Blue Car Rolled Off Alderpoint Road

Traffic Collision Car AccidentAt approximately 4:01 p.m., after receiving a call, dispatch sent emergency responders to a reported vehicle rollover 1/8th of a mile towards the town of Alderpoint from the Harris Road turnoff on the Alderpoint Road. According to the person who reported the situation, the vehicle is not visible from the roadway.

A County Roads employee reported about 4:14 p.m that there is an SUV about 30-40 feet off the roadway. [Note: SUV later turned out to be an incorrect description.]

UPDATE 5 p.m.: A reader said that this isn’t an SUV. Here’s the photo:

Wrecked blue car.

Wrecked blue car. [Photo provided by a reader]

The driver was shaken but not injured, the reader who sent the photo in stated.



  • Bankrupt growers are drinking too much

    • Where is the information that makes you think this is from a DUI?

    • Congratulations! Way to be the first predictably toxic anonymous blame comment. We’re all proud of how you stuck it to those dopers, zing!that’ll teach em. Did bankrupt growers make it hail, too?

      • We seriously need to eliminate “guest” postings on this site. At least be creative enough to come up with an alias so I can tell one idiot from the next instead of wondering if it is the same guest from the post 2 days earlier.

  • This is pretty much happens every day on this route .Was down that way for the opener of turkey season .In a F 350 pulling a cattle trailer .Going to check on stuff and hunt.What a fucking zoo.So glad when they all get foreclosed..Lean sales Will happen.

  • Actually, this is not pretty much happens every day on this route, but it does happen several times a year it seems. I’ve seen logging trucks down the slopes, too. That does not look like a big-time grower’s vehicle to me. Say, Kim, I’m trying to figure out where this accident was. My problem is that the Harris Cutoff could be the top of the hill, or it could be about 5 miles closer to Alderpoint. Was it off of the uphill or downhill side. Just curious, don’t waste your time checking if you don’t already know.

  • The LOCO map is definitely the dirt road to Harris, about 5 miles south of Alderpoint. The scene looks unlikely, but then they say you couldn’t see the car from the road. I’m going out tomorrow, perhaps I’ll figure it out – not that anyone but me probably cares.

  • It was a good friend of mine. She was going home from work. She lives in Alderpoint. She was driving 20 miles an hour. Hit an icy patch and that happened. I am so greatful she was not hurt. Bumps and bruises.

  • Love how everyone jumps to judging so quickly and blaming all sorts of things. This was the pastor’s wife! Thank god she is ok! You all should be ashamed of yourselves for judging a situation without any knowledge of the person involved.

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