[UPDATE] Home Invasion Robbery in Shelter Cove Yesterday; ‘Significant Amount of Marijuana’ Taken

Home Invasion

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Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department confirmed there was a home invasion robbery on the Hillside Road area of Shelter Cove on Saturday.

He said that more information should be coming out tomorrow and he only had limited information at this point. However, he did say, “It sounds like three heavily armed suspects entered the victims’ home, locked them in the basement, and proceeded to steal a firearm, cash, and a significant amount of marijuana.”

UPDATE: Home Invasion Robbery in Shelter Cove Yesterday; ‘Significant Amount of Marijuana’ Taken



  • So how much is a significant amount these days?

  • I told you before. Marijuana doesn’t grow in Shelter Cove area. It’s too foggy. When will they ever listen ?

  • Permitted weed that has been legally grown I hope. Just kidding ,black market drug deal gone wrong I suspect. World’s smallest violin playing a sad song for them. No extensive vacation for you this year, haha!

  • This is a terrible thing to have happen to anyone.. it amazes me how some people would take pride in their neighbors misfortune. People can be so terrible.
    Anyway, let’s hope they catch the lowlives who did this and let it remind us how we need to stick together and watch out for our neighbors more.

    • Were talking about illegal narcotics. You don’t cry about it when you lose at breaking the law. That’s why we (used to) be able to make a living around here. It was risky. You roll the dice and you accept the consequences. But that is little before your time

    • You’re right Emily.
      Schadenfreude German; lit. ‘harm-joy’) is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another.
      I’m seeing and hearing way to much of this lately.
      Never justified, always ignoble.

      • Or it might be what goes around, comes around. Depending on who they are and whether they had a legal product or not, being the victim of an illegal act in stealing what was an illegal product has a certain irony to it. (Irony- “state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”)

        One doesn’t have to approve of it enjoy its humor.

        • Many people get robbed and burglarized who are not involved in the weed industry. I have been several times. Lots of tweakers around who will come through any window or unlocked door.
          It’s a crappy experience. I guess since you live such a straight and narrow life you have nothing to worry about.

          • hey Emily, maybe you live in another world. Leave you window open or door unlocked. And if you believe in firearms, make sure they come all the way in and let the cops come get them off your floor and mind your own business. Clean your own doorstep before you get involved with others!

        • Conservative Stupidity

          I laugh at President Hair Hitler daily.

      • Love and let live

        “Dirty Laundry”

    • unbridled philistine

      Yes Emily you should keep an eye out for your neighbors weed, And your own weed Emily! Yes you should relate to the criminal dope growers…Dope growers stick together… Thick as thieves. Gimme a break, No victim here just criminals ripping criminals..

      • Ok grampa thanks for the lecture. I’ve lived here my whole life in case you were wondering. Where are you from? I’m not against one crop or another and I think no matter what, if you like your neighbors you should look out for them.
        Why do spend so much time commenting here if you cant stand the culture around here? Like it or not, it’s the way of life around here. So you can hate everybody involved or we can all be a community.

      • Unbridled…..Cops call it “a non-human incident”. I criminal committing criminal acts upon a criminal.

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • This was on Hillside. A very sunny location above the fog. Home invasion is scary stuff, whatever gets stolen.

  • I’m sure it’s some of the new growers who have had it nothing but easy for a long time. How can I assume such a thing?! Because they called the cops and told them it was weed, lots of weed. We old-timers used to struggle, face consequences and take care of our own problems. I have a hard time sympathizing with the new easy-school richies who call the cops for help when their own scene goes astray.

    • Amen! Thank you

    • The last O.G. 🙏

    • Yeah , let’s not report home invasion robberies so the cops can’t find and apprehend some people who might murder someone on their next hit . That’s some great thinking there

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Yeah and “old timers” also used to get $5000 per lb. “Struggling” at $5000/lb is way easier than having it “nothing but easy” at $500/lb. Personally I would never call the cops for being robbed but if others want to do that they should have the option, especially when they’ve been home invaded.

    • “Nothing Lasts” – old timer credo

    • I get your point but home invasions are a plague.. it can happen to anyone whether they grow or not (although usually it’s weed related) I think I would say.. better to stick together as a community than snipe about who’s old school who’s not etc.. that fight gets old. I have a hard time with the green rushers too and I have been living in the hills before the rush and don’t like the changes. But still, I stick by my point!

  • Don’t you think Willy’s comment is facetious?

  • Our culture has been so jacked by $$$, that it is embarrassing. Now we’re making sport of the misfortunes of others??? Heart-breaking.

  • You play you pay.

  • Cannabis is a sacred healing herb. It’s been demonized and criminalized (by those who profit most, Law Enforcement, Big Pharma, & prisons)for too long. Home invasions, incarceration’s, & asset forfeiture by criminals are the unavoidable risks we bare to bring much needed health and harmony to the world. ✌️❤️

    • Sorry. Marijuana is a drug. That’s why shit like this happens. That’s why there’s billions of dollars to be made. That’s why there’s a federal war on it….. it ain’t fukn basil! The guy selling u a 75 dollar eighth will tell u it’s a sacred herb as he tickles your balls and empty’s your wallet

      • Humboldt Hillsman

        Fist off no eighth is 75$, try 20$. Shit like this happens because ignorant people like you are far too common and therefore marijuana is still illegal. Therefore there is a black market for it and a value high enough to make it worth stealing. These thiefs aren’t stealing to satisfy their drug addiction, they are stealing for money and would steal anything with value.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Cannabis only cures sobriety and sensibility. Pot is not medicine. It is a drug, and a poor one at that.

      Wake up! You are delusional. Being stoned all the time is no way to go through life. If anything is sacred, it is the time you get on earth. Build something, enjoy the beauty surrounding you, create something, value the gift we call life.

      Taking drugs will get you nowhere and it adds no value to anything. Marijuana is a common plant that grows anywhere. It should be free, and everyone who needs some should grow it themselves. That is the point of legalization!

      I used to wish it was legal, now I couldn’t care less about getting high or pot itself. I hope you find your way to a plane of consciousness that will not require drugs!

      • “Drugs” are dangerous synthetic toxic chemicals cooked up in a lab. The cannabis plant is a gift from Mother Nature (god&goddess). Natural remedies and psychotropic plants have been essential in the well being and advancement of consciousness of civilizations for thousands of years. It is a natural enhancer of the gratitude, connectedness, beauty and wonder of life itself.🌬💨🌈

        • Trillium Hummingbird

          How’s that working out for you Jilly? Once you can’t get any money for your sacramental weed, you may change your tune! The real drug in Humboldt is MONEY! Money may also cure many things, such as the need for Toyota Pickups, and the need for, guns and rubber dog shit from Target, but in the end, money does not really cure anything either! It does, however, make the patient more comfortable.

          Smoke all the dope you want, I don’t care, just don’t expect to support yourself with it or pollute the world around you with your crappy ineffective drug and your delusional philosophy… You are not stupid, you are just on drugs! After 40 years or so, you may come to your senses… Please don’t have any children while you are stoned, you may not recognize them later…

        • Dabs and cocaine are the same. Cooked up n a lab

      • Are you really that ignorant or just committed to the role play? Pls go to pubmed and do your homework or no desert.


        Get an education sorry lazy ass haters, cannabis is a LIFE LINE for many people close to death.

        Does it get people high like coffee? YES!

        in ten years, no one will care about weed. All of the pro-Vietnam war racists will be gone.

        PS: I’m a libertarian liberal (AKA decentralization…fiscal conservative, no more pointless wars)… Conservatives who think Weed is the Devil give states rights, small government, and fiscal responsibility a HUGE BLACK EYE

        If you hate weed, become a democrat. Control Freaks, Meh…

      • groba, I picture you on your high horse slapping coffee cups out of people’s hands. Coffee is a drug! No! Bad! Adults should not have the freedom to make their own choices! …How do you know stoned people have not created anything? As Bill Hicks once said, go home and burn all your records and CD’s. Those people were high as fuck.

        • groba dude osnt trustafarian

          Hmmm, don’t think I have a horse… And you must be high as heck too, because you misunderstood every word I said!

          I drink some coffee every day… Do what you like. Don’t, however, call it medicine or a sacrament if it’s just not! And don’t try to make me into your co-dependent, or attempt cast me into the role of an apologist for your druggie behavior. Thanks!

  • “Victims.” No. Criminals. Yes. All of them. No victims here but the public and law-abiding neighbors. Stop enabling criminals and the crime will lessen.

    • Glad there’s a few law abiding slave owners left blasting Simple Minds greatest hits..

      • Yes this website has become the spot where all the Ned Flanders of our community come together to make themselves feel better about what good law abiding citizens they are. I think Johnny reb, Taurus ballzoff, guest and groba dude should all meet for coffee and rub each others shoulders and remind themselves how bad everyone else is and how great they are.

  • Because marijuana was an element of what was stolen it Merrits a home invasion? To those comments that imply they deserved it, as you gloat on another’s trauma you’re being pickled by cancer. Your riotousness is an invitation to what you put out= hate and prejudice. Good luck with that.

  • Taurus Ballzhof

    Pot is not significant, and dealing drugs is not a sensible occupation. If your drugs are stolen it’s a sign that you are not aware of your surroundings and not cognizant of the real world.

    Get sober, get a job, grow the fuck up and stop dealing drugs…

    No respect, no sympathy from me, and I bet the cops were laughing as they drove away…

  • Ok…this was us.. growing for med reasons. I have cancer. We were held at gun point. Screw u all for talking trash. We are productive property owners here. You should care…not hate.

    • Conservative Stupidity

      What would you expect? The very same peabrains who deride Cannabis voted for The Mango Mussolini, Chump trump THE F-CKING LOSER!

    • “ i need 50 pounds of cannabis a year for cancer !!! We don’t even sell it !!! “

      Yeah …. fu&$ing …. right ……

      I’m so tired of hearing the lies .

      And yeah , i know exactly who you guys are so quit the bullshit .

      • groba dude osnt trustafarian

        Excuse me, but everyone who grows pot does not have cancer. AND, cannabis does not cure carcinoma anyway! Get appropriate medical help!

        Humboldt County is full up on folks who have a million excuses for their behavior, and ten thousand reasons why THEY shouldn’t have to be responsible, productive, law-abiding citizens.

        Please spare me from yours…

  • Everyone that I know that grows has cancer and cannabis does cure carcinoma way better than radiation does a million and one excise makes it hard to hear idiots that think their opinions matter reason number 10.000 and 1 then we might start looking like you

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