Redway Man Charged With DUI, Child Endangerment, Assault, Domestic Violence, and Taking a Cell Phone While a Minor Called 911

Thomas Harwood

On Monday at approximately 1:10 a.m., an operator with the 911 system received a call from a juvenile subject reporting a possible intoxicated driver. The alleged driver, Thomas Vernon Harwood, age 44, of Redway was subsequently arrested.

Officers were dispatched when the call was interrupted. The alleged vehicle was parked on Old Briceland Road about two miles from the airport. Officer William Wunderlich, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol Garberville office, explained, There were a total of four people in the vehicle–The arrestee, one other adult, and two children. The officers believe that one of the children was prevented from making a call. Officer Wunderlich said, “At one point, the phone was taken away from the child and thrown into the bushes…Mr. Harwood struck the other adult. All the passengers in the vehicle were physically assaulted.”

According to Officer Wunderlich, officers conducted a DUI investigation on Harwood who was arrested by the California Highway Patrol at 2:45 a.m Monday. In addition to a felony DUI over .08, Mr. Harwood was charged with another DUI, child endangerment, assault, domestic violence, and taking someone’s cell phone and preventing them from calling 911.

Harwood bailed out of jail later Monday morning.



  • Hope his family will be safe from his wrath.

  • Veteran's Friend

    There better be an RO or someone is going to get hurt.

  • He’ll probably take them for a drive off a cliff.
    Seriously, can’t LE protect the family?

  • Very sad, I’m good friends with him and he’s always been a kind fellow, alchol is the devil
    And should be replaced with Cannabis asap please call your local congressman and tell them what’s up. If u need me I’m in Gville💯

    • Probably wasn’t just alcohol he was probably high on coke!! He’s a two faced person and I believe this isn’t the first time he’s gotten domestic violence charge’s. Get some help Tommy before you lose everything your girl would have a good case for mental anguish and poof all gone!! Oh and by the way Tommy has one of the bigger permits around so he has all the weed he wants that won’t help! I’m just wondering if his permits will get pulled that would be awesome!!

    • All right let’s replace drugs with drugs? Everybody needs to be on drugs?! Yeah! WTF. How about go to AA and a therapist and work your demons out without drugs first. Just a thought…

  • Wow i hope the kids will be ok 👀

  • Hope the family gets a restraining order.

  • Caption obvious

    [edit]fucking pos I hope u loose the rights to ur kids!

  • That’s what Money Looks Like

  • This guy is a POS and so is his business Redway feed/greed

    • Is he really the owner of Redway Feed? If not, then that’s an irresponsible statement. If the woman takes him back, then she will be endangering, abusing and traumatizing the children! Our Village needs to intervene asap.

    • Ppl need to stop being drunk and abusing family.

      What ? Oh dear Google confirm he is owner and local baller. WTF get a grip Tommy.. [edit]

    • Oh is that his business? Well, if that’s true then I know too much distasteful stuff about him and his other business that allowed him to buy and expand that one some 5-10 years ago. Not a cool bro but I guess many would think he’s a real “boss”. Greed destroyed our scene. Arrogance and worship of money killed our community. Why did this guy never get audited?! It was all very blatant how he ran the cash.

    • Looser turn off your huge generator we are sick of hearing it

  • [edit] So sad for the children, and the abused adult.

  • Monsters with money always skip home free. Ask Marcie Kitchen. Hey they would make a great couple. Tommy could beat the kids,Marcie could finish them off & they could bury them together. Sounds like a match made in hell.

  • What the F@#K? Out with the family drunk driving at 1am and on a school night.

  • The family may want to call WISH for access to a safe So Hum shelter.

  • Even if his bail was $2 million or more He could have easily bailed out. But I wonder what his Bail was. Come on Humboldt judges motherfuckers like this have ruined our community.

  • Please be mindful that your comments are made without full knowledge of what occurred and gossip can be very hurtful to his family and his business. People judge and gossip without a thought to the effects. Tommy is no monster but he is human,

    • I worked for the guy. He is every single bit of the monster explained by the commenters. In fact, he is much much worse than any of you can ever imagine. So anyone defending him has been seriously played, or your moral compass is completely askew.
      Ive been patiently waiting… the fall of an empire begins! 😁

    • Thomas Road Oldie But Moldie

      I agree. And yet…..
      I just looked him up to see who he is. And oh. It’s “Tommy”! I had experiences with him when he first moved to Humboldt and it was not good. Dishonest. Manipulative. And nothing I heard since to assuage that impression.
      Still. I hope this is a wake-up call for him. That he can redeem himself and become a caring neighbor / community member.

    • It’s interesting how many shit talking comments there is out there, and yet it seems almost all of you know where to find him (especially the person who ran into him), but none of you will say anything to his face. Out of 51 comments I can’t believe that no one ( whether it be you or a family member) has had any run ins with the law. That sure is a whole lot of perfect.
      But its nice that you take the time out of your perfection to pass judgement.

      • Stephanie so youre saying that what this man did is okay or acceptable? Sure most have had a run-in with the law. Its a pretty normal thing. However, endangering the lives of everyone in the vehicle and everyone else on the road. Assaulting three people. One adult, and two minors, of which one WASNT HIS KID… Thats on a whole other level of run-in with the law.

        As a parent and a decent human being i find that completely unacceptable. How would you feel if that was your child in his clutches that night? Imagine how scared all those people were when he was flipping the fuck out, in the middle of nowhere, during a drug induced rage. Wasnt my kid however, i can and do sympathize with them. AND i will tell him to his face the next time i see his elusive ass.

        • I never once implied that those things were acceptable in the least. What I was intending to imply was that if you or any one you know had had a run in, then they would KNOW that just because you are charged with something doesn’t make it a fact. So unless they were there or had taken time to check on what had happened with those involved, then passing judgement in the middle of saying ” I know him, we were friends” is nothing but bs.

      • Am I to late I had to pick myself up from laughing at this one you must be up for a raise ( I don’t mean in salary either) look at what you wrote I remember a comment you made on Facebook about a local young man with mental issues [edit]

    • Except when you are my 12 year old daughter he punched square in the face after assaulting both his child and girlfriend in front of her. Then yes he is a freaking monster!!!!

  • There is obviously some major stress in his life . Making it big doesn’t always mean happiness. He has a lot of land , houses , cars and lackies. Yet still not happy . Life is about relationships not cash drugs and sex .

    • Not cash and sex!?!? Shit back to my therapist again then. Damit

    • That depends on who you are😉

    • Maybe he’s not making it big. If they can sell their weed it’s going at a discount. Being permitted and jumping thru a million hoops and paying fees and taxes has a lot of permit seekers wondering what they got themselves into. Owning a grow supply business in Sohum probably isn’t so great right now considering what is going on. People got spoiled on the greenrush years. It’s a whole new ball game now.
      At any rate, getting drunk and abusing your family is something a mentally disturbed person does. Seek help, Tom.

      • Concerned citizen

        I feel so sorry for the growers who have to pay taxes like the rest of the world. cry me a river

  • King of nuthin at all

  • Not to make light of this but does it say that taking someone’s cell phone from them And preventing them from calling 911 are separate charges? I understand in this situation, but is it illegal to take a child’s phone away from them? That would really limit punishment “go to your room! And make sure you take your phone so you can facebook what a jerk i am”

    • Mike, its a little different when youre driving drunk and high ( hence double DUI), being violent towards all occupants of the vehicle, and trying to stop someone from calling emergency personnel against you by throwing the phone out the vehicle.

  • As I was enjoying a beautiful Easter Sunday followed by an amazing performance on NBC with Sara Bareilles making me realize how much I appreciate all my family and friends wanting to be at peace with all my brothers and sisters on earth to Live and Give to the best of your ability because how could you expect to be forgiven for all the wrong things you have done in your own life this is how the universe really works I really think Tommy needs to read Dalai Lama and Desmond TuTu’s new book it’s called the Book Of Joy check it out as soon as you get a chance so the healing can begin.

  • This is it right here the key to a beautiful life.

  • The end is near Tommy of Redway Feed. You lied and backstab to many in our community. Your greed has finally caught up with you and it’s time to pay the devil.

  • What the hell?

  • Yellow, i couldnt agree with you more…. however this is his “bible” per-say. Read this book, then you’ll understand the man to a T.

  • That bloated face is a sign of serious alcohol/substance abuse problems. An uncool dude.

  • This is Karma for you Tommy!! Life is about relationships, about how you treat people in your life!! I know Tommy really well and he does have a lot of stress etc., all excuses for completely out of control behavior. People are human and make mistakes so I want him to know “yes” this is your wake up call! Pay attention to how you treat yourself and others. You can get through this and you have a lot of people who care about you!

  • [edit] everyone knows how this man really is to people he exposaly loves but lives with, but it’s so stupid I seen him yesterday and he acted like nothing ever happened and like he was hot shit still, just like those people out there that think that there sh*t don’t stink and think they put there pants on any different then anyone of us, so ya Tommy karma will get ya cuz it hasn’t yet begun yet lol

  • Douglas do good

    i ONCE TOO WORKED FOR TOMMY MANY MOONS AGO… Tommy Came to me and in a real bind he need help resolving a bad situation. after doing some honest hard work for Him he proceeded to talk shit and try and slander my good hard work. Never again will i ever work for an ungrateful and unappreciated individual as Tommy Harwood. He is gonna pay the piper. we reap what we sew…. best of luck there Greedy one.

  • Ahh, the joys of Sh#% talking behind a anon name, isn’t it fun to sound all big as you click away on your keys? Pretty much sums up SoHum right here in the comment section.


  • Hey Buddy how you doing. Herd you got yourself in a little bit of trouble, well it wouldn’t be the first time would it. You always loved mixing alcohol and coke. Well I’m sure you got your paid off lawyer working out another plan getting you cleared to continue your path of fucking over everyone again. I’m sure your tell the judge that it was really your girlfriend that was driving but you took the hit for her and the kids. Now all you need to do Tommy (Owner of Redway Feed) dig up a few hundred thousand dollars from your backyard and pay everyone off. I wonder what your future will be in this next chapter of your life. Maybe your wife knows.

  • Soooo what’s your name and address {bobo}.

  • Tommy owner of Redway Greed

    I have worked for this man as well. I can’t decide whether he is so high and unorganized that he can’t remember the things he says or if he just bold face lies. He unforgiving and out of line. He thinks he is above everyone in Humboldt. He is the type of man that gets over and does not pay accounts or people until he is ran off the road and a knife is put to his throat. Tommy is a money hungry monster. I have been waiting for anything like this to happen to him so that the community can openly speak about him and warn each other about doing any business with him. He will promise you the world but there will always be a claus or a bold face lie that he never said what he promised. Outside of working with him ie partying with this man he is generous, kind and fun. But any and all business deals are shade tree. I am not speaking rumors what I say are facts. If you do business with him iron out all details and get it in writing. Hold him to his word. He doesn’t even like paying his vendors for the feed store currently. He is going to brush this off like these are all rumors but this many people from different places and business deals with him can’t all be wrong. Keep the factual stories coming! Tommy you cannot go around like your shit doesn’t stink and burn this many people in Northern California and keep getting away with it. Someone is going to catch you slipping. You have grandchildren for Christ sake.[edit]

  • As the mother of the minor passenger that was unrelated to the family , I’m beyond upset. Mr. “I’m supposed to be an upstanding citizen!” Assaulting your child is one thing , but assaulting my child is a whole other! I will see u in court

  • go to long term rehab please get your life back on track not only for you but your family too you can do it!

  • All of you people that are sticking up for him read the paper it also says there was an unrelated minor in that car that was assaulted. That was my granddaughter. now stick up for him.

  • Not a pillar in any community. But he is human and got caught up in his own bullshit. Badgering people rarely if ever helps. If he hit children then he deserves this and some time to figure it out. Tommy Harwood if you went to prison the others there would teach you to respect others like they did to me years ago. Your little empire would be of no help. [edit]…and yes you have totally fucked me over in the past too!!!

  • This person is a monster. I can’t call him a man. Please make sure you protect all the future victims by pressing full charges against this monster.

  • And if he tries to buy your silence, which I’m sure he’ll do don’t settle for less than 1 million sync the motherfucker 1 million bucks ain’t nothing to this puke.

  • I know 1 million bucks sounds like cartoon shit. But this is real and He’s a pig. And he will pay he has the money.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

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