Body Found Near Juan Creek; Possibly Connected to Missing Hart Children

Hart familyPress release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department:

On April 7, 2018 around 1:58 PM the California Highway Patrol (CHP) received a call regarding a found body in the surf of the Pacific Ocean at Juan Creek and Highway 1 in Westport CA.  This area is in the immediate vicinity of the recent Hart Family crash. The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office responded to the location to conduct a Coroner’s Investigation and learned that a couple, vacationing along the coast, observed a possible body floating in the surf near Juan Creek.  The Westport Fire Department had patrolled the area an hour prior but did not see anything.  The body was pulled from the surf, onto the beach, by a third bystander where it was later recovered by Westport Fire.

The recovered body appears to be that of an African American Female but the age and a postitive identity could not be determined.  An autopsy will be conducted on Tuesday and the cause of death is unknown.   The Sheriff’s Office is investigating the possibility that the body may be one of the two missing Hart girls but identification will most likely be done through DNA analysis, a process that can take several weeks.

It is not uncommon after a significant storm, such as the one passing through the north state currently, to bring items to the surface or wash onto the beach.  The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office is monitoring the ocean conditions to see when further searches might be safetly conducted.  This evaluation includes the use of divers if conditions permit. There were no other signs of the other missing Hart children.

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  • Like so many of the heartbreaking stories lately this is just so sad.

  • May God bless and keep you

  • The the thought of the fear and disappointment that these innocent children experienced in the last moments of their lives is very heartbreaking

  • It’s hard to imagine just how evil these ladies were

    • Sure you’re trying. ” All lesbians kill brown skin kids” wait,, I thought they only ate white vegetarian virgins.

    • There are a lot of mentally unstable people in our country, and sometimes these mentally unstable people create families. This family just happened to be two lesbians and a bunch of black kids.
      This is not a diversity issue nor is that a lesbian issue, it’s a control issue.
      On the information that’s being fed to us it appears that this person had a controlling relationship and environment with this family, this person also exercised the ultimate control over that family.
      There are seven victims here in this heartbreaking tragedy

    • Only one driver

      Don’t lump Sarah in with the psycho behind the wheel…

      • The kid went to the neighbors and complained that they were withholding food as punishment. Asking to be fed. CPS was involved. They are horrible disgusting people. One was a convicted child abuser!!!

  • Are the social justice warrior types going to weigh in and tell us how great “diversity” is and how we should all celebrate it? A great diversity celebration was had by these two.

    • I don’t consider myself a social justice warrior but I think I’d like to weigh in. Having a monoculture is generally bad for plants, having cousins marry cousins is generally considered a bad thing, etc. So, yes, diversity is a good thing.

      We don’t know what happened in this family but even assuming the worst, it is just this family. It doesn’t reflect on other same sex couples or other families of mixed race–the vast majority of either do not kill their kids.

      • So agree with you I can’t even get it together in my brain why or how Everytime I see anything on this I just cry and pray 😢

      • First a certain amount of diversity is a potential resource, not an absolute good. If diversity carries the potential for health, it also carries the potential for disease. There are species in the first place because those are the sets of characteristics that have provided survival in the environment. It is good because it has worked.

        Diversity is only a potential to offer survival if the environment changes or as a pool of alternatives for positive change. Too much diversity mean that what has worked (not diverse)has harder time finding like to continue. Too much diversity selected for political reasons will certainly be fatal to the species without being useful enough to create a new species. It’s extinction.

        • Fatal to the species? No. Gay people and brown people have always existed, and I dare say lived together and raised families. The only difference is that they are can do so openly now with less threat of violence and prejudice than before. So, the only difference is that bigots have to work much harder to pretend these ppl are invisible, and they are feeling very sad and feel put upon. I don’t think that is a threat to any ‘species’.

          • You have conflated those who feel victimized with what is diverse. First brown people do not represent diversity, being by far more numerous than white people. To choose to bring that up as a response has to do with the mantra like political usefulness of the term “diversity” than anything I said.

            I simply dislike the current buzzword use of diversity. It has rapidly come to be an attack against whatever is seen as an enemy when it has almost no value as a concept.

            It has arrived at a level of a shibboleth. What is important is what the diversity is, not that anything considered different has value just because it is different.

            • I too get annoyed by left wing buzzwords. But to try to convince yourself that the opposite is true just because you don’t think you like liberals, is not very smart either. One thing I’ve noticed over the years, is, the liberals are usually right about most things.

              • This is liberial thinking…plain n simple

                • Concur wholeheartedly

                • That’s simple, all right. (BTW Liberia is a nation of Black Africans.) And you just put the name Cassidy Etter out in plain view. Is that you, Cassidy?

              • Diversity is not a fixed quanity any more than it is an absolute good. The possibility of too much diversity is obvious the minute you admit that too little can be a problem.

                Too little creates a risk that a changing environment will catch a species (or society) with no resources to adapt. Too much diversity means so little commonality to even have species (or societal) recognition. A gradient in between would be where there is a point where there are so many or such important differences that action to seperate takes place. There is more than enough examples of this process throughout history that it should be self evident.

                I never would have a knee jerk response to liberal ideas. It’s that liberals, at least the self defined ones here, tend to want change without thinking at all and that irritates me. Thinking “diversity”, for example, is a magic word to mean that what is merely different is the same as being good is among the most obnoxious. Imagine someone expects you to support their ideas just because they are different. I can easily perceive “diversity” that would so flawed as be fatally destructive.

            • Don’t worry everyone, “guest” is cray cray! Doesn’t give a shit except to stir up shit and spew shit. Probably not even from the area, just a guest of someone local who likes weigh in on everything in a negative combative way because nothing better to do amd no one else to talk to.

              • Guest sounds like a fair-minded and rational individual with the capacity for independent thought. Evolutionary biology may not be your cup of tea but it at least offers a basis for conclusion. Or at the very least a basis for rejection of a hypothesis. Contrast this with your apparent need to shout down the man/woman and rally a group of strangers to your cause. Perhaps you should study the history of Cambodia. The educated weren’t so well liked there either.

        • All humans are the same species.

      • Kym, the one thing I would like to correct about your statement is that I think you mean cousins procreating with one another could lead to some potential consequences for the offspring. If they just are in a marriage with no children together I personally don’t see any problems with that. I realize they would face social stigma from the general public, but don’t see any dangerous consequences from it in of itself.


      Lots of folks say the Northwest can bum you out. Any color,sex,etc…

  • perhaps it was a accident

    • Veteran's Friend

      Thank you for at least being willing to consider that.
      No one knows what happened or why.
      Judge not lest you be judged.
      Him without sin, let him cast the first stone.

    • Yeah no skid mark, computer says 90, no seat belts, no luggage for eight, CPS called days before, sure sounds like an accident.

    • Yea. I hope these trolls get prooved ignorRANT. No proof. If the trolls were thier nieghbors and called CPS cause they hate diversity that may have snowballed into who knows what. They looked happy. Hoping for closure.

      • Or it could be because there were real problems. That such allegations followed them as they moved from place to place at least increases the likelihood that there were real problems. If those insisting that it was a deliberate act have little proof, those insisting that it could be an accident have none.

  • It’s odd to me that everyone will defend them. But if this was a rough neck looking tattooed white man and family everyone would be quick to condemn that man’s reputation. The investigators are the ones “judging”, and their findings are disgusting.

    • Aww poor tattooed white man, can’t get a break huh

    • You are probably not too far off there Hellbilly. Unfortunately virtue signaling seems to be a disease infesting more and more people these days. Polarized political view and inability to look at things through a clear unbiased logical lens is the new norm in this crazy world.

  • Sorry but mental illness runs the majority of same sex couples. It’s a fact that likes to get brushed under the carpet. But , here we go…the rainbow warriors will deny it until they are dead. The APA tried to deny it when enough gays became psychs , but that’s been changing back too. When will leftists believe facts ?

    • This sad event is not a reflection of anything, nor any one group of people. Your “facts” are nothing more than your opinions. We may never know the true story behind their tragic deaths, so it’s wise and respectful not to speculate.

      • Only one driver

        Because accident reconstruction based on data collected at the scene and from the vehicle is long relied on to understand what happens in a collision guess what? We already have a very clear picture what went down. Murder/suicide .

      • Don't believe everything you think

        No, it’s wise to speculate as that is the sort of thing that leads to the discovery of the truth. What is wisest is to recognize that speculation is not itself truth and that people commenting here are not in a position to be sure.

        • Speculation by unqualified, non experts without anything other than an opinion or an agenda leads nowhere and does not unveil any truth. So, again: it’s unwise, foolish and ultimately not of any consequence to do so.

          • Don't believe everything you think

            Silencing others guarantees it leads nowhere, which is just where uncomfortable ideas tend to be put away. Even if only for self examination, speculation is a reasonable human activity. It can lead to understanding. If you don’t like it, the comment section of a news blog is not a good place for you.

    • Given the rate of domestic abuse and murder-suicides in straight couples, it seems bizarre to call this a gay problem. But maybe you are just a troll and now I’ve fed you an attention biscuit.

    • This leftist likes scientific evidence–the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses in 1973. That was 43 years ago. They haven’t made any moves towards changing their minds about the science.

      • Hi. My Doc read me the APA’s opinion on nonconformity… We both consider the opinion dangerous to the individuality of our species. Check it out.

    • I for one will believe when I see some links to prove what is being said!!! So far I have seen NOTHING official pointing either way on the cause of this horrific incident!!! Do YOU have anything except your own vivid imagination to prove one way or another the cause of this??? If not then please refrain from speculating especially so NNEGATIVELY!!!

    • That’s just your opinion, Just Sayin. A made-up “fact” to support what’s just your opinion.

  • So disheartening that comments on stories so often end up in ugliness.

    • Me too, Vick; the 1st Amendment can be a real thrill in our discourse; the alternative is untenable however, so we’ll just have forgive and shine on the “trolls.”

      • Overall I find the without a doubt the positives of free speech outweigh any of the negatives and it is not even close. At least we all should have the freedom to avoid reading comments that will upset us if one truly finds it so disheartening.

  • Anyone who can find some other guy`s filthy, ugly, hairy, stinking, and thoroughly repulsive ass-hole to be an object of sexual attraction is a very long way from normal and sane. I don`t care what anyone does if it`s between consenting adults. However, homosexuality is under any circumstances exceedingly filthy and unhygenic.

    • Veteran's Friend

      Yes, because no man ever put his penis into the anus of a woman, which is so very much more hygenic than the asshole of which you speak? Are you insane, or just ridiculous?

      • Some people find it repulsive no matter the gender of the parties involved, but if I don’t have to see it I don’t really give a shit what people do behind the closed doors of their home. All things being fair, I would definitely wager that the hygiene of the average female surpasses that of the average male. Although gays do have a bit of a reputation for being neat so maybe that counteracts it a bit. Anyhow this story is about two homosexual females so not sure why Jonathan is focused on hairy male anuses.

      • Just extremely prejudiced and homophobic, apparently.

    • Well then by all means do NOT indulge in it then!!! Otherwise please keep your negative comments about Homosexuality to yourself!!!! Thank you!!! Some of my best friends are gay, I am NOT but that is their choice & NONE of MY business or yours either!!!

      • Of course it`s none of my business what anyone does behind closed doors. I don`t care what they do as long as they keep it private. I merely pointed out that buggery is a dirty and unhygenic activity. There is a very good reason it was forbidden in the Royal Navy and punished severely. It was recognized early how destructive to shipboard discipline and hygiene it was. It does become my business — and the business of every other taxpayer if as a result of unhealthy and unwholesome habits, they start asking for tax money when they contract entirely preventable diseases; i.e. AIDS.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Crazy is crazy. No matter gay, straight, black, white, gray, purple or brown. I have many times ran into these “hysterical” types that when the going gets rough they flip out. Rather than being responsible and dealing with allegations rather than addressing the problems and dealing with them head-on you bury your head in the sand, deny nothing is wrong and everybody in the world is all fd up but you. So sorry for the kids just a terrible thing. Makes me wonder if the biological families with all the media coverage have figured out that it was their children I’m sure there’s some Cousins, Mothers, Fathers, Aunts, Uncles Etc that are aware of the situation was it better in the long run?

    • If the mother and father are watching this I would wonder why they weren’t raising these kids to begin with.

      • Mendocino Mamma

        Good question. Often cases are sensationalized sadly to meet quotas. Of the thousands and thousands of dollars that are paid to these adoptive families what if it would have only taken $1,000 a month to leave them with their families and give them a little help. Poverty is a crime in the United States as far as CPS is concerned.

        • Mendocino Mamma

          That is a Texas report. There are hundreds, if not thousands of sites dedicated to the blatant corruption and abuses occuring within these agencies.

          • Mendocino Mamma

            In fact Mendocino County is fighting a huge corruption case right now. They had to seek BOS approval to ask for another $250,000 to fight legal issues related to a problematic child seizure.

            • Seeing that level of greed and corruption is a really sad product from a system that should be dedicated to salvaging the lives of these abandoned children that had no say whatsoever about being born into such an awful situation. To me it is kind of crazy all the regulations we have on everything in this world yet so many unwanted babies are being brought into this world with little to no oversight. I have to register my fucking dog with the county, yet any two random and totally incompetent and unprepared people can just procreate with less hoops to jump through.

              • “Incompetent and unprepared” — unfit and undesirable people of every type are free to reproduce at any rate which they are able, which is often frighteningly high. There are something like 8 billion humans on the planet and the population is increasing at 12,000 tons per day of new humans? How long can this be continued? I believe we passed the point of sustainability long ago so serious adjustments are essential. This IS going to be resolved –either we can look this in the eye and make some rational plans or nature can solve this in the old fashioned way that`s know to work remarkably well.

                A reasonable beginning would be slowing the rate of reproduction of those unwilling to do so themselves. The requirement that anyone applying for public assistance of any kind who has more than one child would have to be sterilized as a condition of their receiving public monies. Anyone convicted of a serious crime of violence should be sterilized as should anyone found to have entered this country illegally.

                • Mendocino Mamma

                  Here is estimate of what Texas paid the family.

                • Mendocino Mamma

                  This family…

                • So, 2 grown men have a dispute and a fight breaks out. Legal charges follow. The men should be sterilized?!

                • You make a lot of strong points there. Unfortunately I don’t meet too many people who worry about overpopulation. It has been something on my mind every since I was a young child. I feel so sorry for all of the other species we share this planet with who are negatively impacted by our gross over population. I feel bad for the people who make a conscious effort to reduce the impact they have on this planet only to have their efforts wiped out by some folks breeding like bunnies. This isn’t the old days where you need to have a bunch of kids to help work your farm. As technology increases and we work towards more powerful artificial intelligence there will be less and less jobs that need to be done by us apes. Our most valuable asset will switch from man power to having a planet worth inhabiting. I 100% agree with you on the public assistance point. In fact I think we might need a system that rewards having one or less children instead of incentivizing people to keep popping them out to get government hand outs like it’s their job. I truly believe there are honest hardworking folks out there that come upon unforeseen circumstance where they need a hand to get back on their feet and we should try and help those people. What we should not do is support a lifestyle of dependence.

                • To Mr. Hellbilly, I said SERIOUS. So, no, two men (or women) getting in a fight isn`t serious. Homicide (unjustified or inexcusable) serious assault, rape, etc. is what I would consider serious. Serious assault is jumping on someone and beating their head in with a pipe or similar. It`s also a strong 20 year old man beating up a 70 year old; or a large man beating up a much smaller man or woman. Hope this clarifies.

                • To Mr. Freedom Club,

                  Overpopulation is the most serious problem/issue we`re facing. It underlies to some extent every other problem/issue we have. It`s my best estimate that we passed the point of no return for sustainability about the year 1900. Good to encounter a kindred spirit here

                • So, you are advocating forced sterilizations just as the Nazis did with their Eugenics program.Thank goodness this despicable and insane thinking has been resoundingly decried and denounced as a crime against humanity and those that propose such ideas as less than human.

  • What a senseless tragedy—all those young lives cut short. SMH in bewilderment.

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