Follow the Magic to Humboldt

One of the posters from the “Follow the Magic” campaign.

“Follow the Magic” is an Alice in Wonderland themed ad campaign highlighting the natural beauties of Humboldt County recently being promoted by the Southern Humboldt Business and Visitors Bureau (SHBVB).

According to Laura Lasseter, Director of Operations and Founding Board member of the SHBVB, “We are excited about ‘Follow The Magic.’ It embodies so much of the brilliance and wonder of our county…Southern Humboldt magic.”

Lasseter said the campaign was developed about three years ago. “[It’s] now being seen here in Humboldt because of our new partnership with the creators Misfit and the HLA,” she explained.

Misfit is the agency that created the entire campaign including the unique almost storylike videos. And, HLA is the Humboldt Lodging Alliance, which is an association of innkeepers, hoteliers, and property managers.

“We got permission from them to help promote the campaign,” Lasseter explained.

The poster shown at the top of this article has been very popular since it was posted earlier this week by SHBVB on their Facebook page. “It has exceeded all of our other postings,” she said. “Our community in Humboldt County is thirsty for this.”

Lasseter believes, “The campaign really brings the essence of Humboldt County.” She added, “Whatever your magic is, if it is the Lost Coast or the Redwoods…or the Victorians, it captures the beauty.”

Before the campaign, Lasseter said, “We didn’t have something that encompassed all forms of tourism here–the Avenue, wineries, the King Range, the Lost Coast,…hiking and biking trails and cannatourism.”

Since the posting, she said there have been a lot of questions. “Where is this tree? All of the ads are real locations in Humboldt?” Lasseter said all the locations are real, but…”They have enhanced some of the Magic…They added the path in the poster, for instance…You wouldn’t want to dig in the stepping stones in a fragile Redwood forest.”

Lasseter said her organization, the Southern Humboldt Business and Visitor Bureau, is “modeled after your typical convention and visitor bureau’s–with destination marketing and development.” However, unlike some of the more traditional organizations, they don’t shy away from cannabis tourism. “In Southern Humboldt, we have cannabis farms focussed in sustainable farming practices that serve the environment and community well,” she said.

But, Lasseter said, they do work closely with other tourism promoting groups.

Lasseter says there is a big potential for cannatourism here. “Any one can go and visit a warehouse grow, but we have our beautiful surroundings on top of that,” she said. “Part of our vision is to share what we have. We have so much to offer here in Southern Humboldt.”

Want to share the Magic? You can do it on Instagram. Or you can do it on Facebook, too. Go to the Southern Humboldt Business and Visitor’s Bureau and send the video or poster on to your friends and family. Let them know why you love where you live.



  • Veterans friend

    Stolen from the Laytonville crowd😁

  • Hilariously unoriginal. Yet typical of the stoner mentality. Paganism and magic is part and parcel of the pot-obsessed crowd’s main interests. Surprised they don’t have Alice played by Kirsten Dunst eating a dope cookie.

  • Oh, the magic on those faces in downtown Gville as they ask for free money or nugs….yeah. Or maybe they’ll opt to stay in Eureka instead? Good luck! Maybe they should promote the “white magic in the woods, dark magic in town” epic struggle of good and evil….

  • Humboldt could use this as a tourist attraction. .. or something like it? But of course, who will pay? Probably a better investment than anything the supes will come up with.

  • Got to go down the rabbit hole first.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    An amazing campaign.

    Eat the mushroom, get smaller. Smoke the hookah with the Caterpillar, hear the call…

    Down the dank hole to Garberville: now, the fairy will hit you with the crystal dust*

    Louis Carroll called, he wants his sunglasses back!

  • None of it matters until the county starts fixing the roads.
    Today at 6:30 pm ish

    A tourist (female motorcyclist) cracked both rims of her DACATI touring motorcycle with Oregon plates on the Mattole Road approx 10 miles south of Ferndale.
    Recommended calling 911 as that she was blocking one lane.

    SO do YOU think that She will tell all her friends about how poor the roads are and tell them not to ride here?

    Well She joins the club: 2018 BMW shit a pot hole dimpled the frame and put a hole in the oil pan… company wrote it off as a total loss.

    Fix the roads and they’ll will come.

    Fish are gone
    No more logging
    Weed is free
    Tourism is the future of humboldt…..

  • I feel the commercial promoting humboldt tourism would be more appealing if some other content was edited into the mix.

    How about a tourist taking a monster dab of some of top shelf live resin only to exhale and say, “mmmm humboldt sauce! Now I’m in paradise!”

  • Drove the Avenue of the Giants wednesday. Especially beautiful this spring. Late rains are making for lush greens. Do yourself a favor and spend some time in nature’s cathedral. The tree tunnel north of Pepper wood is epic.

  • It always amazes me that these kinds of ad campaigns make any difference at all. I certainly see the point of advertising an area, but, esp. in an area of stunning natural beauty, just pictures do the job without a fantasy theme. People from everywhere come here to see the redwoods — everything else is secondary; festivals, food, wine, music, art, “Victorians” — even cannabis — can be found a zillion other places. Redwoods: California Northcoast — and arguably the most beautiful and accessible ancient groves are right here in SoHum.

  • More like, follow the murders and the money. And whose the creepy blonde? Oh, is that supposed to be Alice. Nice, Humboldt. Nice style, nice tact. We really can’t come up with a better ad campaign then this? It’s just a modern, digitized version of Confusion Hill or the Drive Through Tree. Tacky! Who are we trying to attract, anyway?
    PS- the magic takes a secret code to unlock. It’s called living here and getting weird wicked on the place. Good luck tourists! Or better yet, good luck Humboldt!

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