Patient Lifeflighted to Redding With Serious Head and Chest Injuries After Accident

Major injury Crash traffic accident crashJust before 9 last night, a pickup crashed into a tree on Mad River Road at mile marker 11.24 near Hwy 36, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. The occupant received major injuries to his head and chest and was in and out of consciousness.

Star Dispatch and at least one volunteer fire department coordinated to help the occupant.

Reach Helicopter crews worked in the dark to carry the patient to Mercy Hospital in Redding.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.



  • I guess it had been too long since we had a major injury accident on Hwy 36!!! Sad to hear on top of all the rest of the wrecks in & around the area!!!

    • Might still be a while longer seeing how this was not on 36!!!

      • Actually according to the actual text of the article it WAS!!!! I quote from the article, a direct copy & paste from it…
        Just before 9 last night, a pickup crashed into a tree on Mad River Road at mile marker 11.24 near Hwy 36, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

  • It was on Ruth lake on dead mans corner. Past Journey’s end…….. NOT 36!

  • Good we get enough as it is!!! I stand corrected!!!

  • Good? Good that someone received major head/chest injuries and it wasn’t on 36?
    Some twisted logic there.

  • It was closer to Ruth . In fact it was at emergency chopper pad on Ruth lake . Ten Mile from 36 . One mile north of Ruth reck camp ground .

  • Omg Are you people seriously bickering about if it was exactly on the 36 or not ? Somebody got in a major car accident who gives a shit if it was exactly on the 36 or near it. Seriously so lame

  • Yeah you people can say what you want to and Kym block’s my comments, I thought it’s supposed to be freedom if speech on this site, I guess because I’m not a liberal she keeps blocking me

    • I don’t show a single comment by you having been deleted. I do show multiple comments made by you on the site. Perhaps you are having trouble finding them? Here is the most recent one besides the one I am replying to.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Many conservatives seem to have a persecution complex. Remember the tea baggers? Always moaning about how hard they had to work, as if the current generations are skating. If you disagree with them, they are being “shouted down.” That’s how we got the worst president in American history. Gotta be my way or tear it all down. A victory for Osama bin Laden and autocrats everywhere. Just what they hoped for.

        I hope the young man recovers completely. My prayers have a poor success rate, but if it will help, I’ll try.

        • On a site where more that a few people have and are concocting incredibly irrational scenarios, without a shred of evidence, that a woman accidently drove off a cliff with her family solely because they choose to believe that saying it was a deliberate act is an bigoted abuse of lesbians needing defense at any cost, you complain about “tea baggers” shouting down opponents? Whoa. Get a grip.

        • Worst president ever? Do you mean oboma or Carter or Clinton?

    • Kym doesn’t block non liberals , she even has some friends who are no liberals And tolerates them 😂.

  • That man is my grandson, maybe prayers are in order more than anything else. They would be greatly appreciated.

    • So sorry for your grandson and your family. I hope he makes a swift and full recovery. Please try to ignore the insensitive comments here. I’ll also pray that some of these folks find some compassion next time rather than blathering on seemingly just to mark territory that isn’t theirs.

    • Exactly and my sister’s bf..

    • Sending prayers for your family in this time of need. Sorry about the bickering above. 👎 Your so right prayers are definitely needed here and I hope the best for your grandson. Sending love to your loved ones.

    • Positive energy to your boy sir.

  • For everyone bickering and being completely insensitive about the whole situation need to get a life. This is someone’s son, friend, dad, and so on. I’ve known this boy for 15 plus years. Be strong Quinn 💙

  • This is my best friend, I really hope to God he pulls throw its not his time to go, praying for you bro.

  • Any word on his condition? Praying for the best possible outcome for him.

  • This occupant is my 21 yr old nephew who’s laying in a medically induced coma with tubes down his throat he has massive brain damage and when he wakes up will never be the same so im finding it very difficult to understand why it would matter what road, would he have less injuries if it happened on a different rd. I really don’t think it would the only thing that matters about this is he recovers.

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