Local Author Publishes Book About Kinetic Sculpture Race

This is a press release from an ACE Kinetic Racer:

Tracy Rempe. Duane Flatmo’s Extreme Makeover. 2005

Background: The Kinetic Grand Championship Sculpture Race is a 3-day, 42-mile human-powered race over land, sand, mud and water. Participants travel 50 miles from the Arcata plaza to Ferndale. It is widely considered the “Triathlon of the Art World” and occurs every Memorial Day weekend in Humboldt County, in Northern California. 2018 will be the 50th running of the race.

Big Idea: After participating in my first Kinetic Sculpture Race, in 2014, I looked for books about the race and found that there were virtually none. I decided to write the book, and have had amazing support from the Kinetic Racing community.

Summary: Kinetic Kompendium investigates the fascinating 50-year history of this unique, annual 3-Day race. Most people know that the race was started by a friendly wager between Jack Mays and Hobart Brown, and escalated into an 11-sculpture race on Mother’s Day, 1969, in Ferndale, CA. Since that first epic event, there have been thousands of people involved in the race. Over the years, racers, builders, artists and photographers have participated in the grueling allterrain spectacle. This book weaves their stories and pictures together to create a comprehensive overview of the life of the race since its origins.

The book is currently a 600 page, full-color book, containing essays, interviews, race results from all 50 years and newly unearthed photos, reproductions and ephemera from the race. This Kompendium is primarily a historical document that will preserve the rich history of the Kinetic Sculpture race in one source. The race has a tremendous economic, creative and emotional impact on the local community every year, and over the years most of the people in Humboldt county have been connected to it in one way or another.

Quick Facts: 600 page, full-color book.

Genres: Historical Non-Fiction, Art, Extreme Sports.

IndieGoGo: We ran a successful campaign in August of 2017 and raised $7,214 USD. We pre-sold about a hundred books and more than doubled our originally stated goal of $3,500. Contributors pledged to receive either a Special Edition hardback or soft cover book in May of 2018, for the 50th running of the race. (https://igg.me/at/kinetickompendium/x/4244701)

Facebook: Is the main social media platform we use (https://www.

facebook.com/kinetickompendium) There are 286 followers. Most posts include historical photographs of racers or machines reaching between 150-2400 views depending on reposts and shares.

YouTube: Dawn has 25 subscribers and 23,088 views on her channel. (https://www.youtube.com/user/giantladytm)

Author: Dawn Thomas is an ACE pilot who builds kinetic vehicles and is looking forward to her next Kinetic Grand Championship. She has been researching and compiling information about the Kinetic Sculpture Race for three years.

Dawn teaches Art, Digital Media and Maker classes at a middle school. In 2014, she was awarded a Jack London award for Innovation in Education.

Before becoming a teacher, she spent 10 years working freelance and at advertising agencies as a digital media designer. Her experience affords her the freedom to create press-ready layouts in InDesign, using Photoshop and other Adobe tools.

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