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Why do some of us care about who Humboldt-raised superstar Sara Bareilles is dating? Sure, she has a massive list of more noteworthy creative achievements, but last week some of the millions of readers of Elite Daily were drawn to a story with the headline: “Who is Sara Bareilles’ boyfriend? The pair have an adorable story.”

As curiosity struck this apparently shameless writer and he clicked in, we wondered why he and others are drawn to this kind of information about people they’d likely never meet.

“… a psychoanalyst in the tradition of Sigmund Freud might say we see ourselves or someone important to us reflected in the lives of strangers…” said Humboldt State University Psychology Lecturer Kevin Matlock.

In the program more of Matlock’s thoughts on the subject are shared, and yeah, listeners can hear the juicy-to-some info about Bareilles that probably has no tangible impact on our lives.

The story begins at 9:24.

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  • Well some might consider that it might be a little bit rude to pry into someone’s personal life but I guess when you are a Humboldt Star people become curious about there lifestyle and current affairs.
    As for Faith no more Mike Patten and Mr. Bungle , Mike Patten who went pee in his shoe on stage and supposedly drank it then finding out that he actually spent some time in Napa State Hospital not that a lot of people don’t have mental issues or need help but really I know that when I was about 13 or 14 years old this type of music definitely had a negative impact on my train of thought and life but now in a different era were young people are more likely to be influenced in a more positive and productive way by singers and songwriters like Sara Bareilles they start to have a more positive outlook on life and start to see that what they would like to achieve and accomplish becomes easier with a positive attitude rather than filling your head with negativity sending you on a spiral down the wrong path in life. So I know this is way of the topic but I am more interested in when her next album comes out because I think she is an amazing singer and songwriter it must have took a lot of time and creativity to come out with her last album . So when I think about Humboldt’s music scene I think Sarah Bareilles not Mike Patten, Faith No More, and Mr. Bungle this article gave me a chance to share how I really feel, take up the good and leave out the bad . And I wish you luck with your new acting career and so lucky boyfriend of yours.

    • Defining children

      Mike Patton’s father was a high school teacher at McKinleyville High School and he (the father) also coached basketball. The father looked like a retired Marine veteran. I don’t know where his son went to high school. And I doubt the son shared any of the money he made with his family. The father was a good basketball coach. During his tenure they had winning seasons. I met him several times and thought he was a class guy. Ryan Sundberg probably played for the father. He would know more.

    • Humboldt is not a national place for people to become music stars.

      She is not a Humboldt star. She was born here and attended school here. She is a successful Music Star. She moved away from Humboldt and now that she has fame could be the reason she left. Notice she doesn’t come around much anymore. If I were here I wouldn’t. This place is the dredges of human existence. I only live here because I own my home and vehicle and barely make it as a small business owner.

      • Sara seemed pretty fond of home when I interviewed her for the Times Standard.

        “… I actually really loved high school. I felt accepted and supported and stimulated in so many different ways. I had a handful of fantastic teachers who literally changed the course of my life. I met wonderful friends who are in my life to this day. I made mistakes, grew from them and ultimately graduated with a sense of optimism and curiosity about the world. I learned to dream big and be creative. That has ultimately made my life what it is today. I also see a sense of naiveté in myself that I believe comes from growing up in a place that was so removed. My honesty and small-town mentality surprise people in my industry, and in doing so, they set me apart. I’m not a very good liar, and I really try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I learned that from my wonderful family and extended family that is Humboldt County. I miss a lot of things about Humboldt. My family is on the top of that list, but I also miss the coffee, and the redwoods, the bay and the drive to Arcata. I miss Old Town and Sequoia Park and the way the gray sky sits heavy over the city. I miss the wonderful people who are always willing to stop to talk, and take a minute out of their day to make you feel important. I’m actually getting really nostalgic right now. It’s a beautiful place to be from. I’m a lucky girl.”


      • Humboldt has gone down hill since 2004, [edit].

  • Soze long as she’s not dating a czechoslovakian I’ll support her run for governer.

  • That is water of life I am enjoying on a Sunday morning listening to Bishop Bullwinkle and Confunkshun.

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