Fundraiser for Family of Young Serbian Woman Who Died in Fortuna Blows Through Goal in Less than a Day

Dragana SolajaAs Fortuna police investigate the death of a 24-year-old Serbian national, Dragana Solaja, money pours into a fundraiser set up to benefit her family. Even though the original goal was $15,000, donors with mainly eastern European names have generously given to the GoFundMe account over $21,000 in the 21 hours the site has been up at the time of this writing.

A commenter, srb, on this website posted that the donations will help with “the costs of repatriating her remains to Serbia.”

Another commenter, najmilijoj, said,

Dragana was one beautiful creature of a beautiful girl from Serbia our beauty and model from a wealthy family who came to America as a student of the fourth year of hotel management.

She loved traveling and she did not even think about what is awaiting her from her family and friends. I write this as someone who knows from Serbia and whose death has shaken her and her whole family. We can not reconcile ourselves to having suffered so badly.

She was a great athlete, she has been playing folklore for many years and has never taken drugs.

Please leave appropriate comments on our Dragana who was killed in a foreign country away from her loved ones.

Solaja was found at 6:50 a.m. on Wednesday, April 11 suffering from some sort of illness that may have been related to intoxication of some sort. She was transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital where she later died. Fortuna Police and the Humboldt County Coroner are investigating.

Law enforcement is asking anyone with information relating to this incident to contact the Fortuna Police Department at (707) 725-7550 or at the WeTip Hotline 1-800-78-CRIME.



  • The hills have eyez

    I am so sorry for your loss. I have no money to give, but i give my prayers to your family.

    • Taurus Ballzhoff

      The saddest thing is to see one so beautiful and young lose their life, not just in Humboldt, but anywhere. I hope the family finds peace, though I know they will always miss their child.

      Young people, respect yourselves, cherish the fragile gift of life, and protect yourselves from dangerous impulses, risky behavior, and harmful urges.

      Life is a gift, that’s why we call it “the present”…

  • So glad to see this. I regained much faith in people after so many of the comments I saw here and elsewhere left me shocked and disgusted. What the hell is the matter with people today?

    • Me too, CA. Most of the comments were beyond horrible. I didn’t know this young woman, but what happened to her made me cry. I feel so sorry for her family and friends. Shame on those (low life) people who felt entitled to share their disgusting, inhumane thoughts about such a terrible loss of a beautiful human.

  • Poisoned by Russia?

    • Not the least bit funny.

      • It’s not about being funny. It’s about a hostile nation taking control of our government and murdering innocent people all over the world, to silence them or send a message. Her family appears to have been well off and involved in hotels/real estate — perhaps involved with Trump. Russia may be sending a message that they should cooperate or suffer, and that coming to America will not keep them safe.

        • I think you’re lost in your thoughts.
          What’s written is your thought. Do not be an enemy. Do not condemn, because you are not God.

        • Counterintelligence

          Hostile nation?
          USA keep fighting wars and regimes AROUND THE WORLD for the last 60 years ( since Korean war 1955). NATO is at the border of Russia, unbelievably stupid USA government is about to start 3rd world war in sovereign country of Sirya against the will of the most of their own citizens and you saying that Russia have interest in killing this girl?
          You obviously can’t put two and two together and I won’t reply to whatever you say.

          RIP Dragana

  • May you fly free now little Dragana. Peace be with you.

  • Another victim of the Humboldt drug scene? So sad.

  • Why does a wealthy family need a gofundme?

    • My thoughts exactly. Not wanting to be negative. May she rest in peace and sending prayers to her family.

    • Need….you need an empathy transfusion.

    • Geococcyx californianus

      Wealthy by Serbian standards. Money is not wealth.

    • Stupid translator they used, in Serbian wealthy that they had her and its not meant in terms of money but family. Bogatsvo, means fortune/wealth and is used in any term. Sort of like she made our live richer in english.

      Also its not creature its creation. Stvorenje the word means both in Serbian.

      Rip absolutely tragic.

    • After more then 15 years in USA and meeting so many people, I can loudly state that Dragana was the most sweetest,caring, lovely, hard working, happy, full of life and positive energy, awsome caracter, someone that it would be pleasure to be around, always with smile on her face, etc. I just happened to know her,I have seen her a lot, but we wore never friends, never hang out, she was a customer of the restaurant where I worked. I will miss her, I wish I said good bye… this is so sad.
      To her family and close ones – I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Good point,

  • Lyle, I’ll bet you think you’re really a joker… an army of one.

  • Well, the family was not looking for gofundme; it was done by her friends and people of a good heart that Dragan likes

  • Wealth just isn’t in money.

  • Very sad incident but sounds like she may have met someone that took advantage of her. Maybe over dose of rape drug. So sad

  • RIP, condolences to her family and friends.

    Just for information sake, aren’t there certain medical issues like a stroke that can make one appear “intoxicated”?

  • unbridled philistine

    Whom ever left her along Riverwalk to perish deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law as well as public judgment, Terrible thing to do! Could have just as easy dropped her at the hospital! Sorry for all those left behind.. Such a loss..

    • I agree, it was my first take on this. I hope the police see this tragedy as a possible crime. God’s speed. RIP.

  • Recovering drug addict

    Wow. Buetiful . Drugs suck people. Stay away from them and people who use them and your life will be rewarded in miracles.

  • The family should look into her phone and likely the Bulgarians/Russians she interacted with at blow up grow scenes in So. Hum. These girls get a lure of the life, then become part of the human trafficking these drug organizations do. Thanks, Humboldt Board of Supes and Paul Gallegos!

    • Someone on here needs to GET a life, sounds like.

    • Mieke alexander

      We know the family of this girl. They are heart broken that their relation came to America to STUDY and to LIVE THE AMERICAN dream. and you get these sort of comments. Concentrate on making your country safe for students instead of besmirching someone’s good name without evidence.


    • Time for a federal investigation of Humbolt supervisors and Sheriffs Department.

  • Dragan or dragi means sweetheart or beloved or darling in Serbo-Croatian

  • Life is good OG

    Very sad. Very beautiful young woman. Blessings to family and friends.

  • This is a loss to the whole world.
    Dragana never used drugs.
    She went to college, she was an athlete.
    She traveled all over the world. Her family is honorable.
    Please do not mix politics here!!! Excuse me, but these are nonsense what I read in the comments.

    Please help if you know what happened.

    Sincere condolences to the family.

    • We can only hope that, having levied suspicion on her death, and therefore a cloud on her reputation, the cops will follow up with a toxicology report and an autopsy.

  • #JusticeForDragana

    God rest your soul, miss.

    the toxicology results would shed some light. was she given a hot shot? some kind of MAO inhibitor? there have been fatal reactions to that.

  • R.I.P. Beautiful lady. Prayers and condolences to her friends and family

  • Very suspicious indeed. Terrible place to die.

  • What a waste. How could someone leave a person in that condition? She was with someone?

  • Let’s hope the cops are following up on cell phones, video tapes, etc. Someone took her there and left her either unconscious or already gone. A medical examiner hasn’t said if she was assaulted have they?

  • Isn’t there cameras at the River Lodge and Gas Station there? and Tractor Supply?
    There is a lot more to this story that we aren’t getting here.
    Somebody saw or knows something…
    Who talked to her last?
    When did her family talk to her last?
    How long was she in this area?
    So many questions
    I feel something criminal went on.

    RIP now, without worries of this world.

    • Yes, I asked Fortuna River Lodge
      They have cameras.

      • Sincere condolences to you and the family. What a loss.

        • Anon Forrest
          Thank you very much for your good comments.
          I’m a friend of Dragana’s mother.
          Empathy for her pain…..

          It is a great sorrow when the untruths are written about one good person.
          And when it comes to politics here…
          That’s why I ask people not to do it. It’s just not true.
          Thanks again.

  • Mark Twain said: every man is a moon. They have a dark side that no body sees. While she may have been drug free in her home country, she may have encountered mixed company and offered or given something that proved itself fatal. Such a bright spirit. The Riverwalk has become gateway of thieves, outlaws and druggies. I am sorry for the loss of this one’s innocence and life.

    • “While she may have been drug free in her home country”
      She never used drugs!!!
      She was smart girl.

      • My condolences!

        but here it’s not considered doing drugs, it’s about a party, a good time. it’s easy to mix up the 3 as if they are not the same. Intentionally taken or not, it doesn’t excuse who left her alone.

        Sorry for your friends & your loss. I hope the camera footage helps.

      • Not true! Knew her. Big partier! Was in the us illegally. Overstayed her visa by 4 years. Her and her friends went to Boston to get fake is cards to travel around America! Did drink and do drugs Mirjana

  • Angel flying too close to the sun?
    Victim of a crime?
    Hopefully, the toxicology results will shed some light on this.

    To the family, and friends, of Dragana, I am sorry for your loss.
    Humboldt County can be a tough and dangerous place to be in.
    Anyone who comes here should stay at all times with a trusted companion, knowing that there are plenty of predators at large here.
    Rest in peace, Dragana, and may your loved ones in Serbia find peace as well.

  • I wish I or someone could have helped this woman out in enough time to save her life it is so sad to see someone die this way with so many kind and caring people that live in Humboldt no one was able recognize and realize that this person needed some help badly sometimes people need help if they are not coherent and are acting unusually strange it doesn’t hurt to ask if they need any help.

  • Not Sure why people always go with bad thoughts and comments?
    Did you even knew this beautiful soul?
    She was 24… She’s not anymore with us.
    Can we have a respect for her family , relatives, friends…
    This case is under investigation… I would say that explains a lot.
    RIP, my dear Dragana.

  • Justice for Dragana !!!

  • Pravda za Draganu!

  • Pravda za Draganu!!!!!!

  • Justice for Dragana !!!

  • This is very sad ,dont lission to all the think they know it all,finger pointing,judgmental,drug blameing,mean,jerk offs with there offal coments. This was a young human with loved ones,she has died.I hope they fine out the trueth & if it involves others,I hope theyre cought. My condolences to all family,& loved ones. This is very sad.

  • Svetlana Mihaila Politic Green

    I never New Dragana! To me, after having seen Her snapshots, this young Lady does not look as somebody who lived a troubled life. It’s so obvious Dragana Solaja was a very nice and beautiful young girl who got over here to study, get educated and get a brighter future… I am very much sure She’s never used the drugs. Something else, something very dark has happened. There is Somebody, some predator who tried to take advantage of this young girl, some sick minded creature who might be even tried to rape Her….Was this young Lady given a shot, or somebody has put something into Her drink, or Her juice? Seeing that Dragana was in a terrible state and very sick predator left Her, or kicked Her like a dog out of vehicle. The plan went wrong and one, or might be more monsters, had to get rid of Dragana. Such a young girl, having the looks She had, would never find Herself at the part of the city, or county in the early morning hours. Bottom line! I am sure, knowing our young Serbian boys and girls, Dragana would never find Herself at the part of the town like that if everything was okay with Her and if She was in a normal state. Somebody had a nasty plan, and then got scared and left Her by the road to die like a dog. I am very much surprised Dragana had a boyfriend who was Bulgarian. It’s a must for that guy to be found and questioned. Being a mother myself of an young man who lives in Belgrade, my heart goes to this unfortunate girl’s Parents and the rest of the Solaja Family….What a terrible loss! What a tragedy! My condolences to Dragana’s parents! Hold on Mr. and Mrs. Solaja! May Your daughter Rest In Peace! Amen! May it be cleared and found out what’s happened to Your gorgeous Baby Girl! May the predator or predators, who ever that monster was, or were, be found!!! May the mystery be solved! My message to those who’re leaving nasty and stupid comments: – Leave something more meaningful! This is not the place and time for leaving your stupid comments, for your stupidity and your arrogancy , rudeness and your nasty and heartless remarks. Keep your ridiculous thoughts for yourself and for the moments when the same is going to reach you and your family, for the moments in which you might be unhappy and lost in the sorrow and tears. To those who are obsessed and are talking about Russia, Russians and politics, I can say only the next – Go live your miserable lives you arrogant, s….d m….s! This is not about Russia! This is about Miss Dragana Solaja, Her Parents and Family, their own tragedy and sorrow! Have some respect, if you Americans can have it at all, and leave something nice as a comment out of dicency…May Dragana Solaja Rest In Peace! Amin!

  • What do people think happened that justice becomes an issue? So far it’s a story of a woman being found unconscious and reportedly looking intoxicated. Does anyone have anything more than this?

    When the toxicology tests come back, there may be more information. There will be an autopsy too. Until then any questions or opinions are just that- questions and opinions. Drug related deaths are exceptionally high here so that kind of speculation is routine. I’m sure the police are trying to get more information on her activities . Demanding everyone adhere to one viewpoint or another is way too soon.

    • It’s about her reputation here.
      Rugged comments are unnecessary.
      Who are people who have the boldness to write that she was taking drugs?
      Who are people who have the boldness to write that the case is related to politics?
      We believe that the police will do everything necessary and that the culprit for her death will soon be found.
      Thank you for your understanding.

  • Could be she stayed with someone at one of the nearby Riverwalk hotels the night before. Let’s hope the police at least checked that out before all the other hotel guests dispersed.
    RIP Dragana

  • Justice for Dragana!

  • She may not have “taken” drugs but somehow some mind and body altering substances got into her system. Very sad! Doubt it was a true medical issue like diabetes, or stroke, or ???.

  • Crumple
    If that’s your choice it’s ok.
    I think you’re a bad guy.
    Your name that links is a lot about you.
    I think you’re not happy, I’m sorry for you.
    You are in my prayers…

  • Any updates on this?? Seems to have fallen off the radar

  • My sincerest condolences to her loved ones who miss her desperately.

    Justice for Dragana !!!

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