[UPDATE 7:07 p.m.] Another Vehicle Over the Edge, Occupants Climbing Out the Window

Traffic Accident NightAccording to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the second vehicle today went into the water in northern Mendocino County. [Note: this later turned out to be incorrect.] This time a silver sedan went into Cummings Creek off Hwy 101 near the Bell Springs Road exit about 6:34 p.m. The vehicle is approximately 10 feet off Hwy 101.

The CHP Incident Page states, “People were climbing out the back window.”

Dispatch called for air ambulances but all declined because of the weather.

[See here for the story of the first vehicle in the water.]

UPDATE 7:07 p.m.: Scanner traffic wasn’t clear but we could make out that there were no serious injuries.

UPDATE 9:25 p.m.: According to Jonathan Beck who witnessed the accident, the vehicle ended up beside the creek, not in it. He said, “A Nissan 350z comes around the corner, spins out and almost takes out the car in front of me. He almost ended up on the hood of my Peterbilt.”

Beck said the Nissan then went off the road. ” If he would have gone a little further, he would have ended up in the creek.”

350z in an accident

[Photo by Jonathan Beck]




  • You mean rattlesnake Creek?

  • Whatever it is, slow down.

  • Great to know the emergency personnel have the “fuck you its raining” attitude. So lame. What about the real piolts who fly in real storms! Oh right they all moved on to other states who pay better. This is a joke. Declined because of weather…b.s.

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      The only b.s. is you Anon. 3 min after your lame text the update came through, no serious injuries… Lame.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      The text came through, man, no serious injuries. So why risk other lives? But when YOU got knocked out and your friends called the air ambulance and they flew in immediately, what happened? You woke up and declined service and later whined and and moaned over the bill. Then you jacked ’em good on the payment plan. Stiffed ’em, if memory serves, and bragged about it and encouraged others to do the same. Now you’re the “big man” on emergency services. Yea, verily, anon, time to grow up.

    • Sharpen your pencil

      Yeah man, those real piolts, watch out they’ll get you every time!

    • Veteran's Friend

      Because crashing a helicopter is just ok with you?

  • Exactly what I was thinking. Declined due to weather. Not sure how bad it is in Mendo but Humboldt isn’t that bad yet.

  • Big black truck?????

    Wow nothing on the crazy road rage lady in the jacked up big black truck, bashing out a lady’s side window and trying to run the lady off the road in the silver frontier car down on the avenue of the giants close to the glass blowing shop, crap like this will get people shot cuz if the other person has a concealed weapons permit and really feels threatened like there life is at large, there gonna turn around and shoot ur ass lady in ur big black truck, and then call the cops after she defended herself so think about how u put people’s life in harms way by just pertecting herself witch it could of been a totally different person that u done this to, but also I had my kids in my truck too so imagine if such a thing happened and that lady did such a thing and a stray bullet would of hit me or my kid or even a bystander u would of been at fault but is it really worth the road rage!!!!!

    • I hadn’t heard of that.

    • Wow that’s fucked up, but I hope you don’t get a ccw, If you turn around and shoot someone you will be in prison for murder, a ccw doesn’t give you the right to kill someone for being an asshole only a cop will get away with that, if you can flee you must, that’s how it works in a non stand your ground state.

      • The only fucked up part is some crazy person attacking you and your vehicle. I wouldn’t shed a tear if the driver pulled a gun and shot at the person. Sounds like very reasonable self defense to me, although you might be better served to “accidentally” run them over while you are fleeing for your safety.

    • That was a very long sentence.

  • Apparently, around here, if the cops don’t see it themselves, no crime happened.

  • A friend drove to San Rafael today and saw multiple collisions each involving several cars.. She said the freeway was like a lake..

  • People in Humboldt and CA in general drive like assholes. I’m from Philly and I go back a few times a year and the difference is staggering between driving styles. It’s extremely populated back in Philadelphia but drivers will actually stop and wave you on and let you go and are way more polite. Everyone here thinks they are the king of the road and there’s this underlying sense in entitlement in drivers here. Maybe it’s because back in PA there’s so many people and drivers people have to learn how to work with each other. Out here it’s frustrating driving you would think it would be the opposite and driving in a populated east coast city would be more stressful then driving in Humboldt but I actually find east coast driving less stressful. More asshole drivers here for sure.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Growing up in Ohio my school had a good driver’s ed. class. We learned how to drive safely and in inclement weather, unlike California drivers who refuse to change driving style to fit ambient conditions. We also got to see the infamous Ohio Highway Patrol actual wreck footage. Very gruesome; I never have to see a slasher movie ever. Driving in Eureka gets worse every day. Very scarey.

      • They use to have classroom driver’s ed and the whole school got to watch the gory drunk driving movie AFTER watching one our local LEO get drunk and go through the coordination test. That was my high school experience. The next generation went through driver’s ed and it was sub contracted out to a local student driving program that was online with very little behind the wheel experience and zero increment weather and zero night driving.

      • My assumption has always been that all the nutso drivers here moved here from other states.

    • Yep. Humboldt has the worst drivers.

  • Big black truck?????

    Negative a ccw gives you the right to protect yourself if ur life’s at threat and in a situation like what that woman did in the black truck, so ya she could of got shot if the woman in the frontier felt like she was in harms way and she had a ccw to protect herself and ya it would go to court but I bet my dollars on the lady in the frontier cuz using a truck to try ramming her off the road and then bashing out her window after, would justify in court why she felt like her life was at threat, even when there’s witnesses backing the lady in the frontier from what people seen!!!!! Some people are saying it’s a teacher from the school.

    • The second amendment provides you the means to protect yourself, not a CCW.

      A CCW is another form of taxation and firearms registration, carrying a firearm not on your permit is still illegal.

      Common sense dictates when and where you may use deadly force, the courts will determine the consequences of your decisions.

    • If someone were in a vehicle ,they have ability to flee the scene, especially if you have children with you,you definitely need to stay clear of the incident and call the police

  • Bluehaired Hillbetty

    So, I grew up in California, took driver’s ed at a California High School. I am a friendly courteous driver. California has some bad drivers for sure. I find the worst drivers I have encountered in my 40 years of driving are from Washington State. However I have seen some really crappy drivers from the East Coast namely New Jersey and New York. There are many transplants in Cali these days. So back off generalizing and go back to Philly if you can’t take the the way people drive here. .

  • Waving someone on in busy traffic just causes more accidents. That’s being stupid. I love how people from out of state stop in a three lane road and wave a car on. What about the other two lanes? Are they goin to stop ? Doubt it. That’s why we have signs and traffic signals.

    • The other vehicles are legally obliged to stop. For this very reason. And stopping at even an unmarked corner when a pedestrian is crossing is also legally required.

      And that is why we the DMV Driver’s Handbook.

  • This is how we roll.

  • I agree with the statement about Washington drivers but I think one of the issues that we have is people on 299 who race on the straight stretches to get in front of you and then hit the brakes when they come to a curve. We have followed cars down the hill at 30 miles an hour and then they speed up to 60+ when they get to the bottom. It is amazing there is not more accidents!

  • They smashed out the rear window? Doors must of jammed. Hopefully lesson learned when driving in bad weather. This isn’t the Autobahn in Germany…

  • I’ve lived in NorCal and Bay Area my whole life (50+yrs). I get irritated when people say “those CA drivers” – most are from somewhere else! I live in Lake County now since the early 00’s and you can tell who’s from the area and who’s not- like those mentioned above- racing and braking. Or the flip side is driving too slow and NOT pulling over in spite of a train of vehicles behind them. Or tailgating trucks, especially the open top ag trucks hauling produce or hay.

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