Ferndale to Host Rural County Representatives Meeting

Ferndale double rainbow

Ferndale double rainbow[Photo by C H Wilson]

Press release from the  Rural County Representatives of California, which is chaired by Humboldt County First District Supervisor Rex Bohn:

Nearly 50 locally elected officials, county leaders and staff will descend upon Humboldt County later this month as the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) hosts its April Board of Directors meeting in Ferndale. Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn serves as the 2018 Chair of the 35-member county strong organization.

The two-day event commences Wednesday April 26th with a tour of the county and a couple local businesses, followed by dinner at the Ivanhoe Restaurant and Saloon. The event will conclude with the RCRC Board of Directors meeting at Ferndale City Hall on Thursday April 26th at 8:30 a.m.

“My role as Chair of RCRC often takes me to Sacramento and Washington, D.C. to advocate for California’s rural counties,” said Supervisor Bohn. “This event allows me to share beautiful Humboldt County with my rural colleagues, and showcase the progress we’re making on a number of fronts.”

“RCRC’s event will provide a substantial mid-week economic boost to Ferndale,” said Paul Beatie, President of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce. “Ferndale’s unique businesses are excited to welcome RCRC to town, and have been working for the past month to roll out the red carpet!”

The Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) is a thirty-five member county strong service organization that champions policies on behalf of California’s rural counties. RCRC is dedicated to representing the collective unique interests of its membership, providing legislative and regulatory representation at the State and Federal levels, and providing responsible services for its members to enhance and protect the quality of life in rural California counties.

 To learn more about RCRC, visit rcrcnet.org and follow @RuralCounties on Twitter.



  • Ditch Humboldt's supervisors.

    Rex Bohn shouldn’t be representing anything or anybody. The entire board of supervisors are sellouts. Their idea of representation has already shot our cost of living up. They’re all about real estate taxes/fees and development. Out with them all.

  • Beautiful rainbow!

  • ‘My role as Chair of RCRC Often takes me to Sacramento and D.C. to advocate for California’s rural counties.” NOT on your public service job description Rex.

    The Supervisors main four duties to perform, are:

    Protect the air space above Humboldt
    Protect the forests
    Protect the rivers
    Repair and maintain the roads

    Report card – Failure on all four. “. . . showcase the progress we’re making on a number of fronts.”

    Perhaps Rex attributes the Supes. ‘No Debate’ on their bogus Consent Calendar as progress.
    Perhaps Rex views the year-round mindless clear cutting of the forests as progress.
    Perhaps Rex pats himself on the back for year-round rock and gravel mining on the rivers as progress.
    With huge piles of gravel in-place for so long that there’s bushes and grasses growing out of them, road repair simply isn’t an issue.

    With the current opioid and ‘mental health’ epidemics, the 1,000 foreign HHS employees and the Supes., must have an unknown definition of ‘health’.

    No Sheriff
    No Coroner
    No Recorder
    No Grand Jury
    A District A . who refuses to prosecute a Sheriff and Deputies caught stealing from the deceased.
    How ‘safe’ do you feel?

    Greenhouse grown graven images, sprayed w/pesticide, isn’t something to puff up your chest about.

    Taking from the producers and giving to the non-producers adds to the ‘enhance and protect the quality of life’ statement.

    Tell a BIG lie and keep repeating it, the people will swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

    What’s the plan and when do we drain the swamp?

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