Fortuna Police Investigating the Death of 24-Year-Old Woman

Press release from the Fortuna Police Department:

Fortuna Police Badge.

On April 11, 2018 at approximately 6:50 a.m., the Fortuna Police Department Communication Center received a report of female subject in the area of Riverwalk Drive in Fortuna that appeared to be intoxicated.  Officers along with City Ambulance and Fortuna Fire Department personnel were dispatched and the 24 year old female was transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital where she later died.

The identity of the victim, in this case, will be made available after notification has been made to her next of kin.

Investigators are asking anyone with information relating to this incident, to please contact the Police Department at (707) 725-7550 or or the WeTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME.



  • What a waste, she had her whole life ahead of her!!

  • Drugs are bad

  • So OD? Drunk beyond belief? Crazy the hospital couldn’t help her.

    • The human body is an amazingly resilient machine, but even it has its limits. I don’t know any other species of animal that knowingly exposes itself to so many harmful substances. And yet we still have much longer life spans than many of our mammal counterparts.

    • Redwood every body dies there.unless ur haveing a baby.

    FOR REAL!!!!

  • Could of been a mix of pills and alcohol

  • Let’s let the toxically report come back. She may of had a health problem such as diabetes. Let’s wait for the reports before we continue to speculate on the manner of death. Her loved ones may be reading these comments. May she RIP

  • Where’s Redwood? Is that a hospital?

    • It is Fortuna’s “mortuary” for the sick & injured. Shockingly high fatality rate for a hospital, even here.

      • Loverofhumanity

        Where do you get your information from??? I can tell you first hand that any care given from this hospital comes from skilled and caring compasionate employees!! I have watched them cry over there patients , and not sleep at night! Be careful of the words you say , when you dont know all the details!!

        • Could happen to you

          Really?? I went to Redwood with an alergic reaction to antibiotics, they left me in a room for 5 hours where no one checked on me and when they finally came in, they sent me to Sempervirens instead of treating me. Sempervirens released me saying that the Dr shouldn’t have sent me there. That’s NOT care! That’s malpractice!

      • Redwood Memorial is definitely my hospital of choice in our area. Wonderful, caring staff, the best surgeon in our area (Cassandra Kennedy! ) operates there, never had a bad encounter there. Try any other hospital before you badmouth Redwood Memorial. You will change your mind, fast.

        • I think there Re some good people careing and loveing working there but there are some evil also working there, and who is who is the problem were they dont see the other side of the works so the good one dont realize they work with evil, evil dont look bad and evil can smile. ITS STILL EVIL tomany people die there for less then dieing reasons to do so.

  • Does anyone have a description of the women?

  • Redwood memorial ALL BAD….REALLY,ALL BAD!

  • Yes, Frank Howard Hospital in Willits is the BEST.. Brand new site and new state of the art equipment . All private rooms for ALL insurances! The most caring nurses and caring and EXPERIENCED doctors.Take a left on road just past the Burger King then a left on Marcela Drive…You will see it on your Right….1 Marcela Drive..also best Ortho Surgeon anywhere. Dr. Bowen. They also grow their own organic food in a huge garden on site. Tell a friend. You might save a life!!

    • Willits girl at heart

      I love Howard Memorial Hospital… best place ever and Dr Bowen is amazing!!!

    • Willits is a Planetree hospital. Planetree is a philosophy of caring and is a concept of patienct-centered caring. Staff support and respect one another, patients really are in control of their own care while hospitalized. You should do some research on this philosophy. Chico’s Enloe hospital is also part of this growing group of hospitals.

  • A Recent Patient

    Redwood Memorial saved my life! Not everyone who goes there has a bad experience, unless of course they go in after using/drinking, putting all kinds of things in their bodies and others wonder why some don’t survive. Lighten up people… let it go!

  • Era una gran persona muy linda de carácter era muy alegre que tristesa Dios de fortaleza asus familia

  • Te extrañaremos dragana

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