Residents of Honeydew Honored for Helping Capture Fleeing Felony Suspect and for Protecting Their Community

Sheriff and Supervisor give out awards

Nikki Eisenhower, Sissy Honey Darling, Humboldt County Sheriff Billy Honsal, Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn, and Teresa Davey at the award ceremony in front of the Honeydew Store. [Photo by Rudi Weber]

Yesterday morning, Sheriff Honsal and Supervisor Rex Bohn honored three Honeydew area residents for their help protecting their community when law enforcement pursued an attempted homicide suspect into their neighborhood.

Samantha Karges, a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, explained that the three–Nikki Eisenhower, Sissy Honey Darling, and Teresa Davey–“aided in the apprehension of an attempted homicide suspect.”

Cortez Little

Cortez Little

The pursuit had begun a little before 4 p.m. on April 4 when Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies attempted to serve a felony warrant on 27-year-old Cortez Lamont Little wanted in Tennessee for attempted murder and kidnapping.

He fled in a white Jeep Compass rental car. They pursued him and his two passengers. Eventually, the pursuit headed south on Hwy 101.

The fleeing suspect took his vehicle at speeds over 100 mph while CHP and Humboldt County deputies chased him. Near Redcrest, law enforcement attempted to set out a spike strip but he evaded it and continued south. Several times spike strips were set out but each time Little avoided them. Little eventually left 101 and sped out the narrow, winding Bull Creek Road which soon becomes the Mattole Road. This leads right to the very rural and very small town of Honeydew (Population: 99)

Honeydew store and bridge

Honeydew Store to the left and the Honeydew bridge on the right. [Image from Google Maps]

According to Karges, “Nikki works at the [Honeydew] store and the Sheriff actually called down to the store to warn them that a pursuit was on the way. They had a bookmobile in town so there were a lot of people.”

A 2013 school visit to the bookmobile in Honeydew.

A 2013 school visit to the bookmobile in Honeydew. [Photo by Rudi Weber]

Karges explained, “Nikki started warning people that this pursuit was coming.”

Once, Nikki’s fellow resident, Teresa Davey, realized the pursuit was headed down Mattole Road, Karges said she stationed herself near the one-lane bridge and “told people not to head out that way because a pursuit was coming and it could be dangerous…She kept people informed.”

When Sissy Honey Darling heard, she prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice–She pulled her PT Cruiser across the bridge and parked it at the far end blocking the entrance. Karges said, “We would never encourage someone to do that, but…it did stop the pursuit and it was very brave.”

Below is the video Teresa Davey took as the suspect’s vehicle tries to flip around to avoid the Cruiser and is forced to stop by the number of officers following him. At one point, Darling attempts to head over the bridge to her car before law enforcement has secured the suspect and his passengers, but locals call her back. Darling’s saunter as she casually returns is the most nonchalant walk you will ever see.

“You did it,” one person says, “Honeydew saved the day.”

Another person describes seeing “15 cop cars on the other side of the bridge.” Whether that is hyperbole or truth, the Honeydew crowd was delighted.

Later, Davey captured footage of a suspect being taken into custody.

According to News 2 based in Tennessee, the suspect Cortez Little was wanted for kidnapping as well as attempted murder,

The U.S. Marshals Office said two men abducted another man from the Speedway on Gallatin Pike in East Nashville in November 2016.

The three left the gas station in the victim’s car…and drove him to a wooded area off Fly Lane in Williamson County.

“The victim says that he believed he was to be executed,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Robin Romaniuk told News 2.

As the victim somehow got away from his captors, investigators said Little told his accomplice to shoot the victim.

“He was shot at,” Romaniuk said. “He made it to a neighbor’s home safely.”

Little is still in the Humboldt County jail awaiting extradition to Tennessee. However, according to WKRN, he is now facing “additional charges of felony evading, marijuana possession, reckless driving and driving the wrong way on a divided highway.”

And, while Little is in jail, three citizens of Honeydew have a story to tell about how they helped capture a desperate man who had been leading law enforcement on a wild pursuit headed towards their town.

Thank you, Nikki Eisenhower, Sissy Honey Darling, and Teresa Davey!


Law enforcement detained suspects at the Honeydew Bridge. [Crop of a photo by Teresa Davey]

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  • Awesome!

  • Thank you, Measure Z. Remember this when Measure Z comes up for a renewal vote in November. Keep these HUMCO deputies on the job.

    • What does Measure Z have to do with this? It sounds like the good citizens of Honeydew did what needed to be done and aided law enforcement in the apprehension of the suspect.

  • We can do your job HCSD but you can't help us?

    I listen to the young woman that carried a baby say “she was hit by a car while pregnant and pushing a stroller with her her child in it.” She had put in a proposal for the windening of a short piece of the side of the road so they kids and parents can walk their children to school and their children walk safely to school.
    Measure Z including Billy Honsel Voted No! I say we don’t vote for measure z this time around. You do their job anyway. I’m sure a citizen would have driven him to jail for them..Look at all the money we will save!?!?

    • Sissy's my Hero!

      Sheriff Honsal probably had the least to do with it. If we step back a bit, we see that County Roads is back filling their under funding with Measure Z money. County roads wasted money in Petrolia putting up electronic “you are going…” signs under their 35 MPH signs, instead of just replacing them with a reasonable 25 MPH. You have to be pushing it to go 35 there. There is a 35 MPH sign right before the 10 mph signed turn…WTF? When the shithead hit the pregnant mom, he was probably going the posted speed limit. In the past, Tom Matson went out of his way to keep these 35 MPH signs, he even paid for a Caltrans G-force reading car to come out, just to demonstrate how little he actually cared about the use alongside the road. (At a cost much greater than just changing the signs) yet the entire road is so bombed out many miles have an average usefull speed of 10 MPH.

    • Completely delusional. If you think the crime around here is bad now, just wait till there is no law enforcement. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to live in an area where you have to be armed at all times just to protect your family and yourself. The law enforcement around here may have their limits but at least we have what we do.

      And let’s be real, it sounds like you don’t want to vote for measure z because they didn’t vote for the widening of a road. That’s just ignorant.

    • Wow you have limited info.
      The county is donating gravel for the “walk path” and construction company will donated the labor. So why complain when the group already has est. by reliable sources 17k plus a go fund me page. So just do it. But the money collecting continues…

      Plus the lady walks in the middle of the road and stops when she hears traffic does not move to the side of the road. And the person who was driving recklessly and brushed her with the side mirror (jerk) gave her money..Sharia law? Or good intentions.

      THEY BROUGHT OUT THE COUNTY ROAD CREW AND REX B. AND DID NOT INFORM THE LAND OWNERS ALONG THE PROPOSED PATHS. Very poor form and direct rudeness with indifference. Except Hugh is cool and made good. They
      Some proponents of the path are mentioning immentent domain (sp?).

      Oh is it a gravel path or four feet of gravel and and a paved path 4 to 6 ft wide?
      They won’t say’!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!!

      Oh and who the freak thinks that the road from ferndale to honeydew needs work?
      EVERYBODY DUMMY!!!! Oh but we need a path! Putting yourself in front of others with an overwhelming sense of entitlement…..

      Another example of Citidiot. Citidiot is a person who thinks the way things go in the city works in the country.

      Ex. Green rusher who wants city amenities. Let’s their dog run loose and does not take responsibility for their actions. Step on your shoes and blame you.

      I want a path I want a path. Not a cash grab of county funds.
      Fix our road

      Too many people get killed by cars. Drive slower…are you in a hurry to kill your neighbors?

  • If you ever want to experience cultural diversity and true Rural and Backwoods living, spend a Saturday on the porch of the Honeydew store
    This was just another day in the life of the hangouts on the Honeydew store porch.

  • Good job all!
    Back in the Day, our neighborhood agreed on mutually recognized horn signals. One of them means “block the road.” We’ve only deployed it once in 45 years, but the old-timer who heard it, remembered it, and did it.” The problem was solved.
    In the coming [lean] years, our neighborhoods will tighten up again, and function without “services.” I believe this, I hope for this. Honeydew Strong!

  • We love you Sissy….. You are an amazing beautiful woman…. You just got that car … So proud to call you my Friend…. Well done to your posse…. I love all your spirit

  • Amazing sissy didn’t park his motorcycle on the bridge lol!! Good job sissy !

  • [edit]They dont make em like they use too, that town really use to be something when you could snort your blow and meth infront of store on the picnic table ever since they did away with that, it really went down hill out there. They now have to walk 50ft to the bridge to snort and drink and risk high speed pursuits. That sissy looked like he/she was ready to take a bullet for the home team. No news here folks just a typical day in humboldt county. I predict a murder tomorrow possibly a double homicide. Stay tuned

  • This kidnapping and attempted murder suspect got so far away from LEO…

    …to be stopped solid by someone named Sissy with a PT cruiser.

    Amazing. Glad it worked out.

    I think this may top the would-be-robber in Oregon who was lassoed into custody.

    I’d put some cameras around for the year incase any of his comrades come back around to start funk. If guilty of his charges, asshole would be an understatement.

  • Great job Honeydew!! That was quick thinking and you are the hero’s in this story! If we all took pride in our community like Honeydew, it would be a better place.

  • Sissy is my new hero. Right on!!

  • Veteran's Friend

    I spoke with the Bookmobile lady yesterday. She was passed by the bad guy on her way to Honeydew. And by all the LE in pursuit. She said it was a pretty slow speed pursuit, and the bad guy was super casual when he passed her. What an awesome Humboldt experience😁
    Yay, Adrienne!!

  • It’s good to hear people will do the right thing for their neighbors and community.
    Thank you.

  • ADréanen Antoun

    Lol … impossible to outrun a radio/phone! Nice work, everybody!

  • Great job, Honeydew!

  • This isn’t the first bridge stop to happen. Billy Branstetter did the exact same thing in Capetown. Parked his truck sideways on the bridge and rested a shotgun on the hood. I think they had stolen a car or something in Petrolia area.

  • Sissy should get a free pass from CHP/HCSO if busted for doing something spectacular on the motorcycle. Only fair.

  • Thinking of this more, I gotta say that it’s really cool for Law Enforcement to not only recognize the help from the locals but to make a point of thanking them. Kudos.

    Good job to ya’ll.


    “20 bullets fired,and 8 of them hit him. Where did the other bullets go?”

    A voice on the video.What does that mean?

  • Not hyperbole re the number of LE vehicles: I had recently departed Myer’s Flat, anticipating a leisurely, and relaxing drive home to Eureka, when the whole show (I was not aware of a desperado) stormed by me in 3’s, pairs, and singly. Heading south.
    I was astonished by their speed, and the impression that they seemed to levitate over the low spots in the road. Anyway, I lost count at 13 LE.

    Even more exciting was the heroic, and extremely athletic leap that a young LE officer (I assumed youth as this feat was so impressive) executed into the Northbound lanes, and grabbed something (which I now know was a tire punching strip) seconds before an RV, (with out of state plates) sailed over that spot. He then did a giant U-turn, and joined the chase. Number 14, or 15.
    All this was clearly visible as we were on a long downhill at that point.

    As I am nearing Scotia. I detect a SWAT squadron sorta hidden on a side road west of the 101.
    Then, nearer Fortuna, Fortuna PD kinda secreted in the bushes, to my right.
    About this time, I am starting to get the feeling that something big was going down in SoHUM.

    I am so glad, thanks to the fast thinking, heroic Honeydew-ites, and the fast (yet, safe) driving LE, that things ended the way they did.

    I shudder to think of the possibilities (hostage situation, perhaps?), if this character had not been stopped that day at the Honeydew Bridge.

  • “We would never encourage anyone to do this, but here is an award for your service and bravery.”

    That is a mixed message… Just thought I’d mention that.

    Without any mixed message, I totally applaud the work of the citizens in this case.

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