Three Suspects Sought in Home Invasion

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficePress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

On April 7, 2018, at about 2:30 p.m., Humboldt County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on Hillside Drive in Shelter Cove for the report of a home invasion and robbery.

According to the victim, at about 1:45 p.m. three men with firearms entered the victim’s garage and forced him to get on the ground. The three suspects demanded money and marijuana from the victim, before searching the residence. A second victim inside the home was also forced to get on the ground as the suspects searched the residence.

The suspects stole a firearm, both victim’s cell phones, $500 cash and packaged marijuana, then forced the victims into the residence’s basement, locking them inside. The victims were able to escape a short time later, calling law enforcement from a nearby residence.

One suspect is described as a black male adult in his mid to late 20’s, approximately 6 feet tall, average build with a narrow face and a 1-2 inch beard. He was last seen wearing a dark colored sweatshirt or jacket. The two other suspects are only described as black male adults in their mid to late 20’s.

Anyone with information about this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • unbridled philistine

    I for one am shocked to hear their description! Really? 3 dark complected men? Wha?

  • Again, tell me if i am way wrong,BUT,i do not think their locals,you new young folks better smarten up,and if you were old vIctims well you know better.

  • 1st rule of dealing in illegal/drug trade, NEVER,EVER! deal with the blacks!

    • how do you know it wasn’t just Google Earth. it seems like the first house is the only one with the design to have a basement. oh what are those in the yard?

    • Racism is ugly.

    • You are so right. Dealing with black people you know is so much more dangerous than dealing with white people you don’t know…

      That was sarcasm in case you missed it.

      I wager strangers are most likely the issue.

      • Legal weed must be sold to licensed distributors or retailers. This must be illegal weed if they were doing business with ripoffs

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yeah, so if a liquor store gets robbed, it’s their fault for dealing with rip-offs. Wow. All the booze must be illegal, then.

          • What a distortion. Not too many liquor stores sell booze from their homes in Shelter Cove. But if they were, yes it would be equally illegal. And equally stupid if it lead to robbery.

            There is always a weird illogic when pot is in the question. It’s like the remarks had a thought behind them but the commenter couldn’t hang onto it long enough to keep the logic train of thought from derailing before the end of the sentence.


      • I frequentlly checked out the Humboldt Backpage Women for Men page looking for women who weren’t prostitutes before the FBI shut down the site. Why were the majority of the hookers black? (60%-100% when I looked) Any ideas? Are pimps disproportionately forcing young black women in to prostitution in Humboldt County?

    • The more relevant fact is that people from places like Vallejo, or East LA have a different value set than we do, whether they are black or white, they are urban.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Thank you Donald. Say hi to Melania and Barron for us. Stormy, too.

      • Are you friends with the president of the United States of America? Impressive ,never would have thought you were a person of that caliber,good for you, Mr. Trump probably got you all set up good

    • I heard that

  • Story sounds fishy

  • There are only a couple homes on hillside that are occupied . Most are vacation rentals , I know a few folks on hillside, and they are complete immature fools, so they prolly meet some black at the local gas station or bar and it led to this . Lol 😂 , some folks can grow a ton of bud , but seems harder to sell these days than it is to grow it …..

    • Hey ’10 toes’!
      Your name reminds me of an old rhyme: Guessing few piggies may be ‘going to market’ this year!

    • If you have to say “meet some black…” instead of “meet some stranger..” you are being racist. It’s as simple as that.

      • I’m black lol but ok 👍🏿

      • where is your thought process? if you mess with the blacks, 95% of the time, you will get screwed!
        its in their nature to rob and steal in Humboldt! they come up 2 rip off everyone slipping or naïve to deal with the thug mentality!

      • Cy, No you see black people have black skin, white people have white skin. Most Indians have a reddish skin tone, some Asians have a yellowish skin tone and Mexicans and South Americans usually have a brownish skin tone there’s nothing racist about it. Unless of course you think God or evolution is racist?

        • I understand what Cy means. Years ago, the local radio station KUKI ran noon announcements including the Sheriff’s Log. Every person’s name was followed by a description of their complexion. Except white folks’…

  • How “short” was the “short time later” that the victims escaped and called the police? Seems that a road block could have been set-up somewhere before Briceland or Redway. (Unless we think the perpetrators are locals, am doubting they would have used E’burg or one of the other couple other escape routes).

  • Namaste at home

    Yeah no kidding, faster police response would solve a vast amount of our counties problems

  • They don’t set up road blocks for a simple robbery. If the”victims” had any true friends or lived like the rest of us out here they would have caught them on the way out and dealt with it. No cops needed

    • Exactly , but the ones who party and get hammered with you are not the” tru types” lol

    • NOT simple robbery, armed robbery, burglary, false imprisonment and a litany of other serious, dangerous crimes. If a cop had been the victim, there is no fucking way they would have made it outta there, maybe not even alive.
      All animals are equal, some animals are just more equal than others.
      As long as people know they are not going to be pursued, they will keep coming up here and sticking guns in peoples faces and people will eventually die. Meanwhile, you will be harassed for driving ten miles over the speed limit and not having registration on a vehicle parked in your driveway. The sheep will vote for higher taxes for more law enforcement and the money will go towards pay raises and fancier equipment rather than stopping SERIOUS crimes like this one; sickening.

  • I dont have any sympathy for anyone who chooses to grow dope and gets ripped off. Oh cry me a river, im a dirt bag and someone took my drugs. Boo hoo!!!!

  • Cy the racist bullshit has gotten way out of hand it’s to the point to where you’re not allowed to say they were black Man that robbed me if you do you are considered a racist it’s such bullshit everybody knows that black guys are coming up here Robin people to get that Pot and money and guns for that matter it’s ridiculous.

    • There is a huge difference between accurately describing the race of a robber and lumping all blacks as robbers. It is not racist to describe someone as black. It is racist to describe all blacks who come here as robbers.

      • It’s not racism to call one black? Damit im confused….I’ve been calling them African Americans this whole time for nothing!

      • How are people expected to not be racist when it’s shoved in our faces many aspects of society and by the media. The minority voters… the Latino voters… The black voters… ect. Not to mention all the Muslim retoric. Did anyone else get the survey from HSU? First few questions aks about your race and ethnicity. How is perpetuating the mindset of racial division helping anything and in itself not racist? Almost all medical forms ask race and ethnicity too.

        • Yep. But there’s no black or brown box to fill out on those forms. But…..there’s a box that says “white”. Hmmm is it that judging one by its color?

        • Not to mention blm, used to be Bureau of Land Management and now has changed to black lives matter. Land Management will probably be sued and have to change their name.

      • But it not a problem to constantly refer to all whites as racists or responsible for genocide? I know, I know – that’s different. It’s a valid political issue. Like white privilege, it’s the acceptable, rationalized bigoty of the day. Like assuming all conservatives are one thing- never good- is fine while objecting to all liberals being one thing when criticizing some silliness or another. It’s selective application of principles.

        • My personal opinion is that reviling all of any race for anything is absurd. The same with reviling all conservatives. Don’t conflate the fact that I am progressive in general with the notions that some people who are left leaning hold.

          • Ya, except for Norweigans… They really ARE weird. 😉

          • Former residents

            Kym, this comment thead finally did it. The racist trolls have taken over, and it seems you have lost control. Probably the most despicable shit I’ve read in quite a while. I will never read this blog again! Perfect representation of the shithole that sohum has become!!! Don’t worry, the door fell off it’s hinges before it could hit me on my way out!

            • I am sorry you feel that way. I could delete everyone who has an opinion different than mine. But I feel that trying to pretend everyone in this area has the same opinion I do is not helpful in the long run.

              I don’t allow racial slurs but I don’t think pretending that everyone is openminded is a way to heal as a society. When I see someone who holds opinions that I don’t like, I try to speak to them about the situation. I do feel that if more people quit turning away instead of speaking up, maybe the community might grow more healthy.

    • What else do the poor African-American come up from the city for ??? How many are from Africa? really ??? I would say they are black. this PC bullshit is just what it is… BS…. They been coming up and killing for pot for decades. locked gates and an overkill of no trespassing signs will send the meaning. There is no law of protecting the lives of your family as well as yourself. Who else is going to do it? Wanna be a ostrich liberal, maybe you should of stayed in Oakland.

  • Life is good OG

    Ok. I’m kinda dumb to the whole grow and selling scene. There does seem to be, as of late, a higher incidence of darker skinned individuals coming up to this area from Southern California and back east to engage in nefarious things such as armed robberies for the purpose of stealing marijuana. Ok. How do they find out about the particular grows? Are they just driving around lookin for a place to rob or is it a drug deal gone bad situation? If it is a drug deal gone bad how do these people even find the growers and set up these deals? I know. Kinda naive. I just smoke the shit. I don’t grow it!!!!! Is there advertisements in the paper? “Got pot to sell!” Contact my number?

    • OG. It’s ALWAYS an inside job. Very rarely do people from the city come up here and just drive around looking for weed to steal… especially from behind locked gates or houses! They know that these crazy ass hillbillies will shoot em or make them disappear. It’s naive and desperate people dealing with people who are desperate and have no morals. Look into the robberies, home invasions and people shot over bad weed deals in humboldt. 90-95% of the robbers are “Africans” !!!!

    • I suppose if the areas that prohibits agriculture, like cities, would set aside room for pot grows, their citizens would not need yo travel so much. They could steal locally. That would be good for the environment.

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • I’m still wondering how much was that “significant amount of marijuana” that was stolen? And yeah- there was some personal connection the victims made with these guys. Three easily-noticed dudes don’t go randomly rooting around this area w/o a clue. People are desperate to make sales and are doing foolish things, revealing too much info and such to people they shouldn’t. Old story of fool and his money…Be safe, everybody!

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