Alleged Car Prowler Arrested by Deputies

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Thomas William CarlsonOn April 12, 2018, at about 1:30 a.m., Humboldt County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the area of Myrtle Ave. and 17th St. for the report of a car prowler.
Upon arrival to the area, deputies observed three white male adults in their 20’s looking into vehicle windows. When deputies attempted to contact the subjects, the men fled. Deputies were able to apprehend one suspect, 19-year-old Thomas William Carlson of Eureka.
Carlson was booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for resisting arrest and carrying a concealed dirk or dagger.
Anyone who observes suspicious activity in their neighborhood is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.



  • He has scars on his forehead which may indicate TBI. Many people who act criminally have a history of head injury, compounded by substance abuse. An injury to the forehead can easily effect frontal lobe functioning, the area of the brain that is responsible for impulse control among other things. This kid has a bleak future.

  • Social parasites.thats all you are.

  • traumatic brain injury = TBI

  • any relation to the Carlson that got busted in trinidad yesterday?

  • Always an excuse. How about these people are criminals. Period. Until the laws change in California nothing will change California the state that panders to criminals and illegals and druggies, we will never be safe in our communities and neighborhoods. And our property will not be safe. In our community we have new police officers that choose not to arrest thieves because the paperwork isn’t worth he hassle They just get cut loose. A man stealing with his 18 month old child in a local grocery store, who physically attacts store security when caught, who clearly puts his 18 month old in danger and the police do nothing. Nothing. What does this thief say”. I don’t care they won’t put me in jail anyway”. This is the mindset we have now. Jerry Brown did this. Leinancy to criminals has destroyed this state. If you are sickened by this, you are part of the problem. Don’t get me started on the needle exchange issue.

    • jerry brown didn’t tell you to not send your kid to college. quit scapegoating the real issue. kids that stay here after high school have very few paths to go down.

      • There’s tons of paths to go down around here! Just stay off the ones that say no trespassing.

      • Life is good OG

        My kid went to college and graduated. Productive member of society. Next! Your reply almost reads it’s Eurekas fault people commit crimes and get away with it. Don’t think so local observer. Quit making excuses. You are part of the problem around here.

        • my kid also went away for school. most of his friends he graduated with that didn’t leave to go to school are not doing so well. we just saw a mug shot of one of them (Fusi, 24). the problem around here are the circles the kids end up in if they don’t leave, very few good ones. your excuse for the crime was Jerry Brown. I didn’t list an excuse, just observations supported by facts.

          • Now I wonder why “the circles the kids end up in” are so destructive. Could it be the local tolerance and excusing of drug use along with the matching contempt for those who object to it? Oh well. Must be a mystery.

            • its not a mystery. and its not what the trolls that keep blaming liberals think it is either. here’s a hint, these punks don’t come from liberal families.

              • maybe spend some time actually performing some research, as a male protective parent I have. go on one of these punks facebooks, they are all connected and there’s a lot more than you think. I see crime compounding as they get more desperate and more graduate every year. ya we can lock them up, but who is going to pay for it? maybe we should focus on reducing the cause. everything is connected and everything is cause and effect. the solution is empowerment via education and knowledge.


              Right? Isn’t the site of the crime like 2 blocks from a school,and 2 blocks from a pot/liquor center?

          • Life is good OG

            I did not blame Jerry Brown for the crime. I blame him for Changing the laws that hold people accountable for their crimes. Lessening the consequences. Cutting people loose from prison that belong in prison. Making previously felony crimes misdemeanor crimes. Sure. Hanging out with a sketchy bunch when young doesn’t help but as adult criminals they need to be held accountable with consequences. What about this do you not understand?

            • What I don’t understand is why you keep lying and blaming Jerry Brown for this.

              • Life is good OG

                I’m done trying to engage in conversation with people who misread my words. Lying? Seriously. Get a clue and actually read what someone writes instead of assuming. Geesh. I’m pretty clear in my thought process. You, not so much

        • Veteran's Friend

          My kid was homeschooled. A productive member of society.
          Just like 95% of everybody. It really is much more rare to be a criminal than not😁

        • I went to college and graduated with high honors. No career position ever. Only discrimination. The county only hires their friends/relatives. HSU only lesbians, gay men, and their friends/family members. Same with CR. Local small businesses have no idea how to hire. They discriminate based on age and gender. Even chains like Safeway and Winco treat applicants like scum. I have years of experience, a B.A. and loads of student loan debt. No excuses for criminals here, but Humboldt has some of the worst employers in the country violating laws right and left. They hire illegals instead of people like me.

          • that sums it up. the problem with Humboldt is nepotism which leads to major dysfunction and entitlement issues that pass on for generations. most of the pacific NW is the same.

        • insignificant citizen

          In arcata I notice a bit of crime next to hsu escalates when they arrive each year. Esp. graffiti and vandalism.

      • Stand up for your community

        My son went to humbolt state graduated and has a great job in environmental studies. There is plenty of future here. Stay off cannibus, meth , heroin, alcohol and you will do just fine here Loco.

      • That’s BS. My kids grew up here & have decent jobs.

      • True story. Not much left here trade wise, until we do more building as far as low income and /or affordable housing.

  • Wow, they apprehended him without shooting him like that idiot in Sac who got shot 8 times. What’s the difference? I would guess this punk didn’t reach for a cell phone.

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