more, no less.
    I am not prejudiced against Eastern Europeans–I am proud of my grandparents from Janow (1918).
    I take issue with the low grade specimens from Bulgaria that have flocked to Humboldt in recent decades.
    They are nothing more than a criminal cartel that have–to everyone’s dismay–put down roots here, and conducted their shady business with little, or no, interference from local law enforcement.
    To local LE, hints of the truth, of where you need to look, are found in the above comments on this website.
    Also, keep in mind that consistent and repetitive rumors historically have a basis in fact.
    For years, I have heard (from reliable, credible sources) that “The Bulgarians” are involved in sex trafficking and enforced enslavement of workers. Dark references to ”buried bodies”. Typical cartel activities.
    Hearsay, yes, but repetitive and longstanding.

    Where there is smoke, there’s always fire.

    • Bulgarian Neighbor

      One second you guys can’t even point Bulgaria out on a map and the next you make Bulgarians out to be the worst people.. Serbs and Bulgarians are friends. Basically have the same language, alphabet,religion,culture. Before today everyone was under the impression that she was found by the river left alone and now we discover that someone was there to get her help when she needed it, which is way better than the original story. Instead of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions & accusations of this person, how about we take a second to appreciate that person for being there in the moment to get her help. Perhaps the person isn’t a “gangster” or “trafficker” but rather a business man,teacher,doctor?? Leave the detective work for the police and respect her family and the person who tried to save her. Not all Eastern Europeans are what this website makes them out to be. Most uninformed and uneducated & discriminatory post EVER.

      • 100% Bulgarian

        Yes! Thank you! Some of the comments here are so ignorant….i’d laugh if it wasn’t such a tragic story.

    • Oh come on….no one group of people are inherently that messed up unless they have been subjected to horrors for so long and without anyone giving a shit that they too no longer give a shit.

    • I know a Bulgarian, the only one i know, who is a very kind, intelligent person. Unfortunately, his opinion of his compatriots who have flocked to this area to get rich pretty much agrees with yours.

      • But.. this kind intelligent person surely came here for marijuana growing, am I right? Plenty of really nice marijuana growers out there, but, you don’t come here from Bulgaria for the fresh air and mountains. I’m just saying this because if the family is looking for answers, better start there.

        • No, he didn’t, but his family did before him. You don’t get very far from it, that’s true, when looking at people from that part of the world who have come to this part. I know that’s a generalization and i’m sure there are exceptions. But what he told me was that of course not all Bulgarians are one way…plenty of very decent people over there. It’s when they come over here, and get involved in these pyramid-style schemes, with funders and backers and workers and thugs… bad news. Basically organized crime, aka cartels, aka Bulgarian mafia.

          • Yep.. two things I will say.. organized crime is a part of the culture in Bulgaria. Also, they keep their properties clean. People of all ethnic backgrounds come in all the same types.. some assholes and some really interesting and good people and everything in between. Just like around here.. you got racist idiots who never leave there trailer (a few commenters on this thread) and lots of great people.

    • They will never look. It’s become far too dangerous. She’ll be sent home in a box and yet another blond haired beauty will be gone, murdired or missing. What’s this make now six?

    • We have a terminology problem here. The term “Bulgarian” in this area means “Russian mob”. The head guy is Bulgarian, the crews can be from any eastern European stock, not necessarily Bulgarian. They have deep fucking pockets, and shallow souls.

      • I tend to think that anytime you lump everyone into one pot, you’ve gone wrong. All I know about Bulgarians is a number of them who didn’t have children in the local school showed up and worked the last fundraiser and a lot of folks who think they are better than they are, didn’t.

        • But every time you discount automatically reports of issues because it involves such “lumping”, you may also miss some serious problems. People are rarely all bad or all good. And personal prejudice might form depending on which side of the person you have experienced.

          To exposing truth is the highest calling that a journalist can have because they are in a unique position to do so. There are already plenty to line up with hostility on both sides of an issue. If the press can not be objective, there is no chance of understanding.

          • If you want a journalist that starts out with the assumption that every Bulgarian who comes here “has shallow souls,” you probably better find another place to read your news. I’m not your type.

            • No. You want a journalist willing to consider everything. It’s just as bad to dismiss a possibility wholesale and thereby miss what is going on as it is to accept wholesale and miss what is going on.

              Being able to look under the surface IS the only reason for having jounalists. Otherwise they are just a preacher in a self restricted pulpit. You don’t have to accept but you do have to look to see how much truth is there.

              • I am not willing to consider that the hundreds of Bulgarians in Humboldt County all have “shallow souls.” I am obviously not a good enough journalist for you. May I suggest LoCO? or the News Channel 3? They also are both free.

                • Conservative Stupidity

                  You are dealing with very simple minded individuals. Have pity.

                • Your response to someone, saying here the “bulgarians”, as other posters call them , really means “russian mob”, is to call out the poster for lumping all bulgarians together and for saying they all have the “shallow souls.”

                  I read it as the “russian mob” is what has moved in here and the local running it is a bulgarian and these people (not all russians, bulgarians or all anyone- just human trafficking mobsters) “have deep pockets and shallow souls.” I would think anyone importing people to use and abuse would pretty much qualify as shallow souled. So indeed what I want from a journalist is that they look into it and report whether there is a “russian mob” operating here and whether they do traffic women and endanger them by false promises. Since the issue is raised by so many commenters, I begin to think they are reporting something that might be true, is being ignored by authorities and more than deserves press attention, which is the virtue of plowing through so many comments.

                  My comment about dismissing this post as not meriting the brush off also did not deserve the response and I still stand by it.

                • There may be a “Russian mob” but the only Bulgarians I know personally seem like nice folks that donate money and time to local schools.

                  So how would you like me to respond?

                  If people are indeed doing the things you accuse them of that would probably qualify them as having shallow souls. But to think that all Bulgarians here are like that is something I have seen no proof of.

                  So, if you want a journalist willing to tar an entire group of people as belonging to the Russian mob based on nothing more than them being eastern European…you have the wrong person. That there are some criminals here from eastern Europe, I believe.

                  I have a limited time to investigate. I am in the main one person covering the vast number of stories here. Rumors slurring one entire nationality are not high on my list of things to spend time on.

                • Kym, someone out there may want you to “tar all Bulgarians” but the point trying to be made is that neither the commenter you responded to nor I ever said that. You did. How can you accuse others of saying that when it is you who said it. And keep repeating it. And when it is disavowed, repeat it again.

                  Oh well, no sense in this. I would think that providing more information would be an anodyne to hurtful rumors, if that is all they are.

                • This is the entire comment:

                  “We have a terminology problem here. The term “Bulgarian” in this area means “Russian mob”. The head guy is Bulgarian, the crews can be from any eastern European stock, not necessarily Bulgarian. They have deep fucking pockets, and shallow souls.”

                  That comment is specifically saying that anyone called Bulgarian, though not necessarily Bulgarian, has “shallow souls.”

            • Postovani novinari
              molim Vas da ne zaboravite nasu Draganu pisite u Vasim novinama svaki dan o njoj kako bi se krivci osetili lose . Pisite o njoj kako bi policija znala da nam je vazna i da cekamo na pravdu.Pisite kako je bila andjeo i da je i Vama stalo do nje kako bi nama bilo lakse.Pisite da bi njeni najmiliji znali da i kad nam dodje kuci Vi ce te krivce ganjati.
              Moje duboko postovanje na Vasu dosadasnju brigu.

              [Edit: Translation by Google: Dear journalists
              Please do not forget our Dragan write in your newspaper every day about it to make the culprits feel bad. Write about it so that the police know that it matters to us and we are waiting for justice. Write how she was angry and that you care about her to make it easier for us. Write that her loved ones would know that even when she comes home, you will those culprits are chasing.
              My deep respect for your past care.]

        • Thank you Kym. When racistism becomes the focus everyone looses.

        • Lefttodielikeadog

          KIm is there any update on this story? What is FPD doing and what did the too report say? If LE is so bent on breaking up the human trafficking going on up and down the 101 and involving Humboldt County why don’t we ever hear about it? IS LE involved or being paid bush money to look the other way? Is the symbolic tossing onto hey 101 of the murdered extraction business owner a week after Dragana was killed not far from where she was found somehow connected? Why is there never reporting of these crimes. We live in this community and have a right to know what LE finds out so we can protect our families.

          • I haven’t gotten any updates but I’m not expecting any for a bit. The Fortuna Police were waiting for toxicology reports and that takes multiple weeks.

            I don’t know for sure about a connection but Dragana’s death was in Fortuna and Salvatore’s was near Miranda –about 40 miles. Unless there is some other evidence, I would lean to them being unconnected.

            • Kim, did they complete the investigation of Draganin’s death? You do not write about Dragana again. The unfortunate girlfriend who came to Fortune was the news in three days and nobody recalls anymore. And we are her friends, relatives and everyone who knew that we did not know what exactly happened. Life of girls like Dragan does not matter. How it came to that ground in that state of affairs alone. Whenever she did not take drugs, she had so many drugs in her body. Who was the last one with whom it was. How she failed to save her in a well-known hospital. Have they ever tried to save. A thousand questions from us. Do you know how her family. is what you have already forgotten about?

              • I do care. BUT, I know that the toxicology report isn’t expected for a while. I have a note on my calendar to ask the Fortuna Police if they have gotten it yet in the first week of June.

      • Yes, there was even a super creepy German who was working with them out Little Larabee Creek several years ago. I swear there were bodies buried down there.

  • FFS PEOPLE.. Atleast have the decency SHUT UP!

  • Bulgarian Neighbor

    One second you guys can’t even point Bulgaria out on a map and the next you make Bulgarians out to be the worst people.. Serbs and Bulgarians are friends. Basically have the same language, alphabet,religion,culture. They look out for each other. Before today everyone was under the impression that she was found by the river left alone and now we discover that someone was there to get her help when she needed it, which is way better than the original story. Instead of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions & accusations of this person, how about we take a second to appreciate that person for being there in the moment to get her help. Perhaps the person isn’t a “gangster” or “trafficker” but rather a business man,teacher,doctor?? Leave the detective work for the police and respect her family and the person who tried to save her. Not all Eastern Europeans are what this website makes them out to be. Most uninformed, uneducated & discriminatory post EVER.

    • No, we do not have anything like the Bulgarians. Our culture is different! We are neighboring countries, but we Bulgarians called gypsies ! The worst people in the Balkans !!!

    • Whoever got her “help when she needed it” needs to talk. Who is everybody? Who is the Bulgarian boyfriend and why isn’t he man enough to step up, at least anonymously, and shed some light on what happened to Dragana.

  • It’s time to play ‘Let’s Blame the Bulgarians’, it easy to blame the Eastern Europeans for Humboldt’s so called ‘problems’. People around here should look into the mirror and check their own houses, it’s time to get off their high horses with their cheap talk and whining and do something positive to help their community. Keyword warriors with no integrity, spewing propaganda and hate.

    • Nazi was a keyword too. Not all sweeping statements are all wrong. It takes effort to sort good and bad in those with good intentions as with bad.

      Allow questions and be ready to answer them with facts, not reflective hosility.

    • Your comment is a distraction. Sure- some Bulgarians here are fine people. But they are all involved in massive grows so that makes them criminals right off the bat. And then you have the nasty ones. They should all be run out and I hope this murder is the beginning of their unraveling. Of course I am referring to Bulgarian criminals- who have been having zero attention from law enforcement, not any other Bulgarian who might be here.

  • This is so frustrating! Even if you solve the crime, nothing will be done about it! Look at Marcia Kitchen. Still out, enjoying freedom, and she was behind the wheel, killed her own daughter along with someone else’s daughter, and it’s been how long!! Ugh! I pray for all these victim’s families to have peace of mind and closure. God knows their not getting justice. So sorry, may they all R.I.P.❤

    • Dont forget Josh Pearlston. 100% positive he was the “mastermind” behind the cover up of vehicle and bailing from town.

      • His father is Mel Pearlston. Lawyer defending growers and drug dealers for many years. Mel was a good lawyer in the 80s and 90s- got a lot of people reduced sentences or charges dropped. But it appears the moral compass has been dropped and broken in that family. If there ever was one.

  • Every single Bulgarian I’ve met has been AWESOME!! Kind, generous, interesting, intelligent, every single one of them. I feel for the haters, their blindness keeps their world small and dark.

  • She was there trimming! I know for a fact! Someone let the police know! She overstayed her visa because she and her friends went to Boston and got there driver licenses. Somehow there is a glitch in the system out there. Very strange how one of the worst terrorist attacks happened in Boston and foreign students can go there and get their license to travel around my country! Have the police check that out as well! She also had a Bulgarian boyfriend. She did do drugs and drank a lot! I know all this because I know her! FACTS

    • Olga
      From your text, I read a lot of jealousy and hatred.
      Maybe you have to do with this case?
      Your IP address can help here.
      The perpetrator of the crime always returns to the crime scene.
      Right, Detective Ryan Richardson?

    • Thank Olga for what you told us. I hope soo the police will come to you , and you can show them Bulgarian and the places where is Dragana was with you Bravooo Olga ,and tnx one more time

  • I know what I know, and this is what I know. The “Bulgarians” have been bringing in young women (sex workers) as “trimmers” for the last decade or so. From the early days, when they got their start out in Panther’s Gap, to later HWY 36 Larabee Valley/Hydesville activities, and now, alas, Salmon Creek, I have seen van loads of young women being trucked in and out (in the fall) to the various properties. They keep their eyes averted, they don’t wave. We would never see them out, nay hear a peep from them once they were in. We being, just for clarification, a bunch of young local women who ourselves worked various scenes over the years (pre-trimmigrants). No, I never trimmed topless.
    The origins and fate of these others were always on the back of my mind simply because of the absolute, un-deniable shady nature of the men involved. It just gave one a bad feeling.
    Fast forward to the present. A lot of people have sold out, including back to the landers, ranchers, and rednecks alike, but please people- to the Bulgarians. Money talks, as they say. Poor Salmon Creek is literally over-run with the misogynistic hoards. Their women are strangely silent and robotic, too. That’s how I can always spot them. Along for the ride, I guess. We can’t even throw a party in Salmon Creek without hiring Bulgarians for “security.” Please people, don’t stoke the fires. The men are hell of creepy. They move like wolves, which makes them un-mistakeble out in public. That and the track suits.
    Alas, I digress. This is really about this young woman, Dragana, who lost her life in some very shady way. There is no way there is not a link between her ending up dead on a porch in Fortuna and the Bulgarian mafia that has infiltrated our county (by whom she was likely victimized). Massive respect to her family. We owe it to them to flush these guys out of the enclave and make them own up to the community. Someone needs to talk. One last thing? Why is ICE holding women and children hostage on the southern border with Mexico when there are white, criminal cartel in our very own county doing crazy business and overstaying their visas and their welcome?

    • Well said. And true to what I have gathered from my friends in different parts of the county over the years. Not rumors or drama or hate speech- just friends relating what’s been going down in their neighborhoods- the growers’ grapevine. IMO- It would be great to see ICE up in there.

  • Detective Ryan Richardson?
    On her body had to remain the DNK?
    I really appreciate your police, but can you say something about it?

  • Hi all

    Please Please Please
    If you have information about Dragana, you can also submit information online.
    You may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000.00 if your information leads to an arrest and conviction. No one will ever know who made the call!

    • My condolences!

      So sorry for your loss. just some input…folks around here have plenty cash. I’d say increase or create another go fund me to increase the reward $. There are $10,000 rewards for several missing folks with not a peep, around here.

      • Give us information, money is irrelevant now.
        Families and friends need:
        What happened??? & WHO????

        • Sorry but no info to give, when I’m just a random reader, concerned for your loss.

          I was just pointing out, if You are trying to use a reward to get someone to talk, it may take more than $1000, considering $10,000 has been offered in past missing persons cases & are still unsolved decades later. Just pointing out $1000 is very lil in a community, where cash flows like water. Anyways, I hope someone does just call with info, because it’s just the right thing to do.

          I sit here reading & sipping coffee in the comforts of my home, and just saddens me to see a family mourn for their loved one, in this beautiful place I call home. I hope someday you find justice & peace. Take care.

          • I am delighted to feel friendly words.
            My parents taught me to appreciate honoring all people in this world.
            I’m happy for you being here.
            Thank you

            • I’m so sorry people actually are telling you to increase your reward fee it’s sickening. I pray you find the truth your looking for. People in this community talk but unfortunately rarely to the police. I would be more concerned about all the hate we hear about Eastern Europeans. Some Locals are jealous and are driven by small minded fear based thinking. Praying for you and your loved ones.

              • My condolences!

                It was a suggestion to help. Did you fully read why it was suggested? If helping is sick, I’m at a loss, then.

        • Mirajana I searched and Facebook is a very good way to get the word out and you may want to use it as a vehicle. Use your own Facebook page to ask her family and friends information about where she was working and when the last time any of them saw or heard from her. If you are a close friend or family member I am just perplexed as to why your name does not show any activities searching for her on Facebook

  • Nikada nećemo odustati od pravde za Draganu !!!

  • There’s nothing racist at all contained in this thread!
    Remember the endless discussions, on this forum, and others, about the Mexican Mafia?
    No one was accusing others of racism then. Why? Because commenters were clearly differentiating between a lethal, organized crime cartel, and your average, upstanding Mexican nationals, and/or Mexican-Americans.
    Can you guess why this is the case?
    Take myself, for example.
    I am acquainted with, or know personally, literally scores of Mexicans.
    I invariably anticipate a pleasent social interaction.
    I practically live on Mexican food, I admire their work ethic, family values, rich culture, and I dream of spending several months of the winter South Of The Border. I feel safe around them. I view the majority of them as patient, kind, and good-hearted people. And I would wager that good number of locals share this view. (And Californians in general–hence Sacramento’s push-back against Trump’s immigration policies.)

    In huge contrast…I have never met a Southeastern European/Russian here in Humboldt.
    (In Europe, yes, on one of several trips there.) For brevity’s sake, let’s just call them ”Bulgarians”.
    I’ve seen plenty ,though, and frankly, I find them scary—always the males, as females aren’t out and about so much, and when out, are invariably accompanied by rather ominous men.
    I experience these folks as extremely stand-offish, secretive, furtive, with absolutely no interest in mastering the rudiments of social currency that Humboldt County operates under.
    With few exceptions, other ”visitors” get with the program, embracing the philosophy ( as seasoned world travelers), “When in Rome…”

    So, the above testimonial; coupled with the fact that this group is an arm of the well- known Southeastern Europe/ Russia mafioso; and that the seeming majority of their number here are seasoned, imported hoodlums–not world travelers; leads to a situation of them having a really really serious public relations problem in this county. Hence, all the ”bad press”
    There’s nothing xenophobic (“racism” not the correct term as they are caucasians) about this at all. It’s based on cold, hard reality: something that savvy Humboldtians have learned the hard way not to ignore. If someone causes you to feel ”uneasy”, you had better pay attention. Your life, and livelihood, are at stake.

  • Is it possible that you do not know anything yet?

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