[UPDATE: He’s Home] Loleta Mom Searching for Runaway Son

Dillian Staack16-year-old Dillian Staack has been missing since Thursday. His mother Rebecca Harrington said the at-risk teenager ran away on foot from her Loleta home while the Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were there.

“He thought he was in trouble with the law,” she said. “But he’s not. We just want him to know we’re worried about him and love him. We want him to come home.”

Dillian has been known to frequent Hoopa, Arcata, and Southern Humboldt. He may be in the company of a 20-year-old woman.

“He could be anywhere in the county,” said his mom.

If you have any information, please call Rebecca Harrington at (707) 599-8599 or contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

UPDATE: Dillian is home.



  • On my way home from work yesterday around 5:30pm , I was south bound on 101 when I noticed 3 young people (2 girls and 1 male I think) taking a path up from the north bound freeway. It would have been the backside of the Bear River reservation housing. I thought it was very suspicious, one of the females was wearing pajama pants and wrapped up in a blanket. It was like someone dropped them off on the freeway and they were sneaking back home. Hope that information helps.

  • Dillian, go home son! Concentrate on finishing high school and going to college or get into an apprenticeship program for a skilled trade. Make your momma proud.

  • Dillian….. we all care about you… Call your Mom or come see me. I am Mike at the storage . I will give you a ride home or a little food or alittle work . What ever you need . Please stop in and see me. thanks. your friend. Mike

  • Dillian… Call your Mom… If get this message come by the mini storage and I will give you a ride home … If you need to talk come see me. I will give you some food , some work or a little help. Your friend Mike.

  • I’ll be waiting for you Buddy, Mike

  • There was a boy that looked very much like this boy but with short hair in rays in garberville . I only noticed him because of his eyes they stood . I think that was around 5 pm today .

  • Dillian its your sister audrey go home or find a way to me and ill take you home. You know how i grew up and running away is never the solution .

  • Tara Sutherland

    Please go home! No matter what you think is bad right now I promise you in a year it’s going to be in the past and not that bad! We all are guilty of reacting in the moment and making split second decisions to choose to do the wrong thing and later question yourself why you put so many people in worry, pain or agony for that little situation that felt so big! Please remember that your parents will love and forgive you like no one else ever will when it comes to their own children! (Human nature) it’s cold, stormy and you are 14 years old and don’t belong on the streets and especially with a 20 year old woman! Please just go home and get the sadness and hugging over with because I can almost promise those will be happy tears on your mamas face from relief you’re ok rather than ones from being angry!! Much love and prayers

  • He’s likely in seventh heaven, at 16 runnin around with a 20 year old chick.I learned a lot of things those nights back then wouldn’t trade it for anything lol.At least call your parents and let em know your fine just taking an evening class on birds and bees .

  • Dillion, please go home. I went through this with my children and it hurts so bad. Your momma is so worried about you!!!
    It’s been three days now and I promise you those three days feel like FOREVER to your mom.
    You’re not in trouble son.
    If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your mom. I gurantee she has become very ill since you’ve been missing. Our children are our lives, our world; the reason that we breathe !!
    Please. ….. Please go see Mike, talk, eat, & go home to momma!!!
    I will be praying for you and your mom.
    Jazzi 💋❤💋

  • I’m sure I saw him in Eureka this afternoon he was with a girl with blond hair. They were walking East on third st passed the library.

  • Wow son go home hug mom say I’m sorry I love you I’m a 62 yr old man one daughter I’ve got to say if she was missing I’d go nuts. Tell I found her. It’s not worth it please take a note your mom loves you more than she loves herself. Ok look go see Mike it’s safe and he will help you make mom feel a lot better. Ohh man please don’t do anything you will regreat if you get to a safe place stay there call mom and just TALK. Good luck to you and to your mom.

  • Make safer decisions

    Children Youth and Family Services in Eureka ( 1711 3rd St, Eureka, CA 95501)is a good resource for you Dillion….They are located in Eureka right by the bridge to Samoa ( 707.268.2800). I am the mother of a friend of yours, and I hope to see your smiling face soon. You are loved and missed by me and my boys…Please ask for what you need. My your voice be heard now and always…

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