Deputies Arrest Associate of Homicide Suspect Zach Harrison; Harrison Escapes into ‘Heavily Wooded Area’

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Sheriff’s Deputies are in Alderpoint today continuing the search for homicide suspect Zachary Harrison.

In the afternoon of April 4, 2018, sheriff’s deputies investigating the whereabouts of Harrison in the Rancho Sequoia area made contact with 30-year-old Chadwick Leland Allender, a known associate of Harrison. Allender was arrested on a felony warrant out of Trinity County for failure to appear in court. While taking Allender into custody, deputies observed Harrison nearby. Deputies attempted to make contact with Harrison, who then fled into a heavily wooded area.

K9 officers with the Eureka and Fortuna Police Departments responded to assist deputies in the search. Law enforcement searched throughout the night, but were unable to locate Harrison.

Sheriff’s deputies remain in the area, with more resources en-route to continue searching today. In the coming week, the Sheriff’s Office will be reaching out to federal partners for assistance in apprehending Harrison.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the community of Alderpoint for their patience and assistance providing numerous tips as to the whereabouts of Harrison. Rancho Sequoia residents are asked to take caution as Harrison remains on the run in the area.

Anyone with information regarding Harrison’s whereabouts is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

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  • This is the same guy everyone knows who stole from the Zenia School, and most likely other crimes. A search warrant would probably find a bunch of quarters. Hope they keep him in jail and do some very thorough investigation, otherwise he’ll run just like Zach. If he is the same guy in the camera pic, send him to prison. No questions asked!!

    • It’s him no question about it he is probably one of the worst people around here.

    • He’s also beat his girlfriend on the head with a metal bottle. Lets not forget the employee, working an hourly job, he almost beat to death in Garberville. That person still suffers from those injuries, all for just doing his job. oh wait let’s also not forget, hes also the only loser who ever stabbed someone outside of the Mateel.

      To those who want to justify his murder… are enablers who helped your friend to this path with your hard drug use, good job friends! There ‘re empty seats next to Zachs, waiting for you all in hell!

      So go ahead Netflix, glorify a woman beating, murderering, loser! Y’all must be hard up for an actual good story

  • Covelo or busted

    What part of Rancho would really be helpful… Want to catch him or not? We need some details!Whos house , what street? whats the parcel # for gods sake?

    • Veteran's Friend

      They can’t tell you cause they made uop the part about seeing him.
      And what part of Rancho is NOT a heavily wooded area?
      When I heard the SO on the scanner, they were in the area of lower Willow rd, where it ends. Just above the ranch house at the far end of Steelhead road.

  • This is getting ridiculous, obviously he is getting help from the rest of the drug dealing, low life criminals in the area. Southern Humboldt, hell all of Humboldt, has really gone to the dogs when you have a murder suspect being helped by local criminals in eluding the police.

    Sad where we have gone from what was once a great place to raise a family. Drug culture has ripped apart this community and allowed this element and attitude to invade.

    Wake up people, marijuana is partly to blame there is no way around it. Partly to blame, not totally to blame.

    Do something, turn this guy in, clean up your grows, be responsible and respectful to those around you. Neighbors, community and others all need the healthy culture back.

    • I think you mean the prohibition of cannabis is partly to blame. The black market is what drove many questionable characters into that industry. If it was totally legal nationwide most these people would never be able to thrive in that environment. The get rich quick conmen would have to look in another direction. People could have easier access to more affordable product and much time and resources could be saved in law enforcement.

      • Where are you from? How long have you been here in the emerald-green? We didn’t have to deal with all of these devastating problems when it was straight “black market”. Your “friends” who visited you would travel, chill for dinner, talk about life, & enjoy the truly good work you have harvested. Not murder, mayhem, & sraight a brutal environment to be in & live in.

        • I’ve been here 30 years. These devastating problems were inevitable. I saw it coming from way before it became as prevalent as today. When you have something this lucrative, you can only keep it secret for so long. Then basic laws of supply and demand start to kick in and just like life itself the industry can change before your very eyes.

          • What do you think this place was like in 1900? What do you think eureka was like? Sailors loggers and gold diggers. Humboldt has always had the knife if the teeth edge.

        • Right. Murders and cartels. We were just fine with that huh? Now we will just have to use all those horrible tax dollars like other states do; helping our schools and infrastructure. The horror.

        • Wish that were true but several families can attest to otherwise, as with the death of Kathy Davis in the 80’s for not having the crop the rip-offs were looking for. Black markets will always draw these problems, they are just concentrated here now because of our “world-renowned” status.

    • so explain the part….blaming a plant is ignorant, if you think pot and meth cause equal strife you should smoke more weed, pot feeds most of this fucking county and meth , well those folks dont eat but twinkies..

  • Gunfire up the hill at our place between 7 and 7:15 pm. Sounded like only one weapon, some fire pretty quick. We are on the east side of Alderpoint, and it’s difficult to see how this is connected to Zach – and yet it’s raining, why would anyone be firing guns. Tim’s old place seems to be the source.

    7:22 More gunfire, this time some really rapid fire, and some single shots. Usually gun fire here is from the bridge, but this sounds more like its inland.

    7:30 it’s at Tim’s , got confirmation of direction from two other observers. Calling 911. Tim sold to someone else but old timers know where that is. Driveway comes out by the fire dept.

    7:36 911 says mulltiple reports of this gunfire, “I’ll let the deputy know” No shots for almost 10 minutes.

  • The midnight rider lives another day.hell I thought he would of been caught awhile ago

    • “ the midnight rider “ ???

      Dude this guy isnt some folk hero he’s a stupid fucking tweeker that allegedly murdered somebody in cold blood .
      Don’t romanticize losers

      • Losers get caught. If this guy keeps being able to successfully allude law enforcement I have to at least give him props for that. May not agree with another single thing he has ever done, but not many can keep escaping over an extended period of time.

        • Maybe being best at hide and seek is your measure of a man but it certainly isn’t mine

          • My measure of a man is being successful at what you out your mind to. This guy obviously doesn’t want to get caught so clearly so far he is winning that game. Not saying I support what he is accused of doing, just saying that he is having surprising success so far in alluding capture. He is playing a dangerous game and the consequences might be him not making it out alive. I won’t shed a tear for him then, but in the mean time I will recognize he is one leg up in this little game of cat and mouse.

            • So in your mind he’s some sort of winner ….. wow

              • As long as he continues to avoid capture he is winning in his mind. Not really my job to judge him, thats what a jury of his peers is for. If people feel that this man is truly too dangerous to have around then maybe some will turn on him, but it’s not their duty to do so. In the meantime he is successfully managing to thwart the efforts of law enforcement. Never said I was on this guy’s side, just stating my neutral observations. Most criminals are way too stupid to not get caught. This guy is proving to be an exception so far, and for that I am simply recognizing his efforts.

                • Again , I’m more impressed with men who work hard , provide for family and volunteer to make their community a better place , you know …..
                  values !?!?

                  This dipshit could be juggling three chainsaws while riding a unicycle and i could give a shit . And yes , you’re romanticism if some low life murdering shithead is mind boggling … you even gave him a cute little nickname .

                • broseph, you do know that values are subjective, not some absolute thing. I am glad your mind is boggled because sometimes it is good to become aware that there are others out there that view the world through a different lens than you. Some people out there might not care to be involved with family and community. I believe that if you have offspring you should definitely care for them, but choosing not to be part of family or community is a perfectly fine decision for any autonomous being. I have the ability to be impressed with specific parts of something I would otherwise despise as a whole. Perhaps I am different in this regard. As far as my “romanticism” of this guy, I think you are confusing me with another poster on here. If you go back and read you will realize that I am not the one that game up with any cute nickname for this guy.

        • Well if you consider logic based argument and interacting with civil decency to be signs of brightness, then yes I will go along with that, but you will have to tell me how you define loser before I will agree to that… And I am probably much more grown than you would guess.

      • And wanted for questioning for a homicide before that is what I heard….

      • End up like Arron basslor

  • Believe it or not people will talk about this for along time especially if Netflix does make a movie or something come on he swam the river in winter time that’s impressive got away how many times now name one person that’s got away around here with that much leo chasing them and a helicopter

    • “ hooray ! The alleged murderer/tweeker/thief got away !! I’ll be singing songs to my grandchildren about this hero when I’m an old man !!! “

  • As someone stated earlier, how about Reward Money? LE must be spending big…a nice reward would/could help end this expensive endeavor.

  • IMnsHO (NS= Not So) I think HCSO should invest in their own K9 that way they can bring the animal (the 2 legged one) with them & save the drive time from Fortuna or further!!! Some of the Measure Z $ should be available for something like that!!!

  • They have one

  • Dave Anderson would of had him last time, and or this time. It’s a shame.

    • And if Kenny swithenbank was a bit younger!

      • Bruckinstein would have jumped out of a bush like the predator and had him in a second 😂🤣 that guy was an animal! Takes like 20 new fish n lame guys to cover what he did by himself, had to respect Larry.

  • Didn`t they catch someone in Rancho Sequoia a few years ago with Hitler`s buzzsaw?

    • That was a serial burglar named Ryan Floyd that lived in windy gap, another pice of shit on par with chad allender, the gun was a trophy from a 90 something year old ww2 vet I heard but who knows.


    Too bad Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane died a few years ago. He would have nabbed that Duke boy…

  • Charge 30-year-old Chadwick Leland Allender with aiding a wanted fugitive.
    Keep the pressure on, everyone was warned.

    • From the information I read in that press release I doubt they have enough evidence for a charge like that. Harrison was spotted “nearby”. In Allender’s residence would be a different story.

  • This fuck stain is worse than Zach

  • Localfarmhand707

    Cannabis is not a factor here it’s blunt murder drugs, whip it’s, and whatever else Zach got addicted too don’t blame Napa for all the drunk drivers but your sure to blame Blocksburg or Alderpoint for weed wow he needs to turn himself in this is going too far he has been a huge problem stealing gas and whatever else he finds stay alert and help stop this murderer

  • Native Humboldt

    Didn’t we play this game of cat and mouse not too long ago with the guy who killed his family in Weaverville? Can’t remember his name. I think he was a red head?

  • Y’all just a bunch of dumbass people with you’re panties in a bunch why don’t you find out the real reason why Zach did what he did ,bet you wouldn’t take it lightly either,so shut the fuck up and take a seat ,bunch of dumbfucks assuming shit on someone they know absolutely nothing about and actually Mr Chadwick was the one stealing from the school twice in one week….go figure it’s nothing new with that family…

    • Enlighten us twisted panty people then, or are you referring to the invisible gun in the truck? Or the supposed threatening? Let’s hear it

    • His sister previously stated that is was a financial dispute. But I guess we could always get Zach’s side of the story if he would stop running. What insight do you have into his reasonings for that?
      I don’t think any of us see that happening any time soon however. So, do tell. What exactly was the real reason?

    • You sound smart ….

  • I think tbe cops had better call dog chapman.

    • that moron chapman couldn’t find the end of his stupid orange mullet!
      how is that loser clan even on tv

  • This story has been told already. The ending is predestined. Do you feel it? You should because it is real at an existential level. It’s as real as it gets. Hell is real and we bear witness. These are the essential tremors caused by the shifting plates of order and chaos as a story as old as man plays out before our eyes. The lost boys are real and by all accounts the transformation appears complete. Soon I fear that father and son will be reunited. There will be no hope of rescue, transcendence, or redemption. Not for the actors. Maybe, just maybe there will be transformation for the area. Perhaps the pendulum will swing. It does have that feeling. Do you feel it?

  • I just have to say it, neck tattoo…

  • I worked with a tracker in Alaska who would have this clown in a day. One tracker, one day, one shot———taxpayer windfall.

  • I’m so sick of reading how Zack is a child of circumstance.. Really everyome has a choice to make in life and he just keeps picking the wrong one.. He loves with family out of AP but wanted to come back and live at the REZ… SERIOUSLY bottom line he shot someone.. Its sad that AP has turned out the way it has.. Really the shit heads ain’t locals and the only reason they have family here is because they keep coming up here…. Go the Fuck home..

  • Wow Chad looks horrible.. Wow lay off the drugs man..

  • Hmm kinda interesting my comments are no different then any others but it seems like somebody doesn’t like them and to think I actually liked this site ..hmmm

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