Forgotten Barn

Barn near Ferndale Cemetery.

Barn near Ferndale Cemetery. [Photo by Jeffrey Schwartz taken in 2016]

In 2016, photographer Jeffery Schwartz, poked his head into the barn across the street from the cemetery in Ferndale and took several shots that were merged to create the above photo.

“With my barn photos, I like to contrast a dramatic sunset or bright sunlight with the old and weathered wood,” he explained.

Check out more of his photos here or buy some here.




  • Soon pictures is all we will have.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Great photos, as usual! Thanks guys!

  • I still miss the old barn near Cuneo Creek and Albee campground that the state burned down deliberately to keep someone from either hurting themselves or starting a fire there. On the other hand the Oregon park system tends to maintain them as artifacts of history.

  • Great photo, thanks. It would make a dynamite 500 piece puzzle, and the missing posts/beams would drive a puzzler to distraction. [I’ve often thought it would be easier to sell a puzzle than a photo.] Thanks again.

  • This makes me think of that big old barn that was next to the southern-most exit from 101 to McKinleyville. Looked so great for years and now is mostly fallen down.

  • Nice …except he left the lower section of the wood post on the right out

  • What an amazing photo!

  • When I lived in Mendocino in the late 1960s, I was part of a crew that tore down old, unsafe barns. We did it carefully, to save the wood, which was then used by others who wanted those beautiful old beams and floor planks to build their homes. Win-win.

    • Brings back memories of when I went to ferndale high. We would get guys over 21 to buy us beer and hide it there.

  • The former PALCO Mill A is a HUGE building built of wood timbers. It speaks volumes about the materials and craftsmanship they used, back when there was no such thing as CAD, GPS surveying, or boilerplate manufactured fasteners. It would be an awesome subject for someone that wants to do a photo essay about that sort of thing.

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