Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies Chasing Zach Harrison in the Rancho Sequoia Area

Sheriff vehicle dirt road at dark

A Humboldt County Sheriff’s car parked on a dirt road in the Rancho Sequoia area as they chase a suspect. [Photo provided by a reader]

This evening, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies are chasing a suspect in the Rancho Sequoia area in southeastern Humboldt. One reader called it a “huge police force.” Another reader says that she can see deputies flashing their lights around the hillside. She said that recently they yelled for Zach Harrison, a suspect sought for a homicide that occurred last September in the Alderpoint area. She said she heard, “Come on, Zack…Do the right thing…We don’t wanna shoot you.”

She said they also yelled, “Zach Harrison, it’s the Fortuna K-9 team…come in before we release the dogs because they WILL bite you.” She said there were three warnings and “[the] dog is barking like hell.”

She said that the deputies have been in the area since the afternoon searching. This evening they showed up near her home. She said she went outside where she could see their lights and “they told me to go upstairs and lock the doors.”

We are monitoring the situation by listening to the scanner and talking to residents.

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  • Dam All this AND the honeydew chase!! LE has there hands full today. Well we shall see how this unfolds but I belive he ain’t getting away this time….

  • Jeepers!
    I wonder how this will all turn out.

  • If he gets away again, what a great movie this would make!!! He needs to be locked away, but you have to give him some props to resist arrest through all of this. Hope our local LE is learning from this whole situations; and our state, courts and judges are paying attention so their sentences have more consequences. Go GET ‘EM !!!

  • HPD finally put their thinking caps on and decided to bring in a K-9 unit. Yeah!! [edit] Glad he’s getting closed in on now. Karma is a Bitch..catch his ASS HPD.. Btw- look for him at the very top where the beehive METH house is, clean that Sh*t out too while you guys are at it! Lol..

    • [edit] Y don’t u guys look at the facts in this case? That wasn’t some cold blooded murder when first responders pulled Bob from his truck a cocked and loaded 45 fell to the ground and y was he going to Zach’s the day after the confrontation they had with a gun? Don’t we have a constitutional right to defend ourselves? I know Zach is no angel but neither was Bob and there r 4 or 5 people that will go to court and testify that Bob had shot at them during disagreements I am not going to say he deserved to die I’m only saying if your bringing a gun to a fight don’t b too surprised if u get shot!!

      • [edit] There was NO Gun!!! Get your facts straight buddy!!

      • if this kid really has a shot at beating this, he should turn himself in! let the lawyers handle it

      • More people than that would testify that Zach is just as bad if not worse. So what’s your point? It’s ok for drug addicts to kill other drug addicts because they’re all bad?

      • Are you going to prosecute the case on this website? Once he’s done resisting and evading, he’ll have his day in court. It’s called “due process”, look it up.

      • Hahah Bob didn’t have a gun. There was an eye witness who was sitting passenger in bobs truck. We all know Zach killed bob cold blood over some words spoken back and forth. I wish the police would have cards this much when Brown killed Neil or Jubal murdered Scott….
        i hope no one else gets hurt. He should turn himself in before things get worse and history repeats itself…

        • Or when jubal Venus an echo killed Eugene. There has been a lot of murders that were worse an didn’t get as much attention in this area

        • If you call pulling Bob pulling a gun on Zach, threatening to kill him and rape his newborn daughter then telling Zach next time He sees see him he’s dead some “words back and forth”…. when bob got shot he was headed to Zach’s place he’s lived and worked for the past several years, and the witness never said Bob was unarmed. neither did the police for that matter. Bob ALWAYS carried a gun…now for some reason he was unarmed??? I don’t buy it. How many people in the area had bob drew is gun on and shit at a in the last year? A BUNCH! I would be scared for my life if that happened to me, just sayin.

      • Were the wild horses run!

        Thank you for reminding every one,with every one getting all in to the hunt or chase for him I think they lost sight of the real trueth of what really happened,I dont know them but Im starting to feel sorry for hem cause there not going to lissen to him with his side of the story when or if they catch him.

  • Just heard a gun shot!

    • Please let us know if you hear more.

      • Local hillbilly

        As of 10 min ago nobody allowed in rancho. Lots of traffic at the bottom. Haven’t found him. word is they think they know where to go and waiting for k9. Cop said they hope to let people back in by nightfall.

  • I’m wondering if he has the nerve to off himself if he’s about to get captured. One single gun shot would make you think suicide or sniper cause we all know that if you pop one round off at a cop you’re going to get their whole clip back at you. Just my thoughts if the gun shot was from this ordeal.

    • Sorry to say it but it sure would save us a lot of time and money if he does!

      I wonder, if the netflix film crew hadn’t picked up on the story would the cops have stopped looking? He musta pissed them off, theyre using so many police resources you’d think it was an earth first rally.
      There will be more car&home breakins and thefts since everyone can read about where the cops are not at right now. Why so many resources?

      I wish even one of them would show up when people in our neighborhood report having their homes broken into and report the domestic stalker who is always armed that lives in the woods behind our houses.

  • Any updates

  • Nothing that I have heard yet, I’m sure we would of heard if he was caught or the latter. It was dark when they started looking, I don’t think they have realized yet how experienced Zach is around here. They really have no chances unless they bring the heat. I’m tired of this bullshit and I know my community is too! I hope he gets tired of the chase and turns him self in. Scum bags at the res might get tired of hiding him and Chad. Maybe Derek should be arrested too since he’s the one hiding them…

  • I met Zach, who stood at his (now diseased) mother’s knee, when he was about 3 years old. He was such a cute little boy. I know his whole family and it’s a sad sad tale of impoverished scrabble, drug use and death. Zach’s big brother Chris committed suicide right after the murder. Zach’s sister is a wonderful loving person and mother to small children, who are old enough to see this…
    I pray for the least painful solution, for the whole family and everyone involved. Those families have seen enough heartbreak and tragedy. Be kind, good people. Stand down, hateful Trolls.
    Zach, Do the right thing and give yourself up.

    • Lady open your eyes this punk is a cold blooded killer!!! Who gives a damn about how much heartbreak his family has gone through, that’s no excuse to murder another human, oh wait, did u stop to think of how much heartbreak the victims family is suffering? Spare us all the quilt trip!!! The punk deserves what is coming for him!

  • So its ok that He steals from our community on a regular basis to fuel drug addiction .and shot someone probably over drugs.Nice guy.Just needs a hug.

  • Veteran's Friend

    The gunshot heard was a deputy trying to locate other deputies in the woods. I heard the request to fire a shot on the scanner. They had Rancho sealed and searched at least one car coming out and they were allowing no one in. They also had Steelhead road blocked and were searching the area of Rancho below the main road down to Steelhead rd and the river. At least one person was detained, but it wasn’t Zach.
    Everyone should have a scanner. More entertaining than HBO😊

  • It’s almost 10 am can a person get in and out of Rancho yet? I was under the impression that it had been closed off.

  • With the number of people that do not trust or believe in local law enforcement, this story is a nice change from all their mistakes. However, it seems a bit forced. You quote a “witness” about the number of law enforcement that responded, and post a picture of a lone sheriff’s vehicle on a dirt road. Honestly, that picture could have been taken anywhere at any other time, and does not suggest their was a full force response to this.  I am not discounting the story you are presenting, but maybe try to be more consistent with your proof. I understand, there are not people just sitting around waiting to take pictures of criminal events; but, when you quote a witness in that way and present a picture that does not suggest their details were true, it makes the validity of the entire story questionable.

    • Don’t know what to say. Did you see the pictures today? Did you read the articles? There were plenty of law enforcement there. Sometimes I can’t just magically make people walk outside where a homicide suspect and cops are playing cat and mouse in the dark so they can take me a photo. In fact, I discourage them doing anything unsafe.

      Sure, the photo could have been taken somewhere else at some other time but if you think I’m that kind of reporter, you shouldn’t be reading me.

  • unbridled philistine

    Why not a reward for this guy? If the price was right I would hunt him!

  • Covelo or busted

    SOOOOOOOO? were the dogs/dogs released?

  • Hell, just go find Destinee Line or KC Stillwell, theyve been hiding him all along..

  • Redway resident

    I think a reward is a great idea. SO many people are getting short of cash these days it could be a huge incentive to turn him in. Somebody or some people must know where he is or he’d starve or die of exposure.

  • Listening to the scanner ,and the cops are doing ,so called welfare checks alot these days ,and they are having no luck lol.

  • Run Zach Run no one can catch the gingerbread man!

    • Were the wild Horses run!

      I agree ,and that actually made me laugh! RUN ZACK RUN,but Hes gonna have to FLY I think to get away.FLY like a bird to get atleast out of the state or country start over be a better person get a new life!

  • Taurus Ballzhof

    Chasing implies that someone knows where he is. Sounds like they are dreaming about capturing him only.

  • Rancho is a big place. Cops apparently still there. Some sort of blockade on the entrance. Hundreds of people live in there, so this probably can’t keep up for too long.

  • There are most likely only 1 or 2 people that know where he might possibly be. I’m sure that 99% of the community has no clue where he is. The big conspiracy theory that the town’s people are holding out is false. I hope Zach turns himself in and no one is hurt He could just walk into the court house and give himself up since they can’t seem to catch him. That would be the best for him and LE.

  • Goochie man turkey dick…! Goochie man turkey dick! That’s what Zach would yell every morning to Will Luch before work.. Zach used to crack me up.. it’s a damn shame..

  • Times are hard and many need a financial infusion. Why not offer a 10 to 20k reward and he will be turned in or apprehended by the locals. In my estimation, over 100,000 has been already spent with no results. Leo’s have worked their butts off tracking this guy down…Money talks and gets results !!!

  • Some of the residents up there in Rancho are going to start getting cranky if you know what I’m saying with all the police activity is making it very hard to get more meth heroin up in there things are going to start to implode when the junkies start withdrawing I hope I do not offend anyone ,but these are the facts .eventually someone is going to crack once the meth dries up that’s when he will slip up Zac has probably not slept in a month.

  • Perhaps HCSO should start methodically busting every grow in the area not in the permit process. Just pull the plants and hit the next place. My guess is it won’t take long before someone says, “he’s over there.” Or they’ll take care of him themselves

  • Rancho is still closed to everybody, the officers blocking the road said the lieutenant may start letting people go back in after dark

  • As of right now there’s probably about 15 vehicles backed up trying to get up the road

  • Word is Coroners are in Alderpoint right now..

  • Is this true? Or someone just he heard she heard rumor mill??? Anyone else here something like this?

  • Go into Rancho and alderpoint shut the roads down and turn the town’s upside down!!!!! I’m positive before your done someone will bring him hog ties.. They don’t want cops all in their personal space like that.. People keep helping and hiding him so the cops have every right to search like that.. Load up all the fucking tweakers… Sucks that AP has turned out like this.. Some people thought it would be a good idea to bring people up from the city and now they all want to bitch about the bullshit. LOL

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