Garberville’s Trimmigrants Cited as Reason Not to Allow Medical Marijuana in South Carolina

Divine Origin sign frames travelers from Oklahoma in 2015. Trimmigrants, marijuana

Divine Origin sign in Garberville frames travelers from Oklahoma in 2015. [Photo by Kim Sallaway]

South Carolina is looking at legalizing medical marijuana. But their Senator Tom Corbin thinks its a bad idea…and he cites what he saw during a vacation through Garberville as a reason why not.

According to an article in the Independent Mail, a 118-year-old newspaper in South Carolina, Corbin opposed the bill saying he had visited Garberville, known for being a center for marijuana farming. The article states,

“Every corner was just flooded with people with backpacks that were obviously homeless,” Corbin said.

He said he talked to his sons about what they saw in the community, telling them, “Boys you see what happens when you get hooked on pot? You lose everything you got including your house and your possessions.”

Corbin said he understands that the medical marijuana bill is not about “recreational use.”

“But my fear is that when we boil the frog it starts slowly until it comes to a full boil,” he said.



  • Well, he’s got a good point there…..

    • Which point??? The one on top of his head???!!! Obviously he is clueless when it comes to matters of Cannabis!!!

      • Agreed. It helps so many.

        • Ya, it’s really helping Garberville…

          Anyone else want to tell me how much weed does for the world?

          • Sharpen your pencil

            Lol, it’s not weeds fault, blame CNN and msnbc for all the propaganda bringing bus loads of these morons from other states. [edit] The only reason half of the population around here has a place to live is because of marijuana, not to mention the ability to live. But yeah, a plant will cause you to lose your home, not addiction to prescription pain killers and alcohol. It’s all on weed man, GTFO!

      • Muddy Black Dodge

        Smartest thing you ever put a “!!!” after. Good for you Dan Fuller. Corbin hasn’t a clue, and he is teaching his kids the same b.s.

    • A little behind the times, isn’t he? Also, he might have asked someone there whether they were homeless or just migratory, you know, like any crop harvesters are. Sheesh, what an idiot!

  • That’s what happens when you use pot!? That’s a horrible way to teach your kids about marijuana!

  • Did this Stuffed Shirt politician, just use the term Addicted, when talking about Cannabis??? Holy Crap Flatman, is he still believing that crap, I thought everyone by now, knew CANNABIS IS NOT ADDICTIVE!!!! When are these Morons going to get it through their thick skulls, that as I stated a few words back… CANNABIS is NOT addictive, period end of story!!!

    • Maybe not physically addictive but it can sure be mentally addictive.

      • So can food, sex, gambling, and exercise.

      • Mentally addictive? Just like, I don’t know… ANYTHING! Lmao, I accidentally stopped smoking MJ. I smoked for 25+ years and then all of the sudden I didn’t. I had no reason to stop, not for any specific job or court related etc., I just all of the sudden didn’t smoke anymore. I love the smell of all the different kinds still, i just don’t smoke. I’ll tell you what, out of all the mentally addictive and even physically addictive things there are in the world it was nothing to do. Yet I still smoke cigarettes and that’s legal… hmmm

    • I personally knew someone who was physically addicted to pot.

      • Humboldt Hillsman

        Nah, you never knew somebody that was physically addicted to marijuana. I have been in the business for over 20 years and have seen it all. If you don’t believe me ask science.

        • Depends what you mean by physically addictive. There absolutely is physical withdrawal symptoms for heavy smokers when they stop.

        • Bozo the Clone I'm a CLONE! Not a clown.

          Richard Pryor famously said: ” I’ve been doin’ coke for 15 years…AND I AIN’T HOOKED YET!”

        • Dont be as ignorant. You can get hooked on weed too. There are lots of hallucinative strands that can be addictive.

    • Actually it is. Pull your head out of that dark place you’ve stuffed it and realize that as well as increasing potency over the years, all the other qualities have become stronger as well. Including the aspect of addiction. Concentrate that even more with dabs and the new hashes and you have a generation of 18 year olds who can’t get out of bed in the morning without a hit.

      • Humboldt Hillsman

        Marijuana becoming more potent over recent years is an old wives tale. More reefer madness. Also nobody can’t get out of bed without a hit. You [edit] should be ashamed of yourslf spreading misinformation about marijuana. I have smoked almost every day for 22 years. I am a productive member of society raising a beautiful family. I am well educated and successful.

    • “Did this Stuffed Shirt politician, just use the term Addicted, when talking about Cannabis???”

      No, he used the term “hooked”, stupid. Learn to read.

    • Sorry Dan but you are wrong. Marijuana is addictive for some people. People that use tar/hash on a regular basis can have drug withdrawal symptoms when they try to get clean cold turkey. Some of the symptoms can be bad like a seizure. Some chronic users develop mental issues in addition to anxiety and depression. Yes, real funny that it helps some but others, not but makes so much worse.

      It is not a cure for cancer.

      Now that it is legal, more studies are happening and the truth will come out that mj herb is not the benign herb people want to pretend it is. People that smoke it should look at what a researcher by the last name of Springer found. I am not saying that it is totally useless but I am saying that its not a all wonderful ‘medicine’ that will save the world from things like cancer. Its like a lot of drugs, its not a miracle and not a one size fits all … it actually can be damaging on several levels to some individuals.

      • Humboldt Hillsman

        Sorry there is no marijuana product called tar. Really going to take a comment seriously by someone taking about tar? No person has seizures when they stop smoking hash. This is ridiculous, where do these people come from. I have been manufacturing, smoking and selling marijuana concentrates for 15 years and I can tell you that that is not true.

        • I’ve been smoking it for over 30 years and have no problem going 2 or 3 days without it. In fact sometimes I find myself enjoying a day or two without it though not very

        • Guess what, people do call RSO “tar” because it is black and sticky. Just because you don’t call it that or may have never heard it called that, doesn’t mean that others don’t use that name for cannabis concentrate .

          I find it amazing that when someone tries to share experiences about other people’s cannabis use that if its negative, right away they say its a lie. Is that a deflection or a denial on your part? Maybe you are the liar because you have some agenda?

          Right now I know a person who has been on RSO 1:1 for several years with an increased protocol every few days. This was a prescribed/ doctor’s monitored situation for cancer. The cannabis is doing more damage to that person than help.

          Twice this person has tried to get off and has suffered great seizures (the first time was to ‘reset’ the body’s system as touted by sellers at the dispensary) . The first time they did MRI scan because the seizures were so great and long lasting they thought it was a brain issue. The second time they were prepared and had some bud to smoke to settle down the withdraw symptoms. The doctor is now prescribing other Rx to prepare for an slow 8 month withdraw. This isn’t some druggie or someone just out to get high for fun but a cancer patient who believed in the lies that cannabis cures cancer. The cancer may have slowed due to the mj but it did not stop it as it has taken on a new vengeance just like cancer does with some chemo patience.

          Sorry if you don’t like the shared information but I believe that people should have as much information as possible to make informed decisions. Just because you don’t like the information presented doesn’t deny the facts are there with this person (and who knows how many others) and now that it is legal, we will hopefully get a better clear picture of how things are instead of pro or con people pushing their agendas. I would encourage people that have bad reactions/ user issues to share their side without fear of being shamed, put down and told they are liars. Patients need the truth about their medicines and this does mean marijuana should be included in all its ugliness or well being!

  • This is clearly a man who frames what he sees in terms of what he wants to see.

    The seasonal migration began when the product was illegal and has grown since. The culture of Southern Humbolt gave it a festival apeal. Now that it is legal, the industry regulations will sort this issue out.

    North Carolina can set up the industry any way they want, bypassing the cattle call for workers. Just the term hooked on pot shows his ignorance and bias.

  • I wonder if his kids managed to sneak off and score while the senator was enjoying cocktails.

  • There is a wonderful example of a man in power who missed the point of what he saw.

  • His attitude is a bit cockeyed, but he is closer to the truth than most are giving him credit for. If there was no pot here, those people would not be here.

    • fell free to research all the mug shot you see. almost all locals from long time local families. the latest kid (24) busted scoping somewhere to rob in Redwood Valley went to school and graduated with mine. he’s been in my house numerous times. his dad’s a lawyer. he was a good kid until meth. the problem in Humboldt is not the trimmigrants, its the locals on meth. and if weed leaves, they will still be here doing what they do.

    • Doesn’t matter if it’s pot or some other valuable commodity that pays well for unskilled labor. It’s the money, not the pot. Well mostly. There are the side benefits of trimming, I suspect.

      • Yup. No connection at all between thinking that some drug or another will make you happy and the escalating search for another drug when it fails.

    • If “there was no pot here” Seamus, a LOT of people (and businesses!) wouldn’t be here… And those that WERE still here would be struggling with a county economy at least one third lower than it already is. Your point?!?

      • No. Other things would not have been driven out. Medical doctors might come to stay because it’s not so drug ridden. Businesses might be able to hire people who don’t do stupid things because they are high. There might be a lot of things that the monolithic pot culture killed off. There might be better infrastructure because people making money paid taxes on the money they made.

        Instead what we have- drug ridden transients and crime.

        • Humboldt Hillsman

          Pot made Humboldt County a more prosperous place not the opposite. Pot has zero to do with the drug problems.

          • Right. Sure. No connection.

          • prosperous? By what measure? The lumber industry did that. Pot has failed to emulate the lumber industry. It’s only created a false economy that is going to fail. We will be stuck with all those idiots trying to dry out.


        An economy cut would be manageable with a population cut.

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      You mean if there wasn’t illegal pot these people wouldn’t be here?

  • Yet mention Humboldt County to anyone and that is exactly what comes to mind. Whether they think it’s a good thing or a bad thing varies according to their beliefs. But still that is what people know about Humboldt and all they know.

  • That’s what happens when you use heroin!

  • The guy is obviously not a very well educated man, there’s still people who think the earth is flat. Though I wouldn’t want any of the Garbageville problems in my hometown either. We already have too many transient vegrant hippies in Hawaii and as much as I love and support cannabis I wouldn’t want this to happen to my home town. Due to these types of workers cannabis farmers have no respect for workers and often don’t pay them because they don’t have to. No legal discourse for international illegal workers, they have to go home and have no rights here because they are illegally working. The scum bag community of immoral farmers in Humboldt is out of control, they have no sense dignity or responsibility. One of the good sides to legal cannabis taking the easy money out of the industry is that maybe less people will get lied to and taken advantage of by Huboldt farmers. I know there are probably some decent people in the community who pay their workers, have dignity and treat the earth with respect but I didn’t get that luck and I am still chasing my pay from last year’s season.

    • So what he said was stupid although you agree with him about the results?

    • Sorry you got fucked ..but you probobly trimmed like shit and super slow and weren’t worth a food stamp homie ..i live in Garberville dog..and for you to cock off and say some ridiculous assumption on how you think it is ,is [edit] .Your on the same level as the dipshit senator who believes that your going to be homeless if you get hooked on weed ….Regulation isn’t going to change a Damn thing as long as it’s illegal somewhere there will always be a black market ..actually their so called “Legalization” is actually making things way worse..proposition 215 was a perfect piece of legislation. That I my self worked hard for in the mid nineties .along side with Denise Peron and our team we paved the way for MMJ. Now their regulation has actually forced the ma and pa operations to slowly become a thing of the past ..corporations like Monsanto and RJ Reynolds are eventually going to take over and what once used to support the local economy will no longer be there and you will see real desperation and real homelessness ..not the trimigrant homelessness that you are basing your assumption on ..So please before you go cocking off at the mouth THINK. Before you talk shit on the place I call home ….
      .I don’t go to where you live and call your place a wasteland for digenerants ..

      • I call southern humboldt home also. Have been here for two decades my son is 6th generation on his moms side and I have to say Garbageville and Dreadway are shitholes. And trimsiants plus tweakers and the homeless have helped make it the shithole that it is

    • Veteran's Friend

      Is a vegrant a vegan vagrant?

    • You should stay in Hawaii, we don’t want you here. Im glad you didn’t get paid.

    • the funny part is the earth is flat, so your just a globe head. hahaha
      Go do some of your own research, earth is a flat disk with a dome over it and antartica is just an icewall that encompasses all of us.

    • J. Stay away from here since you hate it so much.

    • Humboldt Hillsman

      Your idea of what Humboldt and it’s farmers are like is so far off it’s not even funny. Keep you mouth shut if you don’t know what you are talking about. I am part of the huge local community of farmers and it is by far mostly a beautiful thing. We are just normal people who love a rural lifestyle and need a way to support our families. Nobody I know has ever treated employees poorly or not paid them. You would be lucky to be part of a community like this.

      • With million dollar properties. The vacations, expensive vehicles, the clothes, jewelry, etc. The backhoes, acres of greenhouses, pirated water systems. The illegal, drug addicted seasonal employees. Somehow not something that comes to mind with good ol’ country farmers simply going about their business. Nope more like being happy making lots of money selling illegal drugs without paying pesky taxes on the profits while smugly using the facilities others making lots less pay for and laughing at them for being such fools as to do that.

        But yes, that scenario would be beloved by those willing to go there. And yes, they would like others to “keep their mouths shut” lest a little of the ugly reality of what they sneaks through the fantasy.

  • South Carolina politicians might also not want to face federal charges for defying federal law. There’s that too.

  • Sleepy Alligator

    This guy is so clueless that he thinks all those trimmigrants actually had houses to lose and he doesn’t get that they didn’t lose his their possessions, they just carry them on their backs. Now kids see what happens when your Dad’s an idiot.
    Also if it were me I would get the water boiling first, then put in the frog.

  • The whole point of the Frog thing is, the Frog won’t move if you put it in cold water then heat it up!!! Whereas if you attempt to put it in boiling water it WILL Haul Ass out of the pan!!!

  • Did he stop and ask where they were from.what state did they come from to find work.the state they came from should look at there employment rate.most of them wouldn’t be here if there states had jobs.

  • this guy is an idiot, they deep fry frogs in the south.

  • You cannot unring that bell. Nothing you say will reverse what he said. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Funny how none of you call it what it is; a black market underground economy. And it could be any kind of commodity, however, in this case it’s cannabis.

    “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt” ~ Mark Twain

  • He is absolutely correct! Done poorly- like we did it- it will end up in wrecked lives and social structure. Are people here still so high or deluded that they think what happened here was wonderful or beneficial?! It was and will continue to be a train wreck for the environmental and social communities of Humboldt. Sure we want more “legalization” in more places- so that it will dilute and ease the stress here of the destruction that goes with such “legalization”. I am referring to the de facto “legalization” that happened starting with Gallegos when law enforcement stopped regulating and everybody flocked here to blow up huge grows under the pretense of “medicine for sick people”. Can’t we at least agree now that what we allowed was widespread destruction and abuse? It was not and is not attractive at all. I await Chump’s post and will agree ahead of time with his solution….

  • Put an end to free stuff and they will not come.

  • They’re not here for cannabis. They’re here for illegal cannabis. And since nobody is ever going to do much about that, they’re here for the duration.

  • Pot growers are rich! It’s the trimmigrants he sees on the street corners. He’s a dumbass! Making assumptions about an industry he knows nothing about! And doesn’t even have the good sense to learn! Or even ask questions.

    • “pot growers are rich”…. That’s quite the statement.

      • Those Grow Dozer 4×4 rigs aren’t $60,000 plus? Maybe not filthy rich, but a lot of growers downplay how much cash they have stashed away then kinda let on a bit driving the ultimate outfitted 4×4…

        • Most of these guys have nice trucks and no cash

          • There are a lot of new trucks this year. More than most gville is Poppin off again here we go!!!

            • Just because you can buy something doesn’t mean you can afford it .

              • You can’t finance based on non reported illegal income. They are bought out right but carefully as the Fed track large purchases too.

                • You’re so unbelievably wrong it’s not even funny . Anybody with decent credit or even halfway shitty credit can go to a car dealer and put down ten grand on any vehicle they want and drive off assuming you’d want a 1100 dollar a month payment .

        • Most of those big jacked up 4×4 and fancy boats you see or not paid for they’ve all been financed. Most people would be quite surprised how many young people around here made millions of dollars and just fucked it off and have absolutely nothing saved.

  • Wow. Some serious denial showing thru in most of these comments.

  • Sounds like his frog is already pretty boiled.

  • Im a fourteen year old and this article is spot on. Every time not just once in a while I go into Ray’s foods in Garberville I’m hassled by trimmigants wanting change or food or a smoke. Are you fn kidding me I’m fourteen. On top of this I friends that barely go to school are high all the time doing vapers in class, disrupting others while trying to get an education, and complaining now how there parents are broke because they can’t sell there weed anymore. Oh I forgot and how they didn’t get to go on there trip to Mexico this year. I am truly embarrassed to live in this community that was rated the most deadly county in the USA. Trust me a already wrote off Humbolt State.

    • Proud of you student. Stay strong and on course. 😊

    • Honeydew Bridge C.H.U.M.P.

      Just focus on your school work, stay away from marijuana users, and build a great life for yourself. Marijuana is a road to nowhere and the only scenery is shattered lives, wreckage, disease, and plague.

      The community we all want to see begins the day when the last marijuana grower moves away in shame never to spread their pestilence again. It’s coming closer each day.

      Focus on work and you’ll go on to do great things your grandchildren will love to hear about.

    • Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders, stay the course follow your dreams and you will go far! Thanks for voicing that I wondered about how school is here these days, it’s changed so much sense I was there.

  • Awesome

  • there is always irony. Senator’s home town is Travelers Rest, SC. and this is what the criminals there look like.

  • He’s spot on.

    I tell my guest to fuel up and avoid garberville.
    It’s a cesspool of trimigrans and junkies brought in by the bawlers
    Going to town to bang s hooker and get a little dope

  • Yeah the hooked on pot thing is stupid, but that being said Garberville has turned into a s******e. Anyone who denies that obviously hasn’t been here long enough to remember what it was before, aka less of a s******e. Parents don’t want their kids walking home from school anymore. If that does sum it up nothing does. If a vacationer comes through during trim season it looks one step better than lord of the flies.


    I don’t blame him.
    These were the lyrics playing on KHUM today:

  • He can’t conceive that many of these people are homeless by choice. He has to blame their situation on cannabis. Like so many politicians, he’s completely out of touch with anything that’s not Lily White Bread America.

  • Maybe he should take his kids to sit in on an AA or NA meeting

  • I used to love the Garberville-Redway area. Hadn’t been there in awhile and drove through looking for a place to eat. Holy Crap! Sketchy-looking people, accompanied by dogs and garbage, lying or sitting everywhere. We just kept driving and felt sad. This guy may have some dumb ideas about pot, but he’s right-on about the disgusting mess.

  • Fact is Garberville used to be a place to go once you “turned on, tuned in, and dropped out”. You could drop out and still have a place in the country with a nice garden, and later maybe a winter house in Cabo. Fast forward to the present and you have bulldozed ridges, drained and poisoned watersheds almost devoid of aquatic life, except for toxic algae. As pot prices dip below $500, the new pundits declare sun grow bud as good only for processing into oil.The streets are now full of drop outs, just considerably less turned on or tuned in. As Fred In the Hills says, “It’s another beautiful day in Paradise”. Too bad it’s been paved and they’ve put up a green house.

    • groba dude osnt trustafarian

      Well, the pot-stars of Garberville will all be gone, as soon as the commercial farmers in Salinas, Sutter County, Kern County, and everywhere else get kicked into high gear.

      One more not too good season, is all you have left, and I doubt that the trimmers had much of a year in 2017.

      Making oil out of shake is the ultimate insult to the whole “Cannabis thing”, and if you need drugs that strong, you are in worse shape than we thought… Probably should just drink 100 proof Vodka and shoot up some of that Mexican Black Tar dope… It will work better for you!

      South Carolina is a good place. Of course they don’t want homeless and indigent drug addicts all over the place.

      In Garberville they love the derelicts, because the derilicts support the hospital with their Medicare cards and their incredible medical problems, not to mention the GSW’s and the stab wounds the indigents inflict upon each other constantly. And, they keep the fire department busy, putting out the flaming garbage and the burning RV’s… In Redway, the house-less support the Shop-Smart, the coffee places and the liquor stores, so we can’t kick THEM out…

      Garberville IS the island of broken toys, after all, from the Hospital Administrators to the Trimmers, Garberville is the place you go when no other place will take you!

      So, the Southern Carolina culture actually resembles Garberville, more than they know, already, since they already hate what they don’t understand, and dislike change of any kind, and refuse to listen to reason from outsiders!

      Sensible choice keeping Cannabis out, since dope is for stupid people, total idiots and losers only, and it attracts the low end of society like, well, free camping for all indigent disabled druggies and hanger-on trimmers from Europe!


    Go visit any factory and you will be disgusted when you see what’s behind the curtain. I don’t blame him for not wanting to filth up his area.
    I bet those oh-so-beautiful tapestries from China are wrecking their rivers,but you don’t want a poisonous dye factory in town,right?
    Maybe he read the other local articles claiming that HumCo has higher drug rates than other areas.


    That part of U.S. has already had it share of alcohol problems


    Everyone wants to push their views and call others stupid for liking pot or not liking pot. Reminds me of religion.
    Can’t you iust pray or get stoned without shoving your views in everyone’s face and claiming righteousness.

  • Mendocino Mamma

    Dr. Ira Chasnoff. See what he says about developing brains under the influence of marijuana (as well as ETOH, heroin, meth and cocaine) both in utero and later pretty interesting research millions of people studied. Pretty harsh reality. It is not for the youth.

  • Boil.. WOn the flat

    Boil frog? Slow boil.. Wtf?

  • He didn’t tour L.A.? He didn’t notice the difference between homeless trimmigrants seeking work in Garberville, vs the miles of hopeless homeless in L.A. who’ve given up hope of ever finding a job for as long as they live?
    I hope his constituents noticed. I hope they fight hard against any regulation that bars people from obs, shelters, food, and hope.

  • skulduggery! crime! transient impermanent movement! outrageousness ! most rushes logging , gold, green etc. have these effects….well! i never! remember the good ol days that never will be was were. Humboldt is so beautiful. Happy spring. These are the good ol days

  • Hello Troll ville. Breaking news… Alcohol is the worst drug ever. Period. It’s 100% legal, has ruined more lives, killed more humans than Wars, Cancer, plagues, combined, and caused more collateral damage than you will never comprehend.
    Tobacco’s legal as well, millions have died horrible deaths. Until we see the long term statistics of Cannabis legalization, you are assuming things. Making stuff up. There’s an old saying ” options are like buttholes, we all have one and they all stink”. The anonymity of the WWW. is not as anonymous as you think.
    Be cool, lay soft stool.

    • Once again another person without a factual statement . Yes cannabis doesn’t have any recorded fatalities but everything else you said is pure nonsense and a lie.

      • Actually it does. Not directly with smoking (discounting the long term damage smoking anything will do) but certainly with ingesting.

        • What about all the murder cases that are one way or another stemmed from cannabis dealings and or manufacturing ? There are plenty of examples of that. So in one way or another, cannabis does have a roll to play in plenty of deaths. Some of them taking place in this specific community.

          • Humboldt Hillsman

            The blood is on the hands of the government for any violece that has been commited over Cannabis.

  • What he should have said: “See, kids, when you let greedy Republican politicians loot the economy, the rabble will camp out on the streets, just in the hopes that they can get a job… it cocktail hour?”

  • I’m embarrassed by the conversation sparked by that drivel. How is this news/ note worthy?
    Buenos noches y buenos suerte.

    • When a town hopes to market itself to tourists and a prominent politician cites his vacation there unfavorably while referring to that town’s primary export…that’s news.

      • His ? Prominent? Sites? Weird. More bailout on community that knows exactly what’s happening to them but would rather make excuses. Oh no we’re not addicted. Listen to yourselves.

      • The Trump Theory: If it falls from his mouth, it must be printed. Welp, it’s your site, and I’m appreciative for it.

        Southern Man,
        “Your Cadillac has got a wheel in the ditch..”
        -Neil and I

  • This story about Senator Tom Corbin reminds me of the story of

    • Maybe he’s just the blind man assigned to the malignant tumor part on the elephant’s body. A significant observation no matter how limited.

  • I am always saddened when I drive through downtown Garberville during Summer & Fall months and see the sidewalks congested with people and their dogs, and road side vans and mobiles. The impression it gives to the visiting tourist is obviously not going to be positive. It doesn’t really matter to me what these folks are here for… they impression they leave of the community is the point. And its not attractive.

  • Corbin is an idiot. People usually lose everything because they are stupid.

  • By far the worst part of living in this town, lovely stepping in human & or dog sh** while walking down the sidewalk. The scent of piss and dirty ass humans radiating in the summer air. Really helps the draw for tourists to stop and spend money.
    Instead they roll up their car windows and lock the doors.

  • Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Frogs are much better fried, than boiled. If they are boiling their frogs, they may need to use a lot of marijuana, just to make help their meal palatable.


    “Frogs are actually an essential part of any ecosystem that they are in because they keep insect populations like flies, spiders, mosquitoes, etc. down to a manageable size. However, in certain circumstances frogs can be seen as pests. For example, when the population of frogs explodes in your property they can invade your house, your garage, your shed, etc. and cause havoc. They are also loud and can be really annoying”

    • I’ve seen an explosion in the frog population. There were so many you couldn’t walk ten feet with stepping on a couple. They were anything but annoying.

    • When the population of frogs explodes in your property?

  • Fuck corbin! Fuck south carolina! Fuck all those faggot ass libturd fucks! And fuck those dirty scumbag hobo vagrants and the mateel for enabling all of it!

  • In my 34 + years of experience, I have lived in a state with 0 tolerance and I have lived here, where it’s widely acceptable.
    Whether it was my age or the obsession of making sure I would have something to smoke, there was a lot of preoccupation with making sure I was able to get high. Since I have lived where there is always something on hand, I slowly began to smoke less and less. I no longer am a daily smoker, I never go looking for it, and I go days and weeks without even thinking about it. Very seldom do I feel an urgency to smoke, but when I do, it’s anxiety or stress, and smoking helps to calm me down. If I smoke too much, it’s counterproductive, and if I don’t have it with me, I don’t panic about it, like I did when it was difficult to get.
    I do feel that it is misused and misunderstood even by the veteran smokers who seem to be well in tune. Smoke too much and that’s all you get done, but the idea that you will be a jobless bum on the sidewalk…really…

  • Taurus Ballzhoff

    Smoked weed for 40 years. Finished college, and worked full time 34 years, before I quit smoking dope.

    Now, I realize that smoking weed gets you nowhere, and, now that I can buy some almost anywhere, I wouldn’t go back to smoking weed if YOU paid ME.

    Pot is for stupid people, and total losers. There is no legitimate peer-reviewed medical use for it that has been proven, talking about efficacy and dose-related measurable effect here…

    Pot is worthless. Trimmers like the ones pictured here, will soon cease to be in Garberville, since there will be no pot to trim.

    Garberville is the best example of an intolerant and xenophobic town allowing total shit to happen in the name of “live and let live”. Garberville is the home of schizophrenic and self deceptive people who are so dysfunctional that they think it’s normal! Allowing your town to host the crap that goes on in Garberville, well, it is a very good example of what not to do!

    I am not surprised that someone from South Carolina would recoil in horror when encountering Garberville!

    • How can Garberville be both intolerant and “live and let live”?

      • It’s intolerant of those who don’t subscribe to its version of “live and let live?” Sort of like the beliefs of those who insist in the nastiest way that others not be allowed to make comments that do not fit their own criteria of nice. It is a conflict they don’t seem to be able to see.

      • Taurus Ballzhoff

        I believe what I meant is that the town of Garberville is xenophobic and intolerant in personal and often public belief, but as a whole, it also can’t abide not being perceived as “tolerant”, which in my mind, makes the whole place full of phonies.

        Perhaps the wording was clumsy. My apologies.

      • Kym, that’s like asking how can you keep the rivers healthy & flowing and still suck them dry from growing cannabis? Either you want wildlife habitat to flourish or you don’t. There is no common ground or greater good, just greed…

  • They were here before legalized medical marijuana. They’ll be here long after recreational marijuana was legalized.

    • Even when their employers are required to meet Fair Labor Standards, report their earnings to the IRS and pay for worker’s compensation and social security?

    • No they were not. It’s a problem that’s developed over the last 8 or 10 years.

  • As you can see, that is the danger of running for public office….you become clueless and actually believe you understand the issues.

  • these people are travelling looking for WORK that pays more than minimum wage! What is the minimum pay in N. Carolina. Are you aware sir politician that the economy is reponsible for our generation of homeless people on the road looking for work. Read up on the great depression and connect what you learn to our situation today. Also lack of affordable housing is forcing more and more peole onto the streets. They have no other place to go…dufus!

    • How about connecting encouraging large scale illegal immigration, environmental barriers p, taxes, out of control development fees and regulation to the unaffordable housing with low wages? And drug addiction to homelessness? Because at this very moment the state is far from in the depression that is being blamed for all woes.

    • WHAT a load of crap!

      • Many of these folks are foreigners, looking for cash to extend their vacation in drug disney-land!
        They are here to get high, and panhandle muchas cash from wealthy growers. Most of these folks have never had a minimum wage job. Garberville was chuck-full of “Spanish Trimmers” last September, and I am sure that the cute + female ones got jobs, too! The guys, not so much…

        If you really want to make sure your Southern State Senator does not vote to legalize pot, take him to Willits! Or Willow Creek!

  • I hope he realizes that its because of the war on drugs the homeless are here in garberville. Black market assured them they could come here and get $200-$400 in a day, but since legalization we have seen less and less homeless because a bunch of rich, black-market folks are getting out of the game because there is no money in it for them either. Not to mention with legalization there can be better regulated farms and they can end harmful pesticide and rodenticide from being leached into the waters and rivers as well as end the meaningless deaths of both animals and humans. With illegal practices come dangers like murder mountain. Common sense people.

  • Oh and i forgot to mention the fact that states that go legal, that have had large quantities of illegal cannabis being grown in them for years, the illegal trades will move to states like South Carolina because they can make better money. With that will come homeless trimmigrants, meaningless deaths, etc. So, yeah, good luck with that…

  • Garbageville Ca ! And deadway ! Gotta love the meth monsters and road goats of humboldt!

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