This ‘Friendly and Happy’ Lady is Looking for a Forever Home

A concerned reader emailed us about this dog that’s listed on If you know someone who can help get her into a forever home, please pass this along to them.

I am a spayed female, black and white Pit Bull Terrier. The shelter thinks I am about 5 years old. I have been at the shelter since Dec 23, 2017.

Shelter Staff made the following comments about this animal:


Gloria is stocky and solid, with a cute smile. She is friendly and happy, and enjoys playing ball in the playpen. She’s working on her leash manners- she is a bit of a puller- but she is so excited to get out of her kennel! She would benefit from an exercise regimen. She adores full-body rubs, takes treats gently, and sits on command.

For more information about this animal, call:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Animal Shelter at (707) 840-9132

Ask for information about animal ID number A084913

There are several other dogs that need to be adopted that are listed on If you’d like to check them out, follow this link:



  • This is one of my favorite dogs at the shelter. She’s little and playful and seems to overlook the times she’s slighted by people walking past her kennel. I really hope some special person gives her a chance because she is a sweet dog and would so love a warm home and people of her own.

  • I would be happy to give Gloria a forever home, BUT I LIVE IN VIRGINIA ,so I don’t know if your state allows out of state adoptions.

  • I live in fla..the keys. Have had pits my entire life. Where r u located?


    I notice people out of state are willing to adopt her. There is someone out there that flies rescues free of charge. I have had his name in the past but will have to do some digging to find him again. I will get back to you.

  • Humboldt county needs a BSL A BSL would outlaw pit bulls and other aggressive dogs that are know to kill. There are exceptions where a owner can prove their dog is not a killer, but it would stop these adoption centers from releasing these beasts into the puplic. Most other states have already done this.

    • Animal control wouldn’t impound the dogs that killed my animals even as she took pictures of them with blood on them from attacking killing 3 and wounding 2 more. I think they are more concerned with dogs than they are with their victims.

    • Your comments are way off base. You do not what talking about. Do your research. Go to Bad

      • Otherwise known as the Deflection, Denial site. It has never been that pitbull and Rottweilers are the only dogs that bite. It’s that they are bred to be so good at it. Below is a section of an article on a pit bull that pulled off a woman’s arm.

        McCloud disputed reports that Bully bit a “cable guy” at their home and one of their nieces before the attack on Mixon Smith.

        Fried, the ACS investigator, testified earlier that Bully was quarantined for two weeks after the report that he bit the cable guy in October 2016.

        Miles-McCloud, when questioned about Bully by her attorney, Edith Brown, testified she was the one who found the dog on Facebook and had spent time with him and saw how he was with the children at his previous home. Had he been dangerous, she said, she would not have taken him.”

    • Pull yer head out

      What is the big deal about pit bulls?!

      • Why do you have them? A golden retriever will be affectionate, a Labrador will be loyal and protective. The difference for people choosing pit bulls is that they are dangerous. And their owners are looking for that.

  • Thats ridiculous! I’ve got confidence in Humboldt county animal control. It is true that bad owners create bad dogs but these breeds that were created for killing are ticking time bombs. why do we have to have tragedies to get the laws changed. If a dog kills it should be put down. Not “rehabilitated” . There are plenty of nice dogs that can be adopted

    • I meant to say I have NO confidence in Humboldt county animal control. total joke. obviously ran by crazy animal rights people who value dogs with a mentality for killing over safety for citizens.

  • Go after the owners.

  • Fighting rings on the rise!!!!!! Women lie for their boyfriends. No Pitts should be adopted out of state!!!!

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