Local Band Needs Votes–Check Out Their Funky Feel-Good Style

Diggin dirt Still from Video https://www.facebook.com/highsierramusic/videos/10155448586146705/?hc_ref=ARRSzN5-UtSCt18jxesn1Ls5eHbUSRjfK90H4jzAEoxDtYm2J_HV_Like a feel-good funky sound to your music? Then the Diggin Dirt Band, made up of local musicians just might be your style.

Tyler Martin, one of the band members is asking for your votes. He writes,

Hey all, local funk band Diggin Dirt has been selected as a finalist for the High Sierra Music Festival band competition this year. This national competition has entries from all over the country, and our community is proud to support Diggin Dirt in their run for the win. We are honored to invite all of you to help out in the final stretch of voting, and would love to support the local arts and music in Humboldt County. If you have a moment, follow the link below and cast a vote by liking their video on High Sierra Music Festival’s social media pages. Help Humboldt County get arts and music get the recognition it deserves!!

Check out their music and vote for them here

Or, you can vote for them by liking all their posts here. https://linktr.ee/diggindirtband


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