‘I will blowup the bombs’ Threat Sent to Multiple School Districts Throughout the Nation; FBI at Fortuna Schools Today

Law enforcement has been scrambling to respond as school districts throughout California received a violent threat by email. Fortuna Police provided a text of the email. It read,

Hello, you have made a choice to not listen to us. I got bullied at this school and you did nothing. Now you will understand the true mean of pain. I am coming into school with 3 bombs, and a .22 hand gun. If I see any staff or student I will shoot them and kill them. When I run out of bullets, I will slit there throats and watch them bleed out on the floor. If I see any police at the school I will blowup the bombs.

According to Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht of the Fortuna Police, “We had the FBI on scene within 10-15 minutes” of receiving the email. Ellebrecht said there were multiple emails received at least throughout through the Nation and the FBI said they originated in Ukraine.

Twitter is beginning to show reports. A user posted

The San Diego Union-Tribue is reporting,

Officials believe the threat originated with a group in Switzerland that has made numerous fictitious bomb threats to school in the United Kingdom the past few weeks, said Music Watson, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County Office of Education. The group said via Twitter they were planning to target U.S. schools Monday, she said.

“The threats are fictitious, and are aimed at causing fear and panic,” she said.

Earlier Chapter: Hoax From Ukraine Sent Fortuna Schools Into Lockdown



  • Welcome to the new normal.

    • Russian trolls are good at deflection and false flags, that’s about it. fortunately they are too stupid to understand what they have actually wrote. for example: it didn’t list the knife and a bullied kid is not known nor thought to be capable of Viking related violence or a stomach to witness it.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        They are also very good at “trolling” the web with crap about Hillary and getting the “Manhattan Candidate” ensconced in the White House as the Free World shudders. Not too shabby. Vlad is Glad. Trump is in the Vlad bag. The Russo-Republican alliance rolls on.

      • Love and let live

        Does it really matter guys? Let the small stuff go. Listen to the content.

      • Love and let live

        I didnt read anything about Russians. Did i miss something?

  • Its b.s but youhave to follow through

  • You want to tell me how anyone knows this is a hoax? I mean what the fuck? My kid goes to school here in Fortuna and I’m very concerned

    • Multiple schools throughout .CA have received the same message. Schools in the UK have received the same or very similar messages. FBI states the messages came from some place in the Ukraine, so unless a kid went to all these schools, got bullied at all of them, moved to the Ukraine, and then decided to take revenge and fly back to the states….it’s pretty unlikely. Nonetheless proper protocol is being followed and it is being addressed.

    • There were many school districts targeted with these emails. It would be pretty hard to have operatives in all these places. Plus there were similar emails in the United Kingdom at the end of March and nothing came of them.

    • That was my question too

  • There, the’re, or their.

  • Food for thought

    10-15 min? Isnt the police station like 2 blocks away ? Lol

  • How the hell did the fbi get to Fortuna in 15 min

  • Thank you for your promptness in getting this information public.

  • From the form of the letter, ‘sounds like (s)he needs to get back to school!

  • The lesson of the day, boys and girls, is fear. Nonstop fear. And that your only hope is that Big Brother will save you from the Boogeyman. Now go shelter in place, curl up into a fetal position, and wet yourself: Welcome to the nightmare Orwell tried to warn us about!

  • Arcata elementary school also had received the email though school was not put on lock down. Parents were notified via text and email AFTER school hours. Extremely scary as a parent. Also read that SF school districts received similar threats that are linked to a “contest” on an online gaming forum of whom can cause the most school evacuations.

  • fuckwalterwhite.com


  • I speak idiomatic, my friend

  • I prefer your first article on this subject, Kym, that states it’s a hoax right in the headlines. http://kymkemp.com/2018/04/09/hoax-from-ukraine-sent-fortuna-schools-into-lockdown/
    This thread states the sentences that instigate terror in the hearts of the people. Why the change and why two threads? Just curious.

    • The first one was a press release with limited information. So when I got substantial information to add (not just a little bit) I made the second story, and I was thinking that people would have already read the first and this was giving more information to people who already knew it was a hoax, but if I was thinking more clearly, I would have realized that many people might see the second story first and the title might be alarming. I would have made sure that was in the title of the second piece also.

      • That makes perfect sense. Hindsight is always clearer than foresight. I’m one of the ones that saw this one first, then saw the Hoax one printed earlier. Fortunately, I like to scroll first and open the stories into new tabs, before reading them. (but not always, just most frequently).

        Speaking of hindsight and perhaps coincidences. I think both articles are very important in light of the rumors that spilled forth from the previous events. Wasn’t it reported several times that the psycho’s wished to scare the innocents out into the open so they could mow them down with ease?
        Maybe we need a gofundme set up for sewing up official kevlar uniforms for today’s violence free zones? Maybe we can make enough to also build bomb and storm shelters while we’re at it. Just the news alone about war this and war that, should get enough panties in a wad to start demanding bomb shelters under the Gyms.

        There’s a fishy smell in the air that only prepardness can help solve. Protesting against self defense is cute, but it’s the utilizing of self defense methods that truly save the day. If only we could unite in the literal act of protecting ourselves, loved ones and communities.

  • Well I’m glad you covered this story Kim I was looking on lost coast outpost all day since my kids school had called me to let me know about the situation thanks good job

  • Kimberly Springer

    What The Hells going on !! explosives going off in Willow Creek & I read up to something like that going off in Eureka and then I heard hoopaEl was on lockdown due to an email Threat and all the outlying schools out that way & now Fortuna too. Oh my god just tkeep your eyes and ears out everyone be on alert. We will not tolerate this in Humboldt Trinity in Siskyou counties..

  • I’m a father of three so I totally understand how scared people can get when their kids are being threatened, but the average United States citizen is 38% more likely to be struck by LIGHTNING than shot in an active shooter situation, let alone a mass shooting or a school shooting. If you want something to worry about in regards of your child safety then pay extra attention when you’re driving them to school.

  • Hoax or not thank you miss Kym for the story.

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