City of Arcata Needs Volunteers This Saturday to Help Clean Up Valley West Neighborhood

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Arcata, CA – The City of Arcata’s Environmental Services Department and Public Safety Committee are seeking volunteers to help clean up the Valley West neighborhood on Saturday, April 7 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Volunteers are asked to meet at 9am at Valley West Park, located at the south end of Valley West Boulevard near THE Laurel Tree Charter School in Arcata.

Participants will be working to help collect and dispose of litter and remove graffiti from the Valley West area. All community members are welcome, and volunteers are advised to wear work clothing, closed-toe shoes, and to bring water. Gloves, tools, beverages and lunch will be provided.

For more information, please call 707-822-8184 or email



  • For you Eureka people, this Saturday is the invasive plant removal and clean up in the Wigi Wetlands, the trail behind the Bayshore Mall. Park behind Kohl’s, gather at 9:30, work at 10, rain or shine. Info on Eco Eureka Facebook page.

    • Wigi wetlands? Its not still part of Hikshari trail through there?

      • Wigi Wetlands is the part of the trail from Truesdale north along the edge of the Bayshore Mall property. It is shepherded by the Audubon folks.
        Come over on Saturday for more infomation and a look. ( even if you don’t work )

  • Yes. Volunteer your day off to clean up the mess created by bums that the city encourages to hang out. Then watch your $70,000 in tax revenue go to remove a statue. Because we have no money to clean the streets – that’s why we need you to volunteer! Arcata [edit] logic!!

    • Thank you!

    • Libtard? That’s a shitty term. [edit]
      The statue thing, yeah that pretty dumb. Homeless bums, we don’t like them. But if you can’t add anything smart to the conversation, then be quiet. [edit]

    • you said it! unfortunately, I think in the end the city of Arcata is going to be spending a lot more than 70 grand over that statue, and a lot less time on daily civic matters than it should

  • I’m all for cleaning up litter to keep it from hurting plants and animals… but Valley West is never going to stop being a dump unless Arcata gets serious about stopping these people from hurting themselves and those around them. You wouldn’t stand by and enable a family member with fresh needles and letting them shoot up in a “safe space”, we shouldn’t be doing it to these folks just because many of them have mental problems or awful backstories that can’t be solved with a quick pill or a bus ticket. Too many people dancing around the issue trying to be kind when they need to set limits and acknowledge that many of these people are victims who are not physically or mentally capable of solving their problems alone through sheer willpower or bootstrap-pulling.

    It isn’t kind to let this happen. It is not empowering to let this happen. We as a community have abandoned these people and now try to spruce up the horrible neglect we are all party to by coating it in a veneer of “respect for their choices” and telling ourselves there’s nothing we can do if they don’t want to stop. We can lie to ourselves to try and sleep better but lies do not solve problems and they do not help people in need.

    Every human being in this county who spend the day poisoning themselves and the nights shivering in the rain does so because we have abandoned them. And we tell ourselves it’s a the right thing, the honorable thing, the respectable thing to do. It isn’t. It’s a cowardly and lazy exercise in avoiding problems and rationalizing our own unwillingness to do the right thing when it’s hard work, and our community is paying the price with higher interest every single moment of every single day.

  • Clean it up so it can be trashed again. Why can’t we get some real enforcement in humboldt. It’s only gotten worse over the years. Local run militias need to happen.

  • Arcata is a liberal shithole. Very sad because it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps they will replace the statue with one of moonbeam. sounds about right

    • But then there’s Eureka, Garberville, Alder Point, etc where the complaints are similar. I now rather go to McKinleyville to shop just to get a break from inconsiderate humans. It’s become OK to be inconsiderate as you want to others as long as you see yourself as victimized. Just getting through the homeless/ druggie gauntlet on Broadway has become scary enough but I suspect that it will swamp McKinleyville sooner or later too.

      • McKinleyville resident

        Oh they’re here in McKinleyville too, got noticeably worse when the Devil’s playground was emptied out.

  • I stopped by the cheap chinese manufactured tool store on Valley West. The area outside of the store (the pedestrian alley adjacent to the store’s entrance), was ankle deep in trash. It struck me that the store owner would allow the entrance to have such an ugly view. I know it is not their job, but a complete lack of concern from the owners, managers, and employees is shocking to me.

    I believe the area being overun with bums has something to do with the motels along Valley West, maybe a state program that rents rooms for them. Whatever the cause, the huge influx of beggars surrounding the area is one of the reasons we have to have a volunteer day to do what should be done by the city, county and or businesses in the area.

    • These Junkies don’t stay in the hotels, they live in the surrounding bushes, they rob from cars in the community and use their cash for drugs. Whatever you do never give panhandlers money ‘giving’ is NOT helping it’s enabling.

  • It really won’t make a difference cleaning up after these homeless bums, they will just trash it again. If you advocates really care for the homeless pick them up take them back to your house. feed them, board them, room them, have them take a shower if you really want to help.

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