Cannabis Conference Coming

Press release from the Mendocino Cannabis Resource:

Mendocino Cannabis Resource(MCR) is proud to present MCRConference 2018 & 420 Celebration, April 20th at the Little Lake Grange 291 School St. in Willits CA. This year’s conference will be a One Day event packed with current information and an evening of Celebration!

The doors for the conference open at 9am.

Morning Session: Cannabis Regulations Panels

  • Environmental Regulations – Chantal Simonpietri, Harvest Logic
  • Mendocino County Regulations – Kelly Overton, Mendocino Cannabis Program Mgr., Hannah Nelson, Esq.
    Casey O’Neill, Mendocino County Growers Alliance & Genine Coleman, Mendocino Appellations Project
  • State Regulations – E.D Lerman, Esq., Monique Ramirez, Covelo Cannabis Advocacy Group, & Casey O’Neill, California Growers Association

Afternoon Session: Cannabusiness Development Panels

  • Overview of License Types: Sourcing to Sales – Omar Figueroa, Esq. & Lauren Mendelsohn, Esq
  • Cannabusiness Models – Nursery – Ron Edwards, CKA Nursery, Distribution – Amanda Reiman, Flow Kana
  • Manufacturing – Tim Blake, Emerald Cup Products & Testing – Emily Richardson, CW Analytical
  • Direct Marketing – Farmers Markets – Karen Byars, MCR & Events – Brooke Horowitz, The Emerald Exchange

The conference will be followed by an evening 420 Celebration with Dj Green B. We’ll share a delicious meal! There will be music & dancing! Time for networking, getting acquainted, building community! Bring your business cards & whatever you have to share!

DJ Green B

DJ Green B

Dj Green B is one of California’s toppa top selectas focusing on reggae, dancehall, & african musik! On the radio, in the club, or at the festivals she delivers an energetic set lled with hot new music and all your favorite big tunes.

The MCRC2018 is sponsored by Flow Kana, Emerald Grown Co-op, Mendocino County Growers Association, Julia Carrera & Associaties, Round Valley Growers Association, Emerald Cup Products, Law Offices of Omar Figueroa, Law Offices of E.D. Lerman, & Hannah L. Nelson, Attorney at Law.

Tickets are available at or at the HeadChange 215 S Main St. Willits, CA. For more information contact MCR @ 707-223-4367MCRConference 2018 & 420 Celebration, poster



  • I hope local law enforcement will have a modicum of loyalty to “Locals” when the Feds show up. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

    • It seems plausible that a big gathering of large for profit businesses openly admitting involvement in cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of a controlled substance would get noticed by DEA. Right or wrong, good or bad, weed is still a scheduled drug. With Sessions at the helm you can be sure the North Coast is on the feds radar.
      I am interested to see the federal government’s take on the drug monies paid by drug dealers to their accomplices “county” for square footage of canopy. You don’t see meth cooks lining up at the county building cash in hand for permits or signing papers stating where, when and how they produce drugs. Illegal is illegal in the eyes of the federal government, there is no grey area just mandatory minimum sentences. By simply subpoenaing the local counties the feds could seize any and all properties associated with “permitted” grow sites, manufacturing facilities etc.

      • GREAT ANOTHER GROUP OF SELF PROCLAIMED EXPERTS. What that saying. those who can do, those who cant talk long shit about stuff that they don’t know about. $100 for bla bla bla. . its bull shit folks dont go. its a scam for the door money.

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  • Remember Allman’s “Twist and Tie” $$$ year? Then when the “Feds” showed up, he went right along with them and busted that well-known dispensary owner guy (can’t remember the name), in Ukiah. Allman is listed as a Constitutional Sheriff -pfft! None of these SELF PROCLAIMED EXPERTS would know land jurisdiction law if they found it in their sock drawer -certainly not the Title of Nobility Esquires spewing their foreign slave-speak nonsense.

  • I do not think the “growers” and “small farmers” in Mendo can pull their lips away from the
    Meth-pipe long enough to learn anything, except how to blow citizens of the world off the road with their 4×4’s, and how to “puff” with their diesels…

    A bunch of web-footed throwbacks who will have to be starved out, that’s Mendo!

    Hey play some reggae, let’s get wasted and drink some beer! Yay!

    • Ha Steve Deangelo thinks he can compete with big ag, he is going to get crushed by bigger grows, the market will sort him out, if he had any sense he would try to keep this on acre cap.

  • Taurus Ballzhof

    Thanks, the sac bee proves that I was right…

  • Ahhhhh yawn…..

  • Hmm, the afternoon session doesn’t include; rearranging the desk-chairs on the Titanic. I’m surprised, because that’s exactly what they’re doing.

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