This Little Lady is Looking for a Forever Home

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I am an unaltered female, white and black Rat Terrier mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 months old. I have been at the shelter since Apr 09, 2018.

For more information about this animal, call:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter at (707) 840-9132

Ask for information about animal ID number A085498

There are several other dogs that need to be adopted that are listed on If you’d like to check them out, follow this link:



  • Poor little baby dog, looks sad. Someone give her a GOOD Home….

  • Thats the kind of dog the animal shelter should be making available for adoption. Not a Pit bull

    • ‘Make available for adoption’? Do you not understand how shelters work? Pit bulls are overbred by irresponsible owners, so of course shelters will be filled to the brim with them. Why is this dog more worthy of adoption than a pit bull? Shelters are full of pitties because of, amongst other factors, breed ignorance. They are smart, funny, and loving animals. Do you know what the # 1 breed reported for biting is? Chihuahuas.

    • Pit Bulls can make great family dogs, just like any other breed. It’s how they are raised from birth. You can turn a Golden Retriever into a killer if you are a horrible, abusive owner.

    • Really? I owned a pit mix from the shelter for 13 years and she never bit anyone. Neighbor has a rat terrier ( also from the shelter) that bit through my hand this year. According to animal control the same dog has bitten another person as well. Rat terriers can bite your finger off and are not really good around children or cats.

      • As has been said many times, it’s not that pit bulls are worse tempered than many small dogs but, when they do attack, they can and do kill people and other animals. They are bred and built to do this and anyone should insist that breeding doesn’t matter is being disingenuous.

  • The animal shelter does not have much control as to what is brought in. Some days cute puppys, some day older ones, and some pit bull mixes.

  • Head out of sand please

    Maybe you should volunteer there so your absolute ignorance can be shown the reality that not all pit bulls are bad. The shelter doesnt get to choose which dogs end up there.

    A friend’s dog, who happend to be part pit like most are (not full pit)was attacked by an aggressive Australian shepherd & got injured. Didnt even fight the aussie, it was terrified and super sad.

    Any dog can be dangerous. Period. They can also be totally awesome.
    Rat terriers are what their name says, rat killers. Look up the people who are starting businesses where they have a small pack of them that you can hire to come kill the rats in your barn. They kill a rat in seconds and could do so to anything small. Luckily theyre usually sweethearts, & any way to kill rats without poison is fantastic. Its amaxing how many rats they can get in an hour.

    And just fyi dog fighting rings are using more mastiffs these days, look at the dogs available around Novato and you’ll see. Major dog fighting rings there unfortunately.

  • TreeFairyPrincess

    Haters gonna hate,it’s okay,pitbulls gotta lotta love to give💗

  • How about common sense. Breed and breeding matters. Do some research on the breeds, and look into ( as best you can) whether or not the animal shows signs of poor breeding/temperment. Then take a look at your circumstances and choose a good match. Some dogs need a big yard and exercise, some should stay away from cats and kids ect… Picking an animal because it’s cute can lead to a bad situation for both you and the dog.

  • Not all vehicles get into accidents but I’d rather be hit by a scooter than a Mac truck.

  • Maybe instead of sending dogs and cats to a “shelter”, they could be shipped to China as food. Shocking? Well, it should be. Those of us who adopt these animals just cannot keep up with the volume of sweet babies others dump when they get tired of them. Dumpers don’t seem to have the concept that these animals are living beings. There are all kinds of EXCUSES for why pets are taken to shelters and they all suck. I think it’s time we consider sterization for stupid people. Oops, I forgot, “you can’t fix stupid”.

  • Our homeowners insurance does not allow pit bulls on our property. I wouldn’t own one anyway.

  • unbridled philistine

    Too many people have horror stories about Pitbulls! There has to be something to be said about that.. Some animals were bred to hold on and not let go, It in their blood. Nobody has horror stories about golden retrievers. Apple to Oranges!

    • TreeFairyPrincess

      I’ve owned several pitties…most of them rescued at about 2&half yrs. All of them have been sweet,well adjusted,playing with kittens,sharing food with ducks…the only horror story/scars I have are from a cocker spaniel!&the only dog I’ve seen be put down for killing another dog was a black lab…I have seen a rott turn on it’s owner,but still wouldn’t hesitate to rescue one! Dogs are dogs,if we were speaking of races of PEOPLE,this whole conversation would never happen!

      • Actually it does but it’s mostly frowned on at this time. If someone goes into creating a race of humans specifically for blood sports, of course there would certainly be more than a conversation going on.

        • TreeFairyPrincess

          What do u call inner city black children?…Detroit,Chicago…do they represent the ENTIRE African-Amer population…? People would be up in arms if we deemed them “unadoptable”

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