Five Fatalities in Hwy 1 Accident

Body being lifted by a helicopter

One of the victims being lifted from the scene by a CHP helicopter. [Photo provided by the CHP]

The California Highway Patrol released information on yesterday’s horrific tragedy off Hwy 1. According to their press release, five people–two adults from West Linn, Oregon and three juveniles–were all killed when the 2003 GMC they were in went off a large cliff south of Juan Creek which is north of Westport.

The release states that the driver drove the GMC “into a large dirt turnout on the west side of SR-1 and for unknown reasons allowed [the vehicle] to continue in a westerly directly off a large cliff.”
According to the CHP, the vehicle “fell down the cliff and overturned onto its roof…on a large rock where it came to rest facing in a southerly direction.”
All of the three juvenile passengers came out of the GMC and were located at the scene, according to the release. The two adult occupants had to be removed from the vehicle later.

“At this time, drugs or alcohol are not considered to be a factor in this collision,” reports the CHP.

Note: The earlier post failed to note the three juveniles were not wearing safety equipment such as seatbelts.

vehicle crash near the ocean

The GMC landed near the ocean. [Photo from Mendocino Sports Plus–See more here.]

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  • Kids weren’t strapped in? The paranoid, domestic abuse aware individual may suspect foul play.
    Tragic accident or intentional wreck ? Bad either way .

    • Veteran's Friend

      They were stopped at a turnout. Perhaps loading or unloading from the vehicle prior to it rolling over the cliff. Making assumptions like yours seems cruel & ignorant.

  • They all passed away. – can’t you keep your comment to yourself. You don’t know if they were belted in or not it doesn’t state it in the report. Sorry for the loss of the family and friends RiP 🙏

    • “All of the three juvenile passengers came out of GMC and were located at the scene, according to the release.”
      Although it doesn’t say they were ‘ejected’, I kind of assume they were not belted in, maybe that’s why they pulled over, to yell at their kids to put their seatbelts back on… Or maybe the kids took them off as they were pulling over…

    • Yes it does say the juveniles were not wearing safety belts

      • It does now. But it didn’t at first. I added the information when I saw Cheri’s comment and realized I had failed to include that sentence. My apologies.

  • So hard to not imagine their final moments as a family (I’m assuming that they are all related). Beautiful resting place. Sorry for the rest of the family’s loss.

  • So sad to hear this. Yesterday they did not know when the GMC went over the cliff. Does anyone have an estimate how long before they were seen? How old were the juveniles?

  • Omg so sad! I can’t even imagine the pain their family is going through, hug your loved ones every chance you get 🌷🌸🌼

  • Have you ever driven highway one? It’s extremely dangerous for the vast majority of its length. You need to be a good driver and pay attention continuously. Most of it should be outlawed and closed as to dangerous

    • A little dramatic don’t you think?!

      • Usually id agree hillbill but it really is a dangerous road, tho its super duper amazingly beautiful!!! The speed limit should be 25.

        We lost some incredible young people from so hum years ago on the 1, RIP, theres no room for error on that road.
        I have to say I’ve many times had the fear of accidentally punching gas instead of brakes or vice versa in one of those turn outs.

        Condolences to all involved and hoping above all else they did not suffer but were gone quickly. Please know there are many of us sending love and peace your way ♡

    • If bad roads are outlawed only outlaws will have bad roads.

  • Maybe the onboard computer will have some answers, should show speed,brakes if applied,throttle position, rear door safety locks, if windows locked

  • Such a tragedy. Possibly the driver had a medical crises. Praying for their families in this time of sadness.

  • Horrible! The driver, by failing to have all passengers wearing seat belts, may have killed these children.

  • “came out: is clumsy language at best. There is no official language stating seatbelts were not being worn. The parents allowed the teens not to wear belts.

    • The quote from the press release is this: “At some point, the three juvenile passengers came out of Vehicle#1 and were located at the scene.”

      Below is a photo of the report showing that the three minors were not wearing seatbelts.

  • I don’t know any parents that buckle themselves up and allow their kids to ride unbuckled. Kids are quick to pop seatbelts when they are getting out to look around. Quite possible they were about to get out and the driver had a medical emergency. Wait for more information before speculating that a parent killed their kids. So sorry for those that just lost these loved ones.

  • Yeah, have you seen the size of that cliff and the length they tumbled down? Not sure seatbelts would’ve helped here, they landed upside down on a ROCK, drop it already

  • What I am hearing is that this wonderful family has been absorbed by the coast
    They had many adventures and touched many lives through love and kindness
    They had respect and reverence for mother earth
    May their memory be for a blessing

  • They were being investigated by CPS for child abuse. They fled CPS in Washington, on Friday with all 6 of their children They are now searching for the other 3 children. No accident here.

    • That is horrifying! So sad to hear that. With such a great loss of life I was hoping it was just a true accident. My stomach hurts after reading that. Praying the others are found safe and sound.

    • I would challenge anyone who would question this families ethics or abilities a fantastic family that grew food and raised animals and each child was incredibly well educated

      • Breakthesilence

        The abuse claims and subsequent conviction (child victim in that case accused one parent but the other took the blame) smacks of a control/abuse dynamic . Narcissistic abusers are famous for having picture perfect lives ( superior education , and in public admirable ethics) on the outside . But behind closed doors? Hell.

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