[UPDATE 2:44 p.m.] Shots Fired During Armed Robbery in McKinleyville

Armed RobberyA man who pulled out a firearm and fired shots during a marijuana transaction with a group of people on 2200 block of Elizabeth Road in McKinleyville about 7:30 last night was arrested by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, according to Samantha Karges, their spokesperson.

She said, “During the transaction, the suspect removed a pistol from a bag and he attempted to rob them. He hit one of them with a gun and zip-tied another.”

The homeowner, however, managed to grab a gun, she explained.There was a brief standoff between the two. Twenty-three-year-old Ronald Hardy then grabbed one of the men in the home and attempted to use him as a shield, Karges explained.

“Then there was a physical altercation,” she said. The hostage was able to wrestle Hardy to the ground. The witnesses told law enforcement that the suspect fired two shots into the brush or treeline.

“One of the subjects was able to disarm him,” Karges said. Then Hardy fled on foot. The occupants called 911.

“When our deputies were en route, they saw Hardy and contacted him,” Karges said. “We had the suspect name already.”  He was booked for robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and brandishing a deadly weapon.

UPDATE 2:44 p.m.:

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Ronald Hardy RonOn April 2, 2018, at about 7:30 p.m., Humboldt County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 2200 block of Elizabeth Rd. in McKinleyville for the report of a subject brandishing a firearm.

When deputies arrived on scene, they observed a male subject matching the description of the suspect walking in the roadway near the residence. Deputies contacted and detained 23-year-old Ronald O’Keefe Hardy of Los Angeles.

According to witnesses on scene, Hardy arrived at the residence that evening to purchase marijuana. During the transaction, Hardy removed a handgun from his bag in an attempt to rob the subjects. Hardy then struck one victim with the firearm and began zip-tying the hands of the remaining victims. The owner of the residence was able to retrieve his firearm and confronted Hardy. Hardy then took one victim hostage. A physical altercation ensued as the hostage was able to break free from Hardy. Hardy fired his weapon twice into the tree line during the struggle, before the homeowner and hostage were able to disarm him. Hardy was in the process of fleeing the area when deputies made contact with him.

Hardy was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges: robbery, assault with a firearm on a person, false imprisonment, kidnapping and exhibiting a firearm. His bail is set at $100,000.



  • And I suppose the Home Owners, I.E – dope distributors, were let off!

    • Odd. Very odd. even if it is legal, do they have permits to operate cannibas transactions in a residential area? They should have at least been cited.

      • Think this through a little

        Hey “cb buddie” and “Me_too,” those victims of the VIOLENT offenses will be needed as witnesses if/when this ever goes to trial. Arresting or even citing them for any dope violations won’t put them in any mood whatsoever to be cooperative with the cops or the DA.

        • You should think this through a little. All these motherfuckers deserve each other. No victims here. Just low life dealers, and their lowlife customers. Stop defending felons! You are part of the problem. And, you deserve the whole shitpile of them as your neighbors. Enjoy.

      • Rightchicknwing


    • Hahaha look at that guy they do business with guys that look like that they deserve to get robbed. Dude just looks like someone that would rip you off.

  • So, the victim stopped being victimized because he has his own gun. Hmmm.

  • FortunaSmBizOwner

    GUNS don’t shoot people…. PEOPLE shoot PEOPLE… what part of that is so damn hard to understand?!? I grew up being taught to respect the fact that a gun can defend your life and those of your loved ones& put food on your table. BUT if disrespected &used haphazardly,irresponsibly OR with malicious intent it can AND will take another human beings life. To this day those words echo in my head and as a result of how I was raised, I respect the power a gun has, the teachings I received regarding guns, and the golden rules I was taught as a child such as Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Say Please and Thank you, always say excuse me and don’t interrupt, lend a helping hand to those in need,when possible turn the other cheek, it’s not worth it, just walk away live to fight another day, things like that made me a thoughtful, law abiding citizen who thinks before I act! These things are not taught at all anymore and further more sadly, so many children don’t see their role models going off for a long hard days work to put food on the table and keep a roof over their families heads anymore either & people wonder why everyone is such a lazy selfish asshole who feels they should be handed everything these days!! That is just the tip of the iceberg too!! If we take guns away from law abiding citizens who mind their own beezwax, care about their families and communities, there’s STILL going to be plenty of criminals with PLENTY of guns to blow away, Rob or in general bully us disarmed citizens! IF that ever occurs the criminal scumbags would and will always have the upper hand& we will no longer hear stories about people being able to bravely defend themselves, just tragic, bloody, stories that never needed to occur. (Horrific stories that we are hearing anyways daily and weekly, just imagine if there was no longer a legal way to defend yourself with a similar weapon to match the criminals weapon who’s intent on taking you and yours out?) It’s a logical thought process that a LOT of people are unable to understand. Just my two cents worth. Have a wonderful day! 😉😊

    • Fortuna, spot on, well written, excellent points!!

      Keep it up, spread those words, and vote.

      Thank you.

    • Well, shooting into the “brush or treeline” could easily have killed neighbors, who could have been me, minding my own business! If there hadn’t been any guns involved, someone would have had their illegal grow ripped off, period.

      • Uh yeah…the suspect used the gun to comitt a crime, you think he really cared if he hit anyone when he fired his gun? As Mr Fortuna said, enforce the gun laws. We keep blaming the guns for gun violence, and make excuses for the people who caused the action. Instead of making more laws against guns, enforce the ones we have. Get on track with mental heath since we have so many druggies losing their minds. If you comitt a crime while armed, instead of plea barging it away, increase the time.

        • These fucking people keep blaming the innocent guns, who are just minding their own business, not bothering anyone. When will these goddamned American citizens wise up, and realize that THEY DONT HAVE RIGHTS, BUT GUNS DO?!? Is that so hard to unnerstand?

    • Yes exactly, and in this state any law abiding citizen is ALWAYS outgunned by law! Criminals always have hi cap mags, but We can only legally have 10.

    • Well said. I agree with you on so many things you had to say. It seems to me that so much of the time parents are too busy being children themselves to raise their children to be good people. Kids have no role models, maybe the Kardashians, and that is a true shame. If we all think of each other before ourselves the world would be such a better place.

  • The home owner had restraint and kept a level head during the altercation and didn’t fire even when they had two guns to do so (as per the info provided) this backs the theory “people kill people not guns “ tremendously .

  • Cannabis Is Legal

    Cannabis is legal.

  • Weed sellers are angels. Remember that. Without drug dealers – er, medicine providers – our county would be far less beautiful.

  • lol! whos the guy that calls it the DEVILS LETTUCE? that’s pretty funny

  • You will never get all the guns…so forget about it it’s what makes America great…went to dump today and plastic is really pissing me off..let’s ban Plastic..it sucks….forget about guns..ban Plastic,cars, cell phones, cigarettes, alcohol…but don’t even waste your breath with guns..won’t happen..😎ever..

  • The hills are watching

    The war on guns will go worse than the war on drugs. Because… the war on drugs is working!!!! Ummm errrr…..

  • Reforming gun laws will NOT solve anything, criminals don’t care about laws, that’s why they are criminals, if we make laws reforming gun control, it’s only gonna make criminals who sell weapons more money.

  • Y’all being petty af. It’s not about the guns it’s about this guy trying to rob people at gun point over a few pounds of flower. This guy needs to be locked up for a long time. I heard he is out on bail so lock your doors he’s going to be even more desperate now 🤬

  • Dam must been alot of weed i did not know it was that valuable any more

  • People kill people…with guns. Guns make it quicker and more efficient. A gun makes it so easy. You don’t have to look a man in the eye when you kill him with a gun. You dont have to exert any effort at all really. You don’t need to be of sound mind or body, you don’t need skill, courage, integrity or strength. In fact these things really just get in the way. If you are the scared of your own shadow, cant stand up for yourself type of person, or general wuss, you probably do need a gun. It will make you feel tougher, like you had an actual backbone. Try not to shoot yourself

    • Are you describing women as wusses because they do not have comparable strength? Or some granny in a home invasion who fended off an attacker ith her gun because she must “look a man in the eye” before she defends herself? Should the disabled not have the right go a gun because they are not “of sound mind or body?”

  • Ya we need more guns the gun lobby will tell you .Assault rifles for sure.Americans have more guns than they need .All the country is asking for are the same laws Californians already have .People kill people with guns when they get into the wrong hands.Don’t be brainwashed by companies and there lobbyist profiting off gun sales.

    Their gona take your Guns.
    More guns were sold while Obama was in office than ever before.They made billions .Did anyone take anyone’s gun no.
    But they wanted to Right?

  • She said, “During the transaction, the suspect removed a pistol from a bag and he attempted to rob them. He hit one of them with a gun an zip-tied another.”

    Spokesperson? Here’s a clue, vowels love an.

  • Only 100 k bail? Wtf? He’s back on the streets for 10k? Travesty

    • I am MUCH more curious as to who paid the bail bondsman..and robbing someone with the aid of a deadly weapon I feel should be a no bail situation to protect the victim(s).
      BTW I am a firearms owner as many of us are.

  • Hate to point out the obvious…But another black looking for a payday!

  • Coletta A Hughes

    Humboldt needs a firm ordnance: If you are not from Humboldt and you commit a violent crime here in any part of our beautiful county, then you’re banned from coming back to Humboldt for no less than 10 years from after the date you are released from Jail/prison. And if you violate that ordnance it’s an automatic 3rd degree felony charge with a $1000 fine and an 18 month prison sentence attached. It’s all kinds of violent mean spirited city people that are ruining Humboldt, not just the blacks, or hispanics. No matter what color your skin is take your mean spirited BS back to your dirty cities where you came from. Because we don’t like you, nor want your kind around here. At last half these creeps are hard core drug dealers, so fine the hell out of them rather than spend taxpayer money on this scum.

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