Homicide Suspect Zach Harrison Still Free, Rancho Sequoia Blocked Earlier; More Arrests Made

Law enforcement blocked the entrance to Rancho Sequoia

Law enforcement blocked the entrance to Rancho Sequoia today. [Photo provided by a reader]

Law enforcement has kept up a steady pressure on the Rancho Sequoia area of Southern Humboldt since yesterday afternoon as they attempt to capture homicide suspect Zach Harrison. Several more people have been arrested.

Residents report that the road to Rancho was blocked off for hours today with cars being searched or, at times, not allowed to travel through at all. The roadblock was lifted this evening, according to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

Taylor said that deputies sighted Harrison yesterday. “We chased him last night up in Rancho,” Taylor said. “I can say for sure without a doubt he is alive…We made positive identification of him and he appeared to be uninjured.” He added somewhat drily, “His health appears to be just fine…”

Taylor said that two arrests were made earlier today.

Taylor said the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department was determined to get Harrison. “We’re still looking for sure,” he said. “We’re going to be in and out of here until it is done.”

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  • Nice get all the riff raff out of here, but don’t threaten the folks that have nothing to do with it. Just because the sheriffs have lost him on several occasions does not mean everyone is helping him.. Holding a whole community hostage and threatening them after having to worry about who is in the woods all night is shameful..

    • Sorry to inconvenience you while they try to catch a murderer/tweeker and clean your town up a bit …… fuck

  • Bring back the wanted dead or alive poster with cash rewards! Guaranteed someone would bring this dirtbag in real fast

    • I’m surprised people haven’t taken pot shots at him. With added police presence in the area, the community being pressured. At least it might scare him out of town.

  • Chasing a fugitive in the Rancho is like trying to carry water in a colander. Sure, blocking the main road is a good thing to do, but there are other roads, and many miles of forest on the Rancho’s boundaries. Trying to find someone who is on foot in that wilderness is a challenge.

    Still no word about all the shooting up near the Fire Dept this evening. It quieted down after about 1/2 hour, possibly because several residents called 911.

    Well, every day’s an adventure in Alderpoint.

  • How is he outrunning the k-9 ??

  • Most decent looking mugshot I have seen on here in quite some time. Not even a visible tat!

  • The more he escapes the cops….the more of a hero he becomes. People need someone to root for in these tough economic times.


    Why don’t they just fly over and carpet bomb the whole area like the Iraq war???

    • Good people still around

      Are you kidding me? Maybe because we are fucking humans! There are more people living here than a bunch of tweakers! We have children and good people out here. Now if you want to come out here and handle some shit be our guests. The good people of AP will be the ones going to jail if we handle the shit the way we used to. We feel fucked by our system, damned if we do damned if we don’t.

  • The legend of Zach the Mak. Busting rhymes/raps with his hoody on at 12 years old laughing at everyone. He wasn’t always tweeked out, yeah as a teen/young adult he would drink, get sad about his mom, cover up the despair with anger and try to fight people. That drug destroyed his mom who was beautiful soul loved by all who knew her, and now to see it lead her son down this path to more despair and death… truely tragic to see how’s meth chews them up, tears them to scraps and spits them out, shreds of their former self shadows and pieces . I have seen people get out, rebuild their selves and their lives and escape the destruction, live happy around loving families. He is young, if he survives his apprehension there is still a chance of this for him, at least we who loved him can hope, however small that chance may be!

    • Dude, I’m done with the sob stories, didn’t he kill someone? This isn’t a simple case of drug abuse and despair. That’s the least of his worries. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t get shot in a stand-off in the next few weeks.

  • He’s obviously a chicken shit if he hasn’t made a lam for the Mexico border, he keeps circling back to his nest like a bird with clipped wings. Talk about an insecure little wuss.

  • Kym I know this has nothing too do with Zach and not sure if you could but Scotia could use a good write up about all the car’s being broken into. Were going on 5 day’s that a different street with multiple car’s have been hit with no help from the sheriff someone is going to get hurt. Could use your help please. Thanks Scotia resident.

  • Friend says by 11 p.m Thursday the road into the Rancho was opened to traffic, but cars are still being searched. “They almost got Marshall, and did get Marshall and Chad’s girlfriend.”

  • HPD you are hit on his trail. Advice— bring an army of K-9 units, grenades, an arsenal. You will need it for Rancho to fend off the Bulgarians and hidden felonies. At the very TOP of the mountain, unmarked roads of course. You’ll come across a shanty shake that houses the grand prize, a massive METH Lab hidden by old trailers. THAT is more than likely where you’ll find the MURDERER your looking for. Be prepared for a battle for sure. Good luck and Gods speed!!

    • The only question is do they bust all the smaller meth labs on the way to the big one at the end of the road, cause that would be kinda time consuming.

      • Yes please clean all those up new broom sweep clean but old broom knows the corners. Meth Kills !

      • That would be a good idea if there was meth lab all over in rancho, but that’s bullshit… only a couple bad spots left and they are slowly dissolving as the land is sold to the green rushers… But hey keep pointing the finger everywhere except where they truly need to go…

    • When they decide to bring in even more reinforcement from federal and state law enforcement it will just turn into an AlderRanchoSequoiaWecoCompond senerio they are probably not going to give up since this place keeps making national headline news once this becomes a challenge for law enforcement and the Atorney General I think a lot of unwanted attention might arrive and yes this would make a great movie they should call it White boy crack ruined poor country boy Zach when the dope life fell in his lap and he busted a cap he got a really bad rap and his life turned into crap 💩 Rancho Sequoia once again got straight blew up and put back on the map.

      • After all this crap and no other violent offense I think not sure the feds will even come, could just be a bluff to scare him into Turing himself in, or to scare residents into turning him in. And if you think federal agencies are unaware of what’s going on in humboldt then your brain is screwy! They also don’t have the resources to bust all these small time grows dotting the countryside in mendo/humbolt/trinity. From the cove to weaverville, hell all the way down to grass valley for shits sake! Out in the open, seen from state highways they would have to hire a full time force, work all through the year, and buy massive amounts of equipment to make a real impact on the illegal marijuana grown in the state of California. Rancho is not special in any way, unless you count the per capita of meth attics up there! Surprised any sane person or anyone trying to raise a family would even stay up on that meth den hill. And Incase anyone didn’t notice…. they haven’t arrested and charged anyone for any crime whatsoever, only arresting on warrants.

  • Can someone tell me about the legality of cops searching cars without probable cause?

    I would throw a god damned fit if my day was disturbed like that because LE is failing at their job.

    • I think that if they are in active pursuit of a murder suspect then they can go pretty much wherever they want. They should have taken the opportunity to call in federal backup and bust every single property all the way up the road. Nearly every property has a large, unpermitted grow (federally still a felony) and god-knows-what-else going on. It was a great opportunity to clear out the entire mess of criminals. I suspect they did not call in the feds because it would have been very embarassing to admit that they have allowed these blatantly criminal operations to infest an entire mountain (and county)! Their lame excuse of “not enough resources” would ring hollow with federal agents who know better and who can see corruption and laziness when it’s front and center. Which then breeds a general attitude of criminality which in turn supports fugitives running from the law.

    • “In emergency situations that threaten public safety” so yeah they have probable cause. Heaven forbid if you were inconvenienced for a minute or two while the sheriffs handled their job with professionalism.

      • Some cars weren’t allowed through, according to the report.

        That’s more than a minute of two of inconvenience.

        I don’t like to be treated to other people’s messes.

        Your welcome to hate my hate of stupid.

        Criminals are one thing. But if cops aren’t following rules to being cops than we have bigger issues. That’s why I ask what the rules are for blocking a community and searching cars. What criteria is being used?

        • I think it was just explained. Read slower if you need to

          • “In emergency situations that threaten public safety”

            Farce, or Broseph, that quote comes from where?

            Press release, court case, CA law?

            • You obviously have access to the internet so you should google it yourself if you don’t want to listen to people answering your question.

              • Mike,

                Perhaps a little more context in your answer could have helped.

                You used the quote as if it was from this article, or something the Sheriff said, which it is not.

                The quote, in the way you put it, could have been something your mom told you or it could be in the Constitution.

                Context really would have helped.

            • If you’ve ever watched the news in the past 30 years you’d know that police set up barricade and search vehicles at check points when there is an alleged murderer on the loose .

              • I don’t think Brian was asking about if it happens or not. He was more questioning the constitutionality of such actions by law enforcement. I totally get where he is coming from as it’s not his fault or concern that this guy keeps alluding capture and he might not want to sacrifice his rights to make it easier for law enforcement to do their job.

    • Brian, I think that simply stopping cars at a checkpoint and looking for things in plain view doesn’t technically constitute a “search”. We certainly don’t have as much of an expectation of privacy when we are out on public roads with our vehicles compared to being in our homes. From my understanding of law they can get away with something closer to “reasonable suspicion” instead of “probable cause”. The Supreme Court has said that a checkpoint is legal when the public interest in having it outweighs the inconvenience to drives.

  • There are so many possibilities

    This guy has some survival talent. Pure physical intelligence. I am impressed. And he has been reported to have been seen naked. This could be a TV program. Naked and Wanted. Naked Survival. I’d watch that. Apparently he has not committed any harm to the public or law enforcement while on the lam. He just runs away. I smell a movie!!

    • He’s on meth

    • People keep saying that. “TV!” “movie!”. What the hell is wrong with you. We don’t care for this type of attention and publicity in rancho. Were all fed up with this bullshit. I never liked Zach [edit]. Put that in your fucking movie

      • fuckwalterwhite.com

        Isn’t Netflix already there filming?

      • Oh yeah, that makes you much better, that’s not vigilante justice at all, that’s not cold blooded murder right? Just defending yourself from an “unarmed SUSPECTED murderer” that you happen to see in your neighborhood. And if he dies that’s not “murder” it’s just killing someone for screwing up your day bring attention and publicity and not letting the cops bring him in for questioning…. he still hasn’t been indicted yet y’all… funny how you think killing a tweeker because you think/cops suspect he killed a tweeker who threatened with a gun to kill him somehow makes sense… boggles!

      • I wouldn’t actually harm Zach or smash anyone’s camera. I was just venting. Im sorry. Ill stop posting

  • fuckwalterwhite.com

    Wasn’t there a quote from LEO in yesterdays article,that they directly threatened Zach to give-up or they would send dogs that will bite?

  • Yes they said they but that was way after he was spotted and the called the K-9 unit from fortuna. He was long gone and they were trying scare him into coming out as if he was still within ear shot.

  • He’s beat his girlfriend on the head with a metal bottle. Lets not forget the employee, working an hourly job, he almost beat to death in Garberville. That person still suffers from those injuries, all for just doing his job. oh wait let’s also not forget, hes also the only loser who ever stabbed someone outside of the Mateel.

    To those who want to justify his murder…..you are enablers who helped your friend to this path with your hard drug use, good job friends! There ‘re empty seats next to Zachs, waiting for you all in hell!

    So go ahead Netflix, glorify a woman beating, murderering, loser! Y’all must be hard up for an actual good story

  • So now he’s pushed into murder mountain How do they expect to ever catch him lol really their not! And all these ppl they are catching on warrants automatically are associates to Harrison. So if you grew up with him your an associate to him lol. He’s crazy and a survivor in the woods especially Rancho .Rancho needs to be put on lock down nobody in or out till he’s found somebody will give him up

  • Some of you people need help you want zack caught but you complain about every move the cops make if he’s not caught soon and the feds come in the feds will take everything they see. And it only makes sense for them to stop the cars as they’re leaving or coming to make sure that’s zacks not in one of them.

  • One thing that everyone is forgetting, law enforcement is not thinking of a big picture. You can go from Pratt mountain to steelhead to alderpoint and to alderpoint road all from Rancho. and from there you can go anywhere. Zach has lived in the area long enough to know this. Law enforcement has not planned this out a strategy well enough to put this into a tactical move. The head of the horse is at the wrong end as a tactical plan. They have gone off half cocked and the target has slipped thru the cracks. In the military, this would of ended bad because there was no plan to end this situation. Now its a waste of money, time and resources. The only way they are going to catch Zach is if he gives up or slips up in his flee. Logistics and a strategy is the only way they might catch him. Make a plan and choke off all avenue of approaches. Big country and a lot of ways to flee. Get your shoulders off your ass cheeks and stay to plan.. only a rat, or a bounty is going to get Zach. Less than a full on military operation. Too many chiefs in the LEO. So as the ol saying goes…. shit or get off the pot.

  • I was in rancho during the time of the lock down and I still can’t quite figure out why they wouldn’t let anybody go into rancho. They stated something about rifles being pointed at anyone going in. I drove down to drop off kids to go out of rancho and I drove them to the bottom and walked them acrossed to their ride on the other side of the line. I drove back into the ranch and got a phone call saying I could go pick up the rancho kids and bring them home. I drove down again, mind you the whole time I didn’t see one cop on my way any of the 4 trips I took up and down hill, and picked up kids walked them acrossed the line and drove 5 kids into rancho to their homes. Why are people being locked out if it’s safe enough for me to take kids back and forth all day.

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