Atmospheric River Predicted: Expect to Get Wet This Week

rain levels

Predicted rain level chart from the National Weather Service in Eureka.

“An atmospheric river is expected to bring several rounds of moderate to heavy rain Thursday through the weekend,” predicts the National Weather Service. “The first wave is expected Thursday and will be followed by another round early Friday morning.”

By Friday night, the Weather Service believes the main front of the storm will arrive. First, they predict “gusty southerly winds” but then expect more rain.  The Weather Service predicts that rivers will rise quickly–some may even approach flood monitoring stage. They warn that small stream flooding is possible.

Flood monitor

Eel River at Sylvandale reaches flood monitor stage in January 2017. [Photo by a reader]

There will be snow but mostly above 7000 feet and it isn’t expected to impact major roads.

Watch for rockslides on roads if you are traveling.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • OH BOY!!!! NOT!!! The Pineapple express again just what we don’t need!!! Too much rain all at once is NEVER a good thing!!! ;-C

    • unbridled philistine

      We need it! Flush out all the body’s upstream! Collect them for pick up.

    • Yes it is! Bring it on!

    • Did anyone else notice the heavy solar radiation management(chemtrails) over the last two days? The air seems very hazy at times for days with “clear” blue skies.

      • There was prescribed burning going on all over Nor Cal ahead of this storm, smoke makes the skies hazy..

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        All I have seen is ever thickening cloud layer as the atmospheric river approaches land. Very standard weather pattern when a huge mass of humid air comes in. Normal and right as rain. What IS it with the “radiation management” and chemtrails? Are you from San Diego? Clouds get thick and block the sun as rain aporoaches. The sun’s radiation is “managed.” [edit]

        • I mean spend most days outside and I watch planned fly over and it’s certainly not contrails that stay in the sky. I grew up an airforce brat then my dad becane a commercial pilot so I have seen plent of contrails. Nit saying I know what it is, but it ain’t water vapor

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      We need it. Not massive flooding, but we were looking at a somewhat dry winter a few weeks ago with very dry or drought conditions over huge areas of California and a very poor snow pack. Even now snow pack is about half of average. This warm, wet soaker won’t help the pack that much but will fill reservoirs and aquifers. It’s only water.

  • I hope they can keep that slide on Sprowel Creek Road (Speed DeVee’s old place) from letting loose…

  • Play time on the mountain no stupid games just good clean fun not a worry to be had no Wars no closed doors no pollution no disease no Global threats just good loving that’s all that is left when all said and done what will be the measurement the Next Generation might have a hard time finding play time on the mountain like a seed that can grow you can share it this I know only time will tell some say the sacred hoop was broken we must finish on our principles even though we have so little left play time on the mountain some say dr. Martin Luther King jr. Died of a broken heart he was murdered 50 years ago at the age of 39

  • Seems this water farm will profit and benefit from the rain water, instead of the river and wildlife habitat community. Pic taken yesterday, Garberville, South Fork Eel…

    • Haha maybe some NOW, that’s a new catchment, where do you think the water has come from for the last 5 years? I can’t believe he got away with that for so long in plain view of every “hippie” and county person who drives that road, can almost see it from garb.

      • “where do you think the water has come from for the last 5 years?”

        Connick Creek and wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t start using it again, other than allot more people are watching…

    • Holy Crap who does that Water extreme collection belong too?

    • Ed , are you going to try to sue him as well? Or try to extort him like you’ve done with the community park and several others in the immediate area, by sending a letter asking for money? Claiming that they devalued your house? Sounds like a grand plan.. Threatening litigation but never following through…. put your money where your mouth is bud!


  • I sent a link of the NOAA multi-band site which is really good at tracking these storms, and fun to watch (if one doesn’t get out enough.) I screwed it up, and sent it to you to help me. My handle should be The Inept One. Check the MsKym e-mail. Thanks in advance, I hope.

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