Pete Meyer: Colleagues Are Reporting That He Passed Away

dj Pete Meyer

Image from Pete Meyer’s Wedding DJ site.

Friends and colleagues of Pete Meyer (Meyer in the Morning on 96.3 FM) are reporting that he passed away yesterday. Pete Meyer was the voice that brings the music many wake up to on the North Coast.

Rollin from Big Red 92.3 posted on Facebook this morning, “It is with a heavy heart we share the news that friend, coworker, father, grandfather and legend, Pete Meyer has passed. A gentle soul who shared all of our lives. The vessel may be docked but the spirit shall sail.
One more ride please Uber Pete….”

Meyer’s regular show this morning is hosted by another DJ.
From a mom whose teenagers turned the dial to his smooth voice whenever they had a chance, thanks for making me secretly enjoy those excursions from my normal news shows.



  • Wow, I’m very saddened to here this over in Thailand 🇹🇭
    May he rest easy now. I’m sorry for his friends and family 😢

  • Pete was a great guy and very generous with his time and energy.

  • Thanks for the laughs

    Rest In Peace to Humboldt county’s biggest celebrity! You’ll truly be missed by all. Sorry to everyone at 96.3, for your jobs are forever changed.


  • No way! I listened to him as long as I can remember, he was great!

  • When I did radio ads with Los Bagels last year, Pete was definitely my favorite DJ to spend time with so early in the morning. He was easy to work with and great at directing us radio noobs. RIP Pete Meyer!

  • A sweet man, a generous mentor and a hell of a drive time jock.

  • Rip pete meyer. I listened to you for many years. You were definately my favorite morning show person. You will be missed my friend. Spread your wings and fly.

  • I listened religiously since i was a child… the bus driver would play his show every morning. I even called in and won tickets, and prizes a few times. My favorites were when he would do the “morning wake up call” if anyone remembers…. he hasn’t done them in a while. Also he did DJ for my friends wedding. Real nice guy that you thought body didn’t match what you heard on the radio. I dont think he could be replaced. I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. He will be missed. See you on the otherside.

  • A sweet guy, built a dome home in SoHum in the 70’s/ 80’s and hung out for a few years as his family grew.
    Adios muchacho…

  • This is very sad news.How did he pass?

  • ooh man thats sad.

    i had the pleasure of working with him again recently, it was a pleasure to talk with him again after a decade and a half. i had worked with his son many years back too. which is how i had come to meet and know him in person.

  • Cliff Berkowitz

    I’ve known Pete for a long time. Although we never worked together, I’ve always had a lot of respect for man and fellow broadcaster. The airwaves of Humboldt will be diminished by his loss.

  • Two radio legends gone this year: Tim Farley (Biff Barker in the mornings from ’93 to ’97) and now Pete. I thought Pete would last forever! My condolences to his family.

  • He will be missed – I enjoyed tuning in every morning – forget Sirius XM – Pete Meyer was the best! He was always supportive of ArMack Orchestra and had the students on his show as guest DJs. They always had a great time. Thanks Pete for sharing yourself and my sincere condolances to his family.

  • Rest in peace my friend

  • Pinch of Salt River

    RIP Pete! The last good DJ worth a listen in Humboldt County.
    Our radio will now be silent while in Humboldt.
    Godspeed, Mr. Meyer, we’ll miss you.

  • unbridled philistine

    Took me a sec to realize that is a persons head in the fore ground! Thought the lady in white dress was exposing her self! lol

  • Omgosh grew up with listening to Pete Myer in the morning. Bus driver, school art class, Mom and Dad’s radio station was always set for power 96. Wonderful, wonderful man and great radio. He’s definitely a legend. He will be missed. Radio won’t be able to replace the top dog. Rip.prayers to all of you at Humboldt Hill radio station. God bless. Deepest condolences. Family

  • What a great man Pete Meyer was. A wonderful husband and father, a fantastic community member and mentor! Everything about Pete will be missed, from his voice on the radio to his friendly waves in the community. It was an honor to know you, Pete Meyer. Your legend will live on! Our deepest condolences to his family!

  • Pete always treated me decently and was there to give me advice in radio when I asked him for it. A kind soul who treated people equally. A rarely in the radio business these days, decency.

    RIP bud.

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