Eureka Waterfront Trail Closure Tomorrow

The City of Eureka would like to control the spread of these reeds.

The City of Eureka would like to control the spread of these reeds. [Photo provided by the City of Eureka]

Press release from the City of Eureka:

The City of Eureka will be closing the Eureka Waterfront Trail from Truesdale to Del Norte on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, from 8am to 5pm. The City is in the process of addressing a plant (Phragmites-Common Reed) that has been overtaking the southern portion of PALCO Marsh. The City, in partnership with Humboldt Bay Fire, will be performing a vegetation burn of approximately 1.5 acres west of the foot of Vigo Street along the southern edge of PALCO Marsh.

This will be the first step in controlling the spread of the plant. The City will follow up with future chemical and burn treatments and then re-planting with appropriate vegetation.
For more information call 707-441-4184.



  • Turn some live stock in there. Wipes ’em out.

  • A lot of birds are nesting in there this time of year. Saw a redwing blackbird nest there just yesterday…

    • typical dumb city scheduling, that and the use of ‘chemical and burn’ treatments…what the hell?
      burning chemicals, they can’t be that stupid?

  • Controlling the criminals who wander the trail is far more important. Thanks City of Eureka for expediting the thieving. They couldn’t make their getaways without this wonderful attraction.

  • Eureka Waterfront Trail, better known as the Homeless Highway.

  • This is not a bad thing. Left unchecked this plant can take over entire water features… even big ones
    e.g. Delaware Bay

    It also burns readily, and a full stand of it can lead to rapidly escalating fire situations. This is most likely why it’s being controlled burned and herbicided which is the nation-wide standard for getting rid of this stuff.

    Yes, herbicide is horrible stuff done badly. But done well it can control invasives when everything else fails.

    Like Ivy, Scotch-Broom and other invasives, if you have any on your property, please cut the flowers off before they can seed, and if they’ve set seed, please cut and put the seed heads totally inside plastic bags for disposal with your garbage.

    These plants aren’t completely out-of-control in Humboldt, yet. It will be a lot more expensive to get rid of them later.

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