A Red Sports Utility Vehicle and White Males Sought in Home Robbery

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is searching for two male suspects believed to have robbed a residence in Willow Creek Monday evening.
On April 16, 2018, at about 6:18 p.m., sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on Mountain View Lane for the report of an armed robbery.

According to the victim, the two men and victim met over the weekend. The men were invited back to the victim’s residence to hang out. On Monday, the suspects confronted the victim with a handgun and fled the residence with approximately 13 pounds of marijuana.

The suspects are described as young, white male adults, thin-build, clean-shaven with short hair. The suspects fled in a red sport-utility vehicle.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • DON’T SHOOT! They’re white and clean shaven!!!

  • Pot involved? Wait til the last sentence in the third paragraph to find out it was. 13 lbs. Surprise surprise.

    • Eventually prices will fall enough that this no longer happens.

      • Or continues to happen 😂 what kind of person who keeps 13 units around the house just invited strangers over they just meet . Good way to end up on the first 48!!!

      • sawthewritingonthewall

        i just paid $50 (tax included in price) for an ounce of outdoor at a retail rec store in Washington State. that is barely more than a buck a gram before taxes, retail… the same thing will happen in California in a year or 2…

  • So the victim met two strangers and invited them home to “hang out”. Nobody deserves to be robbed but it seems very likely part of this story is not being truthfully told.

  • Caucasian please. The term ‘white’ is offensive to the %99 of us who are of mixed race.

    • Veteran's Friend

      I agree

    • “In America, white people are referred to as Caucasians, but outside the U.S. the term refers to people from the Caucasus region, which includes the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Russia, and Turkey. So why do Americans refer to people of European ancestry as Caucasians?”

      “Back in the late 1700s, German philosopher Christoph Meiners believed in the psudeo-scientific theory of scientific racism. Meiners thought that people from the Caucasus region had the “whitest, most blooming, and most delicate skin” and viewed non-Caucasians as inferior and “animal-like.”

      German scientist and skull-collector Johann Blumenbach added to Meiners’ theories saying that people from Georgia were the most beautiful on Earth; therefore, it must have been the birthplace of humanity. He would go on to refine his theory of race, believing that all European people came from Georgia and were all part of the same race: Caucasian.”

      “Blumenbach created four other categories of people that were “degenerate forms of God’s original creation.” These included: Mongolian (the yellow race), Malyan (the brown race), Ethiopian (the black race), and American (the red race). These racial classifications would go on to be embraced by a new country on the block, the United States. After a series of important legal decisions involving the term Caucasian, it has been forged it into our collective vocabulary, and is still used to refer to white people to this day. ”


  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • Same address as the shooting last month probably.

  • Is it the place on Mountain View Lane with the blatant grow in the backyard? Look at Google images- you can’t miss it.

  • White trash will be white trash

    • Things that make you go hmm

      You can take the trash out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the trash! 😁

    • Toothbrush was invented in humboldt ! That’s why they call it the tooth brush , and where else it would have been called the” teeth brush “

  • A Red SUV shouldn’t be too hard to spot there are LOTS of SUV’s around but AFAIK not many Red ones!!!

  • unbridled philistine

    Omg 13 pounds! Now what will they do with out their medication? Hope they can afford to purchase more medicine or they are going to have some serious medical issues! lol

  • There we go, you guys that are not in the trade must be ready to punch their ticket! It is time for us Locals to take a stand for our Community and drive this cancer into the ground. The better part of all this lawlessness is due to the drug trade. I know it is deep rooted but for mankind sake pull it out and destroy it ! Like an invasive weed that it is ! I know of the medical value’s and what good it has done for my brethren in arms that have served and has come back defective. The problem I see is the people come from who knows where to be a citizen of our Country or under the guise of citizenship, and poison our land, our community and any other facet of our society that I have failed to mention. There used to be Porcupines, Coyotes, Birds of Prey and the list of animals and plant life that no longer exist in our ecosystem due to the pesticides, rodent killing stuff and any other sides that I have failed to mention and the fertilizers ect. that are all part of marijuana growing. I have seen no Porcupines in 35 years and the Coyotes I hear no more. I have seen a White Wolf over 10 years ago and have not even herd their call anymore. Most of the money that has been generated by this is not in our County and a lot of it is not in our Country anymore. Please let your children know that this has been at the hands of Man, that fueled by Greed of money. They shall no longer see the wildlife that has made my Country so Great. All will be gone due to the Love for money and the Greed that has consumed mans soul. Take a stand, turn your Community around before it is all lost forever and ever !

    • you are sooo right on all levels. they need to put a tax on the marijuana package that should include a wildlife fund!

    • I agree but if you haven’t seen or heard a coyote you must live in town, they are all over here! Plenty of birds of prey too, however deer are less and less every year and it’s not from legal hunters.

  • “WHITE MALES SOUGHT” right there in the headline. I love it. You will NEVER see that headline if it is ANYTHING other then white men. If it was two black males not only would it not be in the headline, the article would say: two males sought. Left wing double standard-par for the course.

    • I did it on purpose to see if could annoy the folks who don’t at all mind if I point out the race of a black person…After all, it is only a descriptor and so is white.

      Sigh, But I shouldn’t have done it. It was petty. But my impulse control is bad right now from lack of sleep.

      • Life is good OG

        I see nothing wrong with it. If they are white say they are white. If they are black say they are black. How the hell are they going to be caught unless you know?’

        • Most logical comment I have read on this entire thread. When skin color is used as a description rather than a definition it can actually be helpful in situations like this. I don’t hear all the short people of the world crying that we list height of suspects.

      • All that happened was mostly a series of wry, mildly funny remarks. Why think anything much about it? Although I do remember being a little ticked off at being first called a hyphenated American by the State Park people. Until then I just thought of myself as American.

      • How else would you relay an accurate description of the perpetrators if not to use their race in the description? when did identifying somebody based on their color or race become racist? I mean if the perpetrators were wearing a plaid shirt and a red hat driving a purple SUV, I’m sure that would be in the description. What about hair color and eye color, or other known identifying features such as tattoos, are those to be considered racist now too?
        You use the term African-American to describe one of the bodies found in the surf possibly relating to the missing Hart family children, is that because you’re racist?

        • That’s the whole point. Of course, we use race to describe people. But if I don’t put in race because I don’t know it, some people get worked up and accuse me of trying to hide the race because I’m a crazy liberal and of course all criminals must be black and I must therefore be trying to protect black criminals. Even though, when there is a description that uses the suspect’s race, I do use it which makes the accusation that I’m not using race for some nefarious reason make no sense at all.

          So though I don’t usually put descriptions of suspects in the title (too cumbersome), this time in a moment of weakness, I allowed my rather horrible sense of humor to creep forward and insert the descriptor “white.” It was a private joke that I knew would trigger some folks and I shouldn’t have done it. My apologies.

  • Life is good OG

    People are stupid. Take too many risks. I’m glad no one was killed but really? Ya just meet someone and bring them on home?! Stupid stupid stupid.

  • It’s sad that people are free to bash whites so gross. Might not be a minority but I believe my “white looking” children and family deserve respect at least the same amount as other races. Boo to you who participate in “white” bashing and shaming. It would be called racism and shut down if you spoke like that about other “colors” of skin. I’m 85% Irish American, 3rd generation of the boat, but I am called white, my children are Irish American and Native American, but called white. Maybe those who callously mock victims of armed robbery have not had the experience. Think that guy doesn’t feel dumb enough? Guess what we are all human and most of us Americans. Our cultural acceptance of dehumanizing others is largely responsible for the violence and drug culture. Get a grip and grow up. Some of us still have children to raise and even if they are white and live in a mobile home, they are being raised right and might someday answer your calls for help or pull you out of a burning vehicle.

    • The thing I find most interesting about this whole racism conundrum the United States seems to be caught in is that overall world population, whites make up 16% of the population, where blacks make up 15%, not really what I call a minority. Now look at the US where slavery has been outlawed for over a hundred and fifty years, black Americans make up about 13% of the population.
      Compare that to Africa where whites make up about 8.5% of the population and slavery is still practice in some regions. I wonder, do black baristas at Starbucks in Africa have to go to race sensitivity training? Have you ever heard the term Africa has too many black people. Or of African black privilege? Oh that’s right their too busy seizing farming land from white families that have live there for multiple Generations.

  • Fred flintstone

    Must be new to the pot game , 1 don’t ever show your stash , 2 if you have more than OZ hide it safe , 3 don’t trust nobody you don’t know for over a year or better to bring to your home where you live. keep your guns loaded and your stoned eyes open .

  • unbridled philistine

    I for one am ashamed these whites are part of my race!

  • Fred flintstone

    What FN race , a thief is a thief , welcome to the new and crazy world , clean cut , nice to meet at first glance .

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