Garberville Rodeo Seeks Queen and Princess Contestants; If You Know How to Ride, You Can Make Money and Win Prizes

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To the community,

Garberville rodeo is looking for queen and princess contestants. Contestants must be age 12 and above. (There is not upper age limit. Ticket sales are 60% and horsemanship 40% of what the contestants are judged on. Each contestent must be able to ride in the horsemanship portion and ride in the parade and grand entree. Same for the princess contestants who are judged 80% on ticket sales 20% on horsemanship. Queen and princess candidates get a percentage of their sales back to them. To qualify to win saddle, ticket sales have to be over $3500. The contestants also get to keep 10% of the money made on ticket sales below 3500 tickets and 25% above ticket sales of 3500.

Ticket sales run from April 18 through June 15. A kick off meeting will be held April 18, at 5:30 p.m. at the Bootleg store in Garberville.

The rodeo is on June 16 at 7 p.m. at the Community Park. Crowning of the candidates is at 10:30 a.m. in front of Getti Up in Garberville. That will be followed by the parade at 11. Please contact Michelle Bushnell 707 223 3977 or Alicia Pecoa ‭(707) 223-1656‬ if you are interested.

Rodeo is a non profit and the Queen and Princess contest are really one of the only ways we make money to support the rodeo. The tickets are drawn on the day of the rodeo. First prize is $150, 2nd wins $75 and 3rd wins $50.

Michelle Bushnell
Chamber of Commerce President



  • Any real ranching families left in that area? It’s all dopers these days.

  • Since you call it the “Community Park”, does the community get a say about what events are at the “Community Park”?

    Does the Garberville Rodeo Association or California Cowboys Pro Rodeo Association have to pay or give the Park Board a percentage of the gate to have the Garberville Rodeo at the “Community Park” or do they donate the space?

    The reason I ask, there are some people in your community that think some events at rodeos are cruel and deadly for some animals. How do you justify this event at the “Community Park”?

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Let them eat tofu or open a new food joint called The Vegan Steakhouse?

    • Ed,

      Do you ever just leave it alone??? No matter what happens in our area you have a VOICE! Or think you do. You don’t like the rodeo don’t attend. Ooo that’s right, you don’t Live in our area, or own property! Give it and us all a break.

      • So I take it you don’t want to answer the question? Some people in your community wanted me to ask the questions…

        • when You say community, it’s all of community. Community means everyone has a right to have their event at a community park. Nothing is free, not even at a community park. People pay, pay insurance and so on. Why are you elected spokesmen, when you are not in the community?You did this same thing last year with this same rodeo,at this same place.

          • I am not an “elected spokesmen”, like I said, a couple people asked me to ask the questions. Unfortunately there are people in your community that are afraid to ask questions in public, afraid they will be found out and bullied. So they asked me, knowing I don’t have a problem asking uncomfortable questions about such things and use my name. As far as “Nothing is free, not even at a community park.”; Tooby Memorial Park was free, from 1967 to 2004, when it was a County Park. In fact, the Rotary use to donate and pay for some of the expenses and playground equipment. I remember attending many horseshoe tournaments at Tooby Park during Rodeo Weekend and it was free.

            How come you cannot answer the first couple of questions I asked? By your response, is the reason most people don’t want to ask. You would think, since the Park Board only pay a very small percentage of County and State property tax on 462.55 acres (because of a state welfare exemption) and insurance would be paid by the organization conducting the event; why would another 501c3 community organization, like yourself, be charged to have an community event at the Community Park?

            And by the way, the Southern Humboldt Community Park is not just supported and regulated by the local community or even Humboldt County, they are regulated by the state and federal government, supported in part with state and government grants, federal subsidies, matching state funding and exempt from state and federal income tax.

            So in a way, its the general public that pay, not just the local community. It shouldn’t matter who you are or where you live, it’s a public Park, anyone should be able to ask questions about its operation…

        • A lot of people in a community wouldn’t want people from outside the community to speak as if they have the community’s voice.

          • That maybe true. However, by definition, the Community Park, is not a “Community Park”! Its private property, owned and operated by a private non-membership tax exempt corporate Board of Directors, that since Sept 2010, has not allowed the public to attend their Board meetings. Just like the “Community Park Farm”, that is operated and leased by a private for-profit business (Mykal Coelho). All oversight and regulations for the Park Board comes from “outside” your community. What is the objection for the public asking questions?

  • If I tuck my wiener in and say I identify as a girl can I be it?

    • I know you’re joking, but it won’t be long until some sadly confused person will make an issue out of this.

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