[UPDATE 12:23 p.m.] County Road Issues: Tree Down on Salmon Creek Road, Dyerville Loop Road Closed

Weather imagesThe recent rains damaged several local roads. As information comes in we’ll update below. UPDATES are in green.

  • Bull Creek Road is impacted by a slide. It is not “yet” closed, according to information on the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.
  • Dyerville Loop Road is closed at mile marker 1 throughout the weekend. According to Steve Finch from Public Works, “The slide on Dyerville is one mile from the grove heading to McCann.”
  • Eel River Drive is closed at mile marker 1
  • A tree is down on Salmon Creek Road about 1/4 mile west of the north entrance. The road is currently closedThe CHP Traffic Incident Information Page no longer shows a tree down on Salmon Creek Road.
    Tree down on Salmon Creek Road.

    Tree down on Salmon Creek Road. [Photo by Catrina Coyle]

Don’t forget State Hwy 1 is closed between Leggett and the Coast, too.

UPDATE 12:23 p.m.: Caltrans reports Hwy 1 opened sometime during the night.



  • Just a heads up the area between Phillipsville and Miranda on the highway where they are paving is really dangerous right now because they stopped paving right at the bridge past the scales and the drop off has deteriorated really bad. Going both ways but especially northbound. Someone’s gonna lose a tire or wreck right there

  • Is marker 1 located near the founders grove part of Dyerville loop rd?

    • Since most (but not all) roads are numbered from south to north from west to east, and the road mostly seems to stretch north of ALderpoint Road–probably that means one mile north of the Alderpoint Road, but, if they are counting the road as a west to east moving road then it would be one mile east of the Avenue…I have been looking for answers but as yet I don’t know.

  • I can’t make out where this is, so will have to hope the locals know where the turnoff for McCann is when I put it on the air. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Hwy 1 between Leggett and the coast is NOT closed. It’s been open since last night.

    • Thanks for the headsup. When I checked this morning, Caltrans still listed it as closed. I went and checked and they listed it as open at 7 a.m. I’ll update.

  • This storm doesn’t even seem that powerful. Bring on the rain. No more drought.

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