Mendocino County Jail Inmate Found Hanging From a Sheet

Press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

mcso Mendocino County Sheriff's Office MCSOOn 4-13-2018 at about 3:48 AM, a Correctional Deputy was performing routine cell checks in the correctional facility.  During the checks, the Correctional Deputy noticed a sheet tied to the window grate in a cell.  Upon further look, the Correctional Deputy noticed that the inmate, a 50 year old male, was hanging in the cell.

The deputy summoned assistance and entered the cell.  Once in the cell, the ligature was removed from the inmate’s neck.  The deputy assessed the inmate and found that he had a pulse and was breathing.  Jail medical staff arrived shortly after and continued to assess the inmate’s condition until an ambulance arrived.

The subject was transported to an area hospital for treatment.  After a medical and mental health assessment, the inmate was returned to the County Jail.



  • nice quick response guys!

  • Great job staff. Humboldt never gets there in time

  • I really think we need to offer more humane ways for people to check out when they have had enough of this life.

    • Yes. And we should encourage them. Maybe offer a small payment to their charity of choice or family member. Way too many people are on this planet and we need volunteers to leave!

      • Jesus, Farce, I can only hope this is a Swiftian comment not an actual lack of empathy for people struggling with despair. As someone who has loved family members and friends who deal with deep depression, I don’t think the world would be better off without a loving mother with young children and a roll-on-the-floor laughing sense of humor, or a brilliant beloved son, or a talented artist.

        • Hear, hear! (Perhaps someone slipped a grimoire into Farce’s midnight cup of chamomile.. ) 😎 ^..^

        • To be fair, I think it is a little tougher to have the things you listed while you are locked inside a jail cell. I have a lot of understanding for people dealing with mental issues and I think we should offer them help if they want to pursue that. I also find it terribly barbaric how we force people to off themselves in the most gruesome ways because we have no humane ways for people to check out. Suicide doesn’t have to be a bad or sad subject. Sometimes it is a very legitimate option and actually alleviates suffering. And while I would much prefer people cut down on their breeding habits rather than taking already existing lives, the fact remains that this planet is terribly over populated.

        • Who was it,I hope it wasnt my brother.who was it.please ,hes a drunk now homeless,after his only child,and father died,1 day apart ,then girlfriend ,mother,put he was a awsome big bro when I was growing up till al that happen. I HOPE THIS WASNT HIM. IM STILL WAITING FOR MY BIG BRO TO COME BACK.

        • Thank you! I couldn’t have been so calm, I have family also who suffer, life’s not easy and people need help not battered and bashed.

      • Sounds like you missed you chance with Marshall Applewhite and the Hale Bop comet crowd.

  • Lolololololololololol@farce

  • Well at least hes’ ok hope he gets out soon and gets help me myself have had trouble with alcohol was sober for 9 years fell of the wagon then sober for four years fell of the wagon now im starting over again i have 18 days clean now so if i can do it i hopeing this guy can do it to i mean all we can do is are best and if we reamber that all should be well thank you kim for all you do if i made any bad commits is probably because i wad drunk so if i did im sorry again thanks kim for all you do

    • you got this !! YAY for sobriety

    • Wouldn’t have guessed sober after reading that sentence. Haha. In all seriousness though I wish everyone the best of luck when they are trying to better themselves. I personally think realizing you need to change is the hardest part of the process. Some of the saddest cases I witness are people with horrible life problems, but they can’t even fathom that they need to do anything different.

    • Keep on keepin on. It ain’t easy but the results are well worth it. 16 years without a drink. Hit me up if you need to talk.

  • There`s a good possibility this had nothing to do with suicide. The most likely explanation is he`s a pervert and he did this for sexual gratification Please look up “autoerotic asphyxiation”. It`s pretty common for them to overdo it and strangle themselves. They`re known coloquailly as “gaspers”. Big city cops all know about them. They can be very ingenious in their activities.

    Now that you`ve read this and know about this kind of perversion, don`t you wish you hadn`t?

  • The myth of overpopulation is based on telling a BIG lie and keep repeating it.

  • 18 + years sober. My worst drinking days were in Humboldt. Took me 12 years (3 failed trys on my own) to finally walk into an AA meeting. Best thing i ever did for myself. Life is great. Just don’t ask me to dance or play pool. hahahaha. Even my dad’s death didn’t “make” me drink. He was sober from 70 until he died at 89 years old. Best wishes to you.

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