Two Arrested with Illegal Weapons During Traffic Stop

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Harris-Adkins (left), Carlson (right)

Two women were arrested today after a routine traffic stop led to the discovery of illegal weapons.

Around 11 a.m. a deputy with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office observed a truck with expired registration traveling south on Scenic Drive near Wa-Ray Road. While conducting a traffic stop, the deputy learned that the passenger of the vehicle was on probation with a search clause.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies located two loaded pistols, one of which had the serial number removed, metal knuckles and a weighted metal baton.

The driver, Leslie Warren Carlson, 38, of Arcata, was arrested on the following charges: person carrying a loaded firearm and is not the registered owner (PC 25850(c)(6)), tampering with the ID marks on a firearm, possession of a billy club, possession of metal knuckles, driving on a suspended license and driving with expired registration.

The passenger, Kayla Kathrin Harris-Adkins, 28, of Miranda, was arrested on the following charges: person prohibited in possession of ammunition, person carrying a loaded firearm and is not the registered owner (PC 25850(c)(6)), tampering with the ID marks on a firearm, possession of a billy club, possession of metal knuckles and violation of probation.



  • Thelma and Louise Humboldt styleeeeeeeeee

  • I guess when you are on drugs, driving with an expired registration with weapons on probation normal reasoning goes right out the car window!

  • Just another tweaker Day Out, hit the casino and then check the tourist parking lots along Scenic Drive for any valuable booty, it must be spring in Humboldt County

  • Come on girls you’re making us women look bad . Especially those of us that work hard for our money !!

  • Pretty much standard equipment here

  • Staying in jail ought to help these two get sober for a few days should the remain guests @ jail. They are having a hard time doing that themselves. Pretty far gone.

    • Seems as if they were sober enough during this incident as I don’t see any charges for drugs, paraphernalia, or dui listed in this press release. Although driving on a suspended registration just stinks of bad decision making.

  • Scenic Drive Is Supposed To Be Beautiful

    Thanks Sherrif Department. Lots of degenerates have been messing up beautiful scenic drive. There is a problem with people leaving stolen vehicles just past the casino on Scenic Drive. Everyday I drive by it taking my son to & from school & each day this car is just more & more destroyed. It was a nice car at 1st & now completely denolished. Everyday they beat it up more. The current car has been there about a month & they haven’t towed it. It’s right above the ocean & now leaking fluids on the ground. Once they finally tow it there will be a new one in a couple days. Been going on for a long time. Maybe the police could put some game cameras in the spot & catch the people. My guess is they live right up the road on the reservation. Probably the same house the cops have been to multiple times for theft.

    • Same thing happens all over this county. Cars left abandoned with a tag for over a month until all the windows are broken out, sitting on blocks and burned. New time lines need to be established for these vehicles to get towed a lot sooner.

  • They probably thought that’s what they need to be safe around here

  • That’s a nice Kimber, expensive, probably stolen.

    • They need to do some serious cleaning on that kimber. Nice gun….shame it’s rusty,chipped and full of dirt. Guns don’t kill people. Dirty guns in the hands of criminal drug addicts kill people!

      • That’s why I figured it stolen, if you pay that much (like I did) for it it would be nice and clean, and on my hip!

    • The 🐐 G.O.A.T.

      What happened to the Billy Club?

  • Damn sad2say…… Was thinking the exact same thing while reading about them LOL

  • Pull yer head out

    Easy to tell which one is the long time drug user is! 10 years age difference wow! Drugs are bad!


  • Trillium Hummingbird

    Gawd, keep these two tweakers in jail for a few days!

    Why the fuck do all the losers have .45 pistols? And a couple of normal looking women, how did you get hooked up with druggie losers in Humboldt?

    Makes me afraid to drive anywhere on 101…

    Can you even BUY a Kimber in CA?

    I hope these two learn to deal with their self-destructive and dangerous urges, and limit their own risky behavior, somewhat, in the future…

  • Removing serial numbers from weapons is also a Fed crime. Hopefully the Feds will step in & send these people to Club Fed for 5 years to think about their actions.

    This is just another example of the criminal element ignoring the CA & FED gun laws. The liberal agenda to add on more gun laws that will also be ignored by all but the honest citizens is just another attempt to take away the honest peoples rights. CA politicians are turning this state into a 3rd world paradise for criminals! Someday people will realize their mistake.

  • check out these bad bitches!

  • Two pints of booze.. tell me are you a Badfish too…??

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