Community Meeting on Shelter Cove Area Road Conditions April 12

This is a press release from a Shelter Cove resident: (Check out the video of the road at the bottom!)

WHAT: Community Meeting in Shelter Cove

WHEN: Thursday, April 12, 2018   5;30 pm

WHERE:  Shelter Cove Community Center, Upper Pacific Drive  

WHO/CONTACT:    Cynthia Eden  650-906-6241 

                                Brenda McLaughlin  530-518-5009

You are invited to a community meeting on area road conditions Thursday, April 12 at 5:30pm in the Shelter Cove Community Center.  County Supervisor Estelle Fennell and Public Works Director Tom Mattson are scheduled to attend the meeting to give the community a status update and to answer our questions and address concerns about the safety of our roads.

Your presence is requested. 

Background: There are multiple slide areas that require attention. Either or both areas could collapse and leave families and businesses stranded, or worse, put people in danger.

There is a question of whether enough funds have been secured to make the extensive repairs needed. There is also the concern of using alternate roads in the event of road failure or during repairs. Telegraph Creek Rd is an alternate route and that road has its  own safety issues. 

The slide on Shelter Cove Road near the General Store – single lane. View from Telegraph Creek Rd    taken 4-1-18

Slide area, one-lane section on alternate route Telegraph Creek Rd

This community meeting is posted on Facebook as a public event, so please  share it with others who have a stake in safe roads to and from Shelter Cove.



Community Meeting Hosts


Cynthia Eden

Shelter Cove Resident

650-906-6241 cell


Brenda McLaughlin

Shelter Cove Property Owner

530-518-5009 cell



  • Rockin And Rolling Humboldt County Earth Quakes

    Welcome To the Country in Humboldt. This is the norm for the last 100 years my family has been here.

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    The roads to Shelter Cove are all ruined. You may have to build them yourselves.

    $10,000,000 is probably not going to be enough to fix this road. Humboldt hasn’t got it.

    What to do…

    Keep speeding in and out Shelter Cove and Briceland road, because tomorrow may never come…

    The rent is due. Don’t look to Estelle Failure for help…

    • Do you mean Estelle “Getty”???!!! Agreed she is useless at anything except if it benefits Hum CPR & herself!!! Remember in November, throw ALL the Bums OUT!!!!

  • We haven’t been to Shelter Cove for couple years, because of the road breaking cars! Probably NOT the only family not going and spending money at Gen Store or fish n chips…miss Black Sands Beach. SORRY for all the locals cars being beat to heck.

  • Spending some money now to figure out just how long of a bridge it will take will speed up whatever happens eventually.

  • If you don’t like it leave. Go back to LA and take all your big government pensioners with you.

  • Maybe Sup Fennell will take selfies with her 2nd District constituents…

  • You all a bunch o’ snowflakes. I rmember coming out the trail in the ole’ days, had to ford the river, stuck in the snow on the pass for days, shoot and eat one of the horses to survive. Broke a wheel and had to hand split news spokes, all before sundown.

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