Highway 36 Realignment Construction Begins Tomorrow

This is a press release from Mercer Fraser:

Project Details: Federal Highways Administration and Mercer Fraser Company will be performing a realignment project between Humboldt Post Mile 36.05 and Humboldt Post Mile 40.44 that was started last year. This work will be an improvement to realign the highway and straighten out the sharp curve on the existing highway now.

Time: Full Road Closures are in effect April 2nd and will continue until project ends or October 1st.

Closure Times: The Highway will be closed to public traffic from 8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 5PM Monday thru Thursday. As well as 8AM-12PM AND 1PM to 3PM on Friday’s. There will be a travel window between 12PM and 1PM where we will let traffic through the closure for an hour. Flagging will take place before and after these times with up to 30 min delays.

Contact: If you need questions answered or have any concerns feel free to contact the contractors Public Information Officer Kody King at (707) 273-9097.



  • Looking forward to the new improved 36 ! Hopefully others will respect the road and slow down. Please drive through the construction zone and pay attention. Local workers and Mercer frasier improving our long overdue roadway.

  • East side of West 36 near Red Bluff is also getting some work. Lots of power poles getting moved to take out a few big curves.

  • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

    It’s a military road and will be able to handle mobile icbm after this, getting the rods out of King Salmon can happen, and mobile launchers can have the go of 36.

    Most hippy types are PRO NUCLEAR WAR, so it’s good for the community.

    Those chevrons painted have meaning, study the footage and you’ll figure it out.

    • Um, no on the ICBM. Truth is that any access to a drinking water resevoir in the US must be able to get heavy military vehicles there to defend in time if war. So, Ruth lake and dam is drinking water, so Federal Highway funds pay to get the road to specs thst can handle larger vehivles. Shasta dam went thru the same thing years ago.

  • Nobrainnoheadache

    Keep drinking the kool-aid

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