[UPDATE] CHP Searched Sunday for Vehicle and Occupant(s) That Disappeared Into the Eel on Friday

About 5:40 p.m. today as the muddy waters of the Eel River slipped back from brimming to merely full, a California Highway Patrol helicopter skimmed the surface of the area where an unknown vehicle plunged over the edge from Hwy 101 and beneath the surface last Friday afternoon. A passerby saw the vehicle go over the edge of the road near Confusion Hill in an area known as Elfin Glen and into the river about 1:10 p.m.

According to the person who took the above video, today, while the helicopter was hovering over the river, a CHP officer also walked down to the water from a vehicle on the roadway. “They had an officer at the edge while the helicopter moved water around,” he explained. He thought the officer might be looking for the missing vehicle.

However, he believes that the vehicle wasn’t spotted.

Meanwhile, somewhere there are family and friends who are beginning to be uneasy wondering what has become of their loved one(s). No one is even sure how many people were in the vehicle let alone who they were or where they were heading.

UPDATE: Witness Tells of Vehicle Tipping Onto Two Wheels and Tumbling Over the Bank Into the Eel River Near Confusion Hill North of Leggett; Searchers Scour the River Tuesday

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  • Is the resources creditable? What color car? Does the road show signs of tires going off? No other info?

    • There was definitely signs of the vehicle having gone off the road. I’ve spoken to two people who reported some car parts and torn up ground. One second-hand report of an oil slick where the car went into the water.

  • So sad.

  • First Responder

    A witness saw the vehicle pull over to let people pass and they got too close to the edge and it gave way from the amounts of rain we recieved. Car was fully submerged by time anyone could get to them and it was unknown where vehicle was besides the oil slick

    -First Responder to the call

    • Thank you for the explanation.

    • That was my first suspicion, some jerk was tailgating.

      • Or the driver of the lost car was simply a courteous person trying to be accommodating.

        • Ya, I tried that the last time I drove up there…won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

        • Veteran's Friend

          Good grief, there is a passing lane just ahead…the hill before the Peg House. What a horrifying tragedy. No one even knows who or if they have loved ones yet unaware….

    • Sunil Khandekar

      Dear First Responder, would you know what kind of car was that? My friend’s brother (Sachin Thottapilly) along with his family (spouse and two kids) is missing, they were on road trip in Maroon Honda Pilot. Any information would be a great help, we all are praying for them..

    • Can you please message me the details of the witness.

  • what i dont get is someone saw the vehicle pull over yet tbey didnt no color or type or anything

  • If the car made it into the main current… better look a few miles down the river.

  • Thank you, Kym..

  • So they haven’t even tried to retrieve the vehicle? Are they planning on it any time soon?

  • Willy. I’m not the brightest bulb on the block. Pls explain yr statement “think it through” referencing t’s remark. This isn’t snark, I’m with t in not understanding. Unless you think the passing car has some culpability?

  • unbridled philistine

    My friend died the same way in Iraq. His tank pulled up to the Tigris River and the bank gave out and he drowned inside. Granted it was a hundred ton tank, But I often think about what is was like for him in those last seconds… Sorry to think about driver going the same way. Semper Fi

  • This family is missing.

  • I just heard on the scanner that someone in Fremont has filed a missing person’s report/attempt to locate a maroon Honda Pilot, with 2 adults and 2 children. They were traveling from Klamath to Fremont on 101. Though I’m not sure if the dates matchup to this incident. It’s sad that anyone died in this accident, but I do hope it wasn’t a whole family with kids on board.

    Edit~ Möbius, I see we had the same thought. I hope we are wrong.

  • Can you please reach out to me and share more details. A family of 4 is missing in Honda Pilot.
    We are the family friends. can you please call 908.410.7837 to share details.

    • Hi, Saurabh,

      I’m very sorry about your missing friends. You may want to contact CHP in Garberville for any information. Their number is 707-923-2155

  • Whoever the witness is to this, I hope they were able to give some description of the color and type of vehicle to the chp. With the missing family in the maroon SUV now being reported in this time frame, and route of travel any details could be very important to the family.

  • Four members of a family were reported missing and the last known location is around KLAMATH – REDWOOD National Park Area on board a Maroon Honda Pilot. If you have any information please contact (813) 616 3091

  • Hi Kym! I work for ABC news in the Bay Area. I sent you another e-mail regarding getting permission to use some of your pictures and videos from your articles about this crash. We’re doing a story about this today… because it’s believed that the family was headed to the Bay Area. We’re happy to give your site credit in our reporting. Please e-mail me at brandon.b.behle@abc.com or call me at 415-599-6739 to talk more. Thanks

  • There is a family of 4 in a maroon vehicle missing from our town. We think it may be them.


  • Please update if there are new developments. Sandeep, Soumya, Sidd and Saachi are a beautiful family and they are our neighbors.

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