[UPDATE 2:48 p.m.] Water Rescue by the Van Duzen Bridge; Boat Overturned

Water RescueDispatchers are calling for Eel River Technical Rescue and Rio Dell Fire to respond to 200 yards east of Hwy 101’s Van Duzen Bridge. A water rescue is needed as a boat has overturned.

Coast Guard is also being notified.

UPDATE 2:41 p.m.: So far the searchers have been unable to locate any occupants.

UPDATE 2:44 p.m.: The Coast Guard helicopter just headed north past the Salmon Creek area to the scene.

UPDATE 2:48 p.m.: Good news! The incident commander just stated, “Be advised I am with the party that overturned their boat. They are secure and their boat is secure.”



  • Wait, what? First of all, thriver is closed to fishing, so not sure what they were up to. Second, why would the helicopter go to Salmon Creek?

    • The Coast Guard didn’t go to Salmon Creek. They were south and headed to the Van Duzen when called. I saw them pass over on their way to the accident.

  • Closed to fishing not boating. I have taken my drifter on plenty of pleasure cruises and scouting ventures not fishing. What’s up with second boat sunk in a few days? The rivers are at the perfect height to navigate right now.

    • 1 day after it closes? On the Van Duzen? The way it was this year, it wasn’t much of a pleasure cruise. But I hear ya.

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