(Update: 5:44 pm)As Law Enforcement Swept Alderpoint Area, One Woman Arrested and One Man ‘Footbailed’

Zachary HarrisonZachary Harrison mugshot left. On the right law enforcement vehicles in Alderpoint yesterday.

One man fled law enforcement and a woman was arrested during law enforcement’s sweep of the Alderpoint area yesterday. Samantha Karges, a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, explained that deputies and other law enforcement are “saturating the area” in an attempt to gather leads on the whereabouts of Zach Harrison, a suspect in the shooting death of 58-year-old Robert James Holtsclaw last September in the remote town.

“We conducted a traffic stop where the subject footbailed towards the river,” Karges said using a law enforcement term for a suspect who runs away from law enforcement. The driver, 34-year-old Marshall Kent, had been stopped on 4th Street in Alderpoint but he managed to escape and ran towards the river. Law enforcement is still seeking the suspect who is wanted for a prior felony warrant for evading a peace officer and a misdemeanor warrant for a DUI.

Karges said they also arrested KC Stillwell, a 24-year-old female. “She was picked up yesterday of our saturation of the area…She was at the house that Harrison was known to frequent,” Karges explained. “She was taken on her warrants for two misdemeanor counts of petty theft.”

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department is still seeking Zachary Harrison.  They urge anyone with information to contact them at (707) 445-7251 or leave an anonymous tip at (707) 268-2539.

Update 5:45 pm: Photos of the suspects.

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  • I think the sheriffs office is going to have to focus on cardio more if they are going catch these skinny little tweeters.

  • you aint kidding! cant throw or roll donuts at them!

  • Looks like the new Shariff isn’t any better than the last one we had. Seems like the only time they are successful in apprehending someone is when they turn themselves in or they are found deceased on the river bar.

    • Life is good OG

      What exactly is the sheriff suppose to do when you have hundred of miles of open land and a whole bunch of criminals hiding out another criminal? Could you do any better? If so I will vote for you for the next sheriff. If you are going to be critical of the actions of others at least have some sound, reasonable grounds to bitch.

    • Sheriffs seem to be doing what the cops on ’70’s TV used to do ” turning up the heat” or “let’s shake this place up and see what falls out” or “I am going to turn this city upside down”. Whatever they call it, they are definitely making life uncomfortable for this knucklehead’s friends and that ain’t doing nothing, or should I say that is doing something.

    • fuckwalterwhite.com

      Big fence around AP and make them build it. Pee test to get out.

  • I wonder if Net flix is doing there own investigation wouldn’t that be hilarious if they caught old sac I mean zac,and then put the whole thing on Net flix ,or made a movie. This is sort of reminiscent of that Cody guy that killed his family and left his truck ,and dog Down by the River Bar out petroia ,and went couple hundred feet away and blew his brains out ,and they couldn’t find him in like forever till they found his body not far from where he parked his truck. I think it was a year our better that they found his body .just saying.

  • Ya that’s the guy i don’t know were cody came from ,but you get the jist thanks ben

  • Bringing a lot of heat to the area. I for one hope the increased police presence puts pressure of who ever is hiding him. Nobody wants police up there saying hello. Get this muderer out of the community, and let us get back to business.

  • I guess they better call dog Chapman to track him down .

  • ya hum sher. Dea Fbi .couldnt find Shane 500 yards from his truck. wow and we wonder.about confidence.

  • you thank they would have brought a dog

  • and maybe a deputy that can run.under 259lb

  • great response. poor execution .I thought cop chased people down out ran them.

  • Word’s out, sheriff’s don’t swim.

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